The Path of Sacred Womanhood

A woman in her awakened power is a pure expression of unconditional love and the embodiment of creative life force.


She’s connected to the Earth and the cycles of life that flow through her. She draws her worth and her truth from deep within.


Wise and wild, she uplifts, she heals, she awakens, she commands presence and she accepts nothing less than the most authentic truth through her fierce and vulnerable expression of love.


Sisters, we’ve been gifted a heavy cloak of ignorance and amnesia, and internalized a patriarchal mindset that creates a lot of internal pain and utter exhaustion!


For way too long the power and sacredness of woman has been wrapped in shame and secrecy, fear and confusion.


The good news is….. our bodies remember. Our bodies guide us home to reveal a deeper knowing of our soul’s purpose and peace within.


Enough searching outside ourselves for answers and role models. It’s time to trace a new path and birth and new paradigm through living our Sacred Womanhood.

Upcoming Events for Women

23 – 25 March 2018

Sacred Womanhood Gathering & Immersion


With Georgina Peard and Mira Dakini
Elaneha, Rolle, Switzerland


An evening gathering and a non-residential weekend immersion for women to connect with the Sacredness of Womanhood and experience the exquisite joy of pure life-force in your body.

May (En) & Sept. (Fr) 2018


Wild Woman Awakening – Ibiza


In pure Shakti devotion, for 7 days we honour the sacred feminine through the temples of our own bodies. Supported by sisterhood and the wild feminine energy of Ibiza, respond to the call from deep within to awaken and liberate the powerful, loving wild woman in you.

20 OCTOBER 2017  19H15 – 21H30

Love your Yoni


With Georgina & Christiane KoSoul
Elaneha, Rolle, Switzerland


The gateway between heaven and Earth – a pathway to enlightenment? Yoni is the Sanskrit word for vulva and vagina meaning “sacred temple”. This Sacred Womanhood Gathering is an opportunity to start a new relationship with your Yoni and to deepen your connection with yourself.

21 October 2017 09h30 – 18h00

Yoni Yoga and Yoni Egg Ritual


With Georgina and Christiane KoSoul
Elaneha, Rolle, Switzerland


This is an invitation for women to go on a magical journey of self-love. The Yoni egg initiation is a sacred ritual and to share this together with a group of women is very special.

11 novembre 2017 09h00 – 15h30

La Voie de la Femme Sacrée


Avec Georgina Peard
Elaneha, Rolle, Switzerland


Connectez-vous à votre féminin sacré et le plaisir de vivre pleinement qui vous êtes, dans votre corps de femme. Une exploration de la puissance féminine à travers les pratiques corporelles, la connexion et les partages entre femmes.