A 7-day Transformational Retreat

Nourish Your Body, Free Your Mind and Open Your Heart

Reveal the Confident, Real and Loving You


1 – 7 July 2017
Can Amonita, Ibiza


with Georgina Peard and Mironel de Wilde

Are you ready to unplug from technology and reconnect to you ? 


Are you ready to let go of the busyness, stress, tension and fears that are holding you back from enjoying life to the fullest ?


Are you ready to release energy-sapping self-doubt and unhealthy habits, and open up to abundant and creative life-force energy?


Here is your opportunity to take time to nourish your body, free your mind and open your heart even wider to life and love. Step back a moment from doing and thinking. Relax and enjoy being. Connect in more authentic ways to yourself and others.


On the magical island of Ibiza, in a luxury villa, this retreat combines delicious self-nurturingpersonal empowermentcompassionate connecting, fun, inspired and healthy living, so that you go home feeling:


• rested, relaxed and free being You

• connected to your body, your heart and your inner wisdom

• empowered with new ways and a toolkit of practices to stay centred and joyful

• confident to make inspired decisions and surf the waves of life

• able to connect more openly and intimately with others through conscious and compassionate communication


Freedom is a state of mind and an art of living. Compassion is a state of being and an act of conscious connecting.


These are self-empowering skills that change your whole experience of life that we learn and develop together.


Join us for a relaxing, uplifting and inspiring holiday and inward journey!

What's it about ?

4 Steps to Freedom

What’s involved?


This is not your typical yoga holiday or retreat. We are combining everything we’ve got (that’s a tonne of experience and tools) to create a life-transforming and liberating experience, inviting you to consciously relax and expand into your authentic power.


Our sacred practices will include:

hatha, tantra and energy-based yoga and breathing practices,

deep rest through restorative yoga and yoga nidra, (mmmmm!)

heart circle and compassionate connecting, (get ready to upgrade your life!)

self-liberating and self-sourcing energy practices, (super fun!)

various forms of meditation and elevation of consciousness,

talks on authentic choices, connection and interdependence

optional massage and bodywork. (mmmmm!)

All of this is supported by beautiful natural surroundings, a luxury villa, sea, sun, conscious community and nutritious food on the magical island. Oh gosh! Can you see and feel and taste it already?!!


As you relax in paradise, you create space in your mind and body. As you become quiet to listen and feel, you will access deeper parts of yourself. You can start to let go of what no longer serves you and welcome in more authenticity, creativity and inspired living.


As you practice tuning in and listening to your body, your heart and your intuition, you will begin to value and trust these guiding forces in daily life, and get clear on powerful intentions for your life.


As you create space and develop awareness, you have the potential open to more love and compassion for yourself, and clarity for your dreams and your truth, as well as more understanding and compassion for others. You will learn life-changing tools for transforming relationships, often the key triggers of stress and tension in daily life.


This retreat places value on taking time to relax and tune in. It is also about rising up again, transformed and empowered to take inspired action from within when you return home.

The Facilitation Team


Mironel de Wilde is a yoga teacher and Non-Violent Communication trainer who is half Canadian and half European. At an early age he connected with Tibetan Buddhist teachings and Native Canadian shamanic practices which opened the world of spiritual discovery to him. He traveled to India in 2001 to explore and practice the depths of yoga and he started teaching in 2004. His yoga path and teaching include a gentle, deep style of hatha yoga, the integrating, energy-based approach of Tantra and the esoteric philosophy and practice of Kashmir Shaivism. When Mironel encountered Non-Violent Communication (NVC), it opened a new world of self-understanding and acceptance for him. It has become a way to cultivate deep compassion and self-compassion which he loves to share. His focus is on offering tools and inspiration for self-growth to support deep connection with ourselves and each other so that we can live in full authenticity. He also makes films as an expression of his discoveries and learning on the Path.

Mironel de Wilde


Georgina Peard is a yoga teacher, massage therapist, and Heart IQ™ Circle Coach. Her life is infused with the sacred and her work emerges from a deep embodied experience and sense of Self and life. Rather than learning to increase knowledge, she experiences her path as a remembering, an unfolding and a revealing of her true nature and potential. In 2010, after a 15 year career in nature conservation, she found herself burning out, sad and disillusioned. This was her calling to come ‘home’ and wake up! She committed 100% to a journey of self-discovery, -love and -empowerment. This led to awareness of the emotional-energetic intelligence of her body through sacred bodywork and embodiment practices, Tantra and Shamanism. Heart IQ Circle opened her up to authentic and compassionate living. Georgina is passionate about igniting more embodied love consciousness and supporting people on a transformative path of personal and collective healing and awakening. Teaching since 2010, she offers retreats, private consultations, workshops, community gatherings and circle coaching.

Georgina Peard


Mar Talavera will be preparing the food with love during our retreat.
Mar has a Degree in Therapeutic Cooking at the Macrobiotic Institut of Cataluña and trained in raw food by professionals like Mimi Kirk, Javier Andrés Medvedovsky and Chistine Mayr. Her project is called ``Mar Soulkitchen``.
Cooking, for Mar, is a medicine and an art, in order to accomplish the nutritional functions but also the pleasure of sight and taste. One of her greatest rewards is to see how she can feed people's hearts.

Mar Talavera

Natural Vegan and Vegetarian Food

Mar SoulKitchen focuses on a Natural, Energetic, Conscious and Medicinal diet. Natural, by selecting high quality food, of ecological origin, complete, without treatments and giving priority to the fresh, local and seasonal food of Ibiza. Energetic, by taking into account the energy of each food, considering that every food has an effect on our physical, as well as our mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. In this way,  bringing awareness to what we eat and why we are eating it, we can use food as the best therapeutic and medicinal tool.

The Programme

Morning meditation / sunrise at the beach

08h00 Light snack

08h30 Morning session

11h30 Brunch

Free time / Beach / Pool / Massage

16h00 Snack

16h30 Afternoon session

19h30 Dinner

Evening quiet practice / sunset excursion

Who’s the retreat for?

The retreat is for you if :

  • you want to slow down, rest and reconnect with yourself, to restore health, energy and joy.

  • you want to go deeper in your self-discovery and personal growth.

  • you’re looking for an awesome retreat, heart-centred community, healthy food and beautiful nature to relax and enjoy.

  • you want to explore conscious connecting and communication with others.

  • you’re looking for self empowerment tools to live in full integrity.


No previous experience or knowledge of yoga, meditation or circle is necessary.

Where is the retreat?

The venue

Set in tranquil gardens and terraced woodland, Can Amonita is a beautiful villa in the North East of Ibiza near San Lorenzo.


With an 18m pool, 70m2 outdoor yoga deck amidst the fragrant pine trees, 6 air-conditioned en-suite rooms, and fine touches such as custom made Balinese style furniture, statues and fountains, it is perfect for our restorative retreat and total relaxation away from the busyness of life.


Everything is easy access in Ibiza. Can Amonita is a 10 minute drive from the hip Santa Gertrudis and a 15 minute drive from the turquoise waters of Benirras beach or the wild coastline of Aquas Blancas.


  • Check-in: Saturday 1 July, at 17h00.

  • Check-out : Friday 7 July, from 13h00

  • Language: English (French translation available)

What’s included ?

  • 2 facilitated sessions a day with Georgina & Mironel (6 hours)

  • Small group, personalised guidance and coaching

  • 6 nights twin-occupancy accommodation (air-conditioned rooms)

  • Daily brunch, dinner & snacks (vegetarian, sugar- & gluten-free)

  • Sole occupancy of Can Amonita retreat villa and it’s facilities

  • Retreat Price: EURO 1550

  • Early Bird: EURO 1400 (by 28 April 2017)

What’s not included ?

  • Transport to and from Ibiza

  • Car hire and transport in Ibiza (shared with other participants)

  • Excursions and food outside the villa

  • Massage and other treatments

  • Personal and Travel insurance

Hired Cars

We will need a few hired cars shared amongst the group. This is not covered in the retreat price, so each person will be asked to contribute. The amount may vary depending on the individual arrangements made. Please notify us if you are willing to hire a car and drive.

Additional night

An additional night at the end of the retreat may be possible if you have an early morning flight and leave the villa before 09h00 on Saturday.

Booking and Cancellation policy

A non-refundable deposit of EURO 400 / CHF 450 is required to confirm your space and the full amount is due by 1 June 2017.

In the case of cancellation, the deposit is non-refundable. The remaining amount may be refunded up until 1 June 2017;  50% up until the 12 June 2017. No refunds are possible after 12 June 2017, unless a replacement is found.

Please be sure to cover all bank or paypal fees.


« I feel nurtured, restored and energized after this weekend. I had so much energy that week after your wonderful restorative yoga that it really got me through what is always an all-consuming, exhausting time. Even my colleagues noticed it! It was just so positive and truly restorative in every sense »


« Thanks to you for such an amazing experience! Today was the first morning since weeks where I drove quite relaxed to the office, without thinking about private problems and fully energized to take on the challenges of the week. Thanks for that! » 


« This retreat has helped get me back on track and simply feel at ease again. Georgina’s wisdom, teaching and warmth made the retreat a truly rich and wholesome experience »


« I tried meditation for the first time during the retreat. Now I continue doing it, not yet very regularly, but hope to have a consistent practice step by step. The most important thing is I like it and it helps me be more calm, balanced, relaxed and focused! »


«Cette retraite m’a permis de prendre d’avantage du temps pour moi et a contribué à me recentré sur les choses qui sont importantes pour moi, qui me donnent de l’équilibre, de l’énergie, de la joie et de la force. Cette retraite m’a appris à connecter à mon intuition quand je veux et m’a appris à lui faire confiance. Grace à cela, je fais aujourd’hui la choix consciente de donner à mon intuition une vrai place dans ma vie…L’amour et la joie que j’ai ressenti pendant ce séjour est intégré dans mes cellules profondément. » 


« Je suis rentrée allégée, soulagée de certaines douleurs et pleine de joie & gratitude. Effet magique. Mon regard sur ma Vie et les personnes qui la partagent est plus doux…Après réflexion, je crois que l’effet bénéfique de ces retraites/stages tient dans ce subtil équilibre entre:  mouvement du corps (yoga – écoute de soi), touché du corps (massage – prendre soin de soi), parole du cœur (cercle – échange entre nous). Cette combinaison parfaite me permet d’aller à l’essentiel et de faire bouger mes résistances tout en douceur et dans le rire. »


Only 10 places on this retreat. Book early to save your spot!


For further information and bookings please contact Georgina:
tel. 079 219 44 07, email: