Weekly Classes

Join me for a mid-week dose of inspiration, embodiment practices and deep rest. Take on the second half of the week with more energy, ease, grace and joy!

  • Wednesdays, 18h00-19h15 – Shakti Yoga for Women

  • Wednesdays, 19h30-21h00 – Awaken & Restore Yoga 

Where :  Elaneha, 10 avenue de la Gare, 1180 Rolle.


Sign-up is not necessary. Just show up 10 minutes before class.

Check this week’s schedule here.


A nourishing sacred space for women to connect to their feminine essence, to love and trust their bodies. We use movement, breath and sound to access our heart and womb wisdom, and our authentic power. The feminine embodiment practices incorporate hatha, vinyasa, kundalini and restorative yoga, dance, tantric and shamanic practices. Each woman's body is the true guide.

Shakti Yoga for Women


A sacred space to relax, breathe, open, restore and come home to yourself. We explore gentle yet effective postures to open up the body, which in turn creates space in the mind. We take time to go deeper into the sensations and awareness of the inner landscape. Deeply relaxing and therapeutic, this class incorporates hatha yoga, restorative yoga, breathwork, yoga nidra, meditation and sharing. Open to all levels.

Awaken & Restore


I prefer to call them Playshops or Restshops. This is less about work and more about experience, exploration and transformation.


A few hours to immerse yourself in the experience and sensations of the body, through movement, breath and sound. Take time to slow down, reflect and go a little deeper.


Develop a ‘toolkit’ of everyday practices to support awakened living and a healthy body, mind and spirit.


Check the calendar for upcoming workshops.


To be empowered is to take full responsibility for your life, your health and your happiness. It is to remember and not deny who you are. It is to surrender and open consciously to your real power.


Empower Yoga workshops seek to empower you to relax into life and being uniquely you. They invite you to listen deeply, live courageously and love fiercely.


Self-empowerment calls for radical loyalty to your inner truth.


Sacred practices include, hatha yoga, breathing, deep rest, chanting, sounding, subtle energy awareness, meditation, ritual and ceremony.


Learn the radical and revolutionary art of deep healing rest. This restshop is designed to take the pressure and weight off your body and mind, and guide you back home to the stillness and spaciousness of your true nature.


We incorporate gentle, conscious embodiment practices to release tension and get fully into the body; breath, movement and sound, to consciously move energy; restorative yoga to let go, open and restore healthy functioning of the body; yoga nidra to access a profound state of rest, and meditation to integrate a sense of holistic wellness.


This restshop is a real treat, but rather than seeing it as a luxury, I invite you to realise the transformational power of deep rest and make this your life practice.