Rest to Rise Weekend Retreat

A retreat for deep rest and relaxation 

24 – 26 November 2017



in French/English

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Pause for a moment. Let the requirements of daily life melt away.
Relax. Breathe. Feel. A moment to just Be.
Let your mind rest.
Let your body replenish.
Let your heart open.
Let your soul catch up with you.

Within all of us there is a natural state of peace, passion and clarity. Here we have access to our wise self, our truth, infinite resourcefulness and joy. When we connect to this part within us we can go about life with ease and trust. When we lose this connection, however, we experience imbalance, fatigue, confusion and dis-ease.

We all need time set aside regularly to retreat. Our pace of life is so fast and consuming that it is easy to feel overwhelmed and disconnected. Conscious retreat helps you refocus on and reclaim what is most important to you. You return home feeling more rested, connected, compassionate, empowered and nourished.

What is involved?


The Rest to Rise Retreat is designed specifically to facilitate your deep, healing rest and restoration. You will experience a combination of practices that together support you to restore your authentic wellness by slowing down, developing awareness, and connecting to the innate wisdom and energy of your body.


The programme focuses on restorative, therapeutic and re-energising practices, including restorative yoga, meditation, yoga nidra, energy-body activation, breathwork, movement, voice activation, sharing circle and personal quiet time.


As you practice the art of rest and relaxation, you will learn practical ways to:

  • reduce mental agitation,

  • focus your mind,

  • release tension,

  • get better sleep,

  • improve digestion, and

  • re-awaken life-force energy.


As you practice tuning in and listening to your body, your heart and your intuition, you begin to value and trust these guiding forces, to relax into daily life, make choices that serve you, and get clear on powerful intentions for your life.

The Programme

A typical day looks like this (subject to change) :

07h45 Meditation & gentle self-love waking practice

08h30 Breakfast

09h30 Stalking awareness in nature

10h30 Restorative Yoga & Yoga Nidra

12h30 Lunch

13h30 Siesta & Personal time

16h30 Therapeutic & Energy-based Yoga

18h00 Circe – Sharing – Q&As

19h00 Dinner

20h30 Restorative Yoga / Meditation

21h30 Quiet time – Deep regenerative sleep

Who is the retreat for?

The retreat is for you if :

  • you are feeling tired and a little disconnected, overwhelmed, burnt-out, stressed, anxious, or have recently experienced emotional distress.

  • you want to slow down, be quiet, rest, reconnect with you and your body, restore wellness and realign with your heart’s truth and joy.

  • you want to take responsibility for your health and happiness.

  • you are looking for a heart-centred, positive and respectful community, healthy food and a beautiful natural setting to support your restoration.

  • you want to learn practical exercises and techniques to support your restoration and wellness, linking mind, body and spirit.

  • No previous experience or knowledge of yoga or meditation is necessary, and no specific physical condition. Please ask if in doubt.

Where is the retreat?

Les Serans, near Cressia, French Jura

Set in the beautiful, quiet countryside of the French Jura, Les Serans is a wonderfully restored old farmhouse, combining wood and stone to maintain it’s unique character and warm charm. Only 1h30-2h drive from Nyon or Geneva, the retreat centre offers a magnifient practice room, comfortable accommodation, as well as plenty of space to individually meditate, read and relax. For warmer days, the natural swimming pool, with a view to Mont Blanc, is a real treat.  The house is surrounded by wide open rolling landscape and big skies to help you feel inspired and renewed by nature. We are hosted by David and Linda Courvoisier who welcome us in, almost like family, to their beautiful home and life project that is Les Serans. Home-grown food, natural, healthy produce and home-cooking prepared with love support our perfect retreat.


  • Arrival: Friday 24 November 2017 at 16h.

  • Departure: Sunday 26 November 2017 at 16h.

  • Language: French and English

  • Retreat Price: EURO 350 (about CHF 410)

  • Supplement for single room – only if available at last minute.

The retreat price includes

  • shared accommodation and full board at Les Serans,

  • all instruction, facilitation and guidance by Georgina

  • use of yoga equipment (bolsters, blocks, eye bags etc).


Note: Massage is not included in the short weekend retreats. Transport is not included but I will help you arrange car-sharing.

 Booking and Cancellation policy

A deposit of CHF 150 is required to confirm your space and the full amount is due at least 14 days prior to the retreat’s start date. 50 % is maintained for cancellations between 8 and 14 days before the event. The full amount is due for any cancellations less than 7 days before the retreat unless a replacement participant is found. In this case just CHF 50 administration fee will be held. Thank you for your understanding.


« I feel nurtured, restored and energized after this weekend. I had so much energy that week after your wonderful restorative yoga that it really got me through what is always an all-consuming, exhausting time. Even my colleagues noticed it! It was just so positive and truly restorative in every sense »


« Thanks to you for such an amazing experience! Today was the first morning since weeks where I drove quite relaxed to the office, without thinking about private problems and fully energized to take on the challenges of the week. Thanks for that! » 


« This retreat has helped get me back on track and simply feel at ease again. Georgina’s wisdom, teaching and warmth made the retreat a truly rich and wholesome experience »


« I tried meditation for the first time during the retreat. Now I continue doing it, not yet very regularly, but hope to have a consistent practice step by step. The most important thing is I like it and it helps me be more calm, balanced, relaxed and focused! »


«Cette retraite m’a permis de prendre d’avantage du temps pour moi et a contribué à me recentré sur les choses qui sont importantes pour moi, qui me donnent de l’équilibre, de l’énergie, de la joie et de la force. Cette retraite m’a appris à connecter à mon intuition quand je veux et m’a appris à lui faire confiance. Grace à cela, je fais aujourd’hui la choix consciente de donner à mon intuition une vrai place dans ma vie…L’amour et la joie que j’ai ressenti pendant ce séjour est intégré dans mes cellules profondément. » 


« Je suis rentrée allégée, soulagée de certaines douleurs et pleine de joie & gratitude. Effet magique. Mon regard sur ma Vie et les personnes qui la partagent est plus doux…Après réflexion, je crois que l’effet bénéfique de ces retraites/stages tient dans ce subtil équilibre entre:  mouvement du corps (yoga – écoute de soi), touché du corps (massage – prendre soin de soi), parole du cœur (cercle – échange entre nous). Cette combinaison parfaite me permet d’aller à l’essentiel et de faire bouger mes résistances tout en douceur et dans le rire. »


There is limited space on each retreat so if this is your time please confirm early. Minimum 8 participants, Maximum 12 participants.


For further information and bookings please contact Georgina:
tel. 079 219 44 07, email: