Heart Circles

Awakening our humanity

Do you ever ask yourself, …


How can I feel more free, happy and confident being me ?
How can I have more courage to follow my dreams ?
How can I be a more conscious parent, partner, or leader ?
How can I have more ease, intimacy and patience in relationships?
How can I align my inner knowing with my everyday life?


Then Heart Circles are the way to go.


In Circle you explore who you are, what moves you, what holds you back and closes you, and what allows you to open up, show up and be all of you in every day life.


In Circle you get to feel and hear others, open your heart with compassion, practice communicating your truth in ways that others can receive, and explore the energy of human interaction and group dynamics.


Everything in Circle reflects everyday living and brings it to your awareness so that you learn to accept what is, choose what serves you and transform what no longer serves you.

What are Heart Intelligence Circles ?


We sit together in circle, men and women, to practice authentic relating, with ourselves and each other. We use the power of Circle to become aware of what we would otherwise not access alone.


It is real, raw and grounded. It is fun, challenging and inspiring, It invites you to become a fully awake, empowered and joyful human being.


Circle allows you to safely explore personal and collective emotional – energetic ranges through of an amplified field of heart-centred energy and sacred space.


Our purpose is simply to feel vibrantly alive and connected!


There is no ‘choreography’ to learn. There is no ‘therapy’, psycho-analysis, or fixing. It is as simple as getting clear and communicating in any moment:

  • What are you feeling?

  • What do you want?

  • What do you need from others?

  • What’s holding you back?


This is not a talk-shop. We avoid ‘heady’ conversations and theory, to explore what wants to intuitively move through body, heart and spirit. We reveal, release and expand into a full range of emotions and energetic connections to allow more life in and more of you out.


Nothing happens in Circle that you don’t want. We make strong agreements from the beginning. It’s a great practice of knowing and communicating boundaries in life.


These Circles are inspired by Heart IQ™ developed by Christian Pankhurst. Georgina is a qualified Heart IQ™ coach and practitioner and member of the Heart IQ Network.

Why we need Heart Intelligence Circles now


It’s not ok that we hold ourselves back, play small and act less than our great selves. It’s not ok for anyone to be suffering internally. It’s absolutely not ok that we put each other down, disempower or cause hurt and pain to others. It’s not ok to have systems that encourage fear, power wars, poverty and environmental destruction.


We are all exactly the same in carrying our shame, our fears, our doubts, our dreams, our loneliness, and our longing to love, belong and connect. I believe that we are all here for good reason and that we each have unique gifts to bring. I believe the human heart is limitless in its capacity to love.


I envision a world where we see the beauty and greatness in each other ; where we make it our purpose to lift each other up, learn from one another and help each other out. I envision a world where men and women honour the benevolent qualities in each other and we go beyond gender to experience our true divine nature. I envision a world where we all thrive.

 In Heart Intelligence Circles you learn to :


  • connect with your body, your energy and your emotions;

  • tap into your source of intuition and inner guidance;

  • access more aliveness, freedom and joy

  • get clear on what drives you and what you want

  • feel free to express more of who you are

  • hold loving non-judgemental space for others

  • let love in and build authentic connection with others