Work with me One-to-One  

I wish for you to feel great about being you, being in your body and about being alive. One-to-one sessions allow us to focus on your specific needs and objectives.


I accompany and support you to reconnect to your body and remember your true nature, to tune in to the wisdom within and get clear on what’s important for you. You restore balance, health and ease. You access inner power, energy and joy.


Amidst the intensity of daily life, I bring loving attention to your body, heart, soul and mind, so that you feel grounded, centred and whole again. I empower you with the tools and practices that allow you to enjoy life, make decisions and take inspired action that serves you. It’s like hitting the “Reset” button.


One-to-one sessions incorporate the most appropriate approach(es) for you and your body in the moment, including relaxing and deep tissue massage, sacred healing touch, mind-body, shamanic and transpersonal approaches, heart-centred listening and embodiment coaching, yoga and breathwork, emotional-energetic release, sexual healing, ceremony and ritual.


I am based at Elaneha, Avenue de la Gare 10, 1180 Rolle.

Free parking available. Less than 5 min. walk from the train station.


    • CHF 200 for 1h45 (all new clients)

    • CHF 130: 1h / CHF 150: 1h15 / CHF 180: 1h30

    • CHF 350 for a half-day session

    • A minimum of 3 sessions is recommended

Je parle aussi le Français.

Work with me to

  • Relax deeply and reconnect to you, your body and your joy.

  • Find ease and strength through life changes and emotional times.

  • Prevent or recuperate from burn-out.

  • Learn tools to relax and manage stress, anxiety and depression.

  • Cultivate a lifestyle for integrative health and personal growth.

  • Build courage to follow your dreams and be all of you.

  • Unleash your power and true authentic spirit.

  • Deepen your personal and spiritual awareness.

What people say

« Une séance de massage avec Georgina, qu’est-ce que c’est …Dans ces moments là, il n’y plus rien d’autre que chaque muscle qui se détend, qui re-prend sa place … une sorte de re-connection avec tout l’univers. C’est justement ça qui compte le plus pour moi et que je trouve si fabuleux chaque fois : cette détente physique qui amène la détente spirituelle. La journée peut être stressante, la semaine pesante, la fatigue lourde, un chagrin d’amour intense … je ne suis encore jamais re-sortie d’un massage sans avoir un sourire radieux et en toute légèreté… »


« Georgina focuses not just on the body but on the mind and spirit as well. She listens and attunes her method to how she finds you, meaning it never feels routine. With her holistic approach, I always leave not only more relaxed but also energised, with an inner glow. This is the reason that have kept coming back over the years. »


Sometimes, along the way, we forget our greatness and our innate joy. Life happens. We get busy doing and lose our vitality and natural rhythms. Sleep, digestion, energy and emotions get out of balance. Pain, tension, fatigue and dis-ease show up in the body.


Too many great people, with big hearts and unique gifts, longing to do good in the world, are burning out and feeling disconnected from their power and purpose.


I use emotionally, sensually, and energetically meaningful touch to facilitate physical, emotional and spiritual healing and awakening. I also use sound, voice, movement and breath to create space in the mind and body, and allow energy to flow freely. You walk away with new sensations in your body, new ways of interacting, new perspectives and insights, and further opportunities for reflection and action.


You are here for good reason. Let your spirit dance. Let your heart sing.

Complementary insurance cover

I am a registered therapist with ASCA and my massages are reimbursed by certain insurance companies in Switzerland. Please check with your own insurance company.


Cancellation Policy

Out of respect for my time and commitment to you, and for others who could benefit from a session, any no shows or bookings cancelled less than 24 hours in advance will be charged at 80%. Please advise by phone or SMS if you have to cancel. Thank you.


A touch of compassion

The power of human touch, a compassionate heart and a listening, non-judgemental ear, can be massive at a time in need. I am open to offering a donation-based session to someone genuinely in need at a specific time but challenged to pay the full amount. The donation is symbolic as an authentic exchange of energy. Contact me to discuss.