« Georgina, you have incredible ability to read people’s energy and intuitively know what words/actions will help them to help themselves, heal or grow. You have an immense gentleness towards yourself and others and acceptance without judgement of where they are in their development path. I appreciate your fun and laughter, expressing your authentic self and by doing so giving the freedom to others to do the same. In your classes I always feel guided and accompanied, with many different tools,  tips and tricks to help us drop and relax deeply. You are creative, spontaneous, intuitive and inspirational. You make me feel taken care of,  guided, so I can relax and focus on restoring my body and mind. »


« I feel nurtured, restored and energized after this weekend. I had so much energy that week after your wonderful restorative yoga that it really got me through what is always an all-consuming, exhausting time. Even my colleagues noticed it! So really just wanted to say a sincere thanks – for a fantastic experience. It was just so positive and truly restorative in every sense and I got so much out of it – you were made to do this! »


« Circle for me is really a way to connect deep into my hearts longings…to speak my truth, live fully…I experienced each session as absolutely transforming and healing. What stands out for me is, that when when we work together in circles, it amplifies the power of our potential. By being open, vulnerable, being really who we are, we can encourage and empower each other. Walking the path of awakening for a long time on my own, it is clear to me that we can accelarate so much when we connect with each other in the circles….it has shifted long life blocks and beliefs. In Georgina’s circles I feel seen, safe, loved and understood. Georgina has a gift, she guides us wonderfully. I am deeply touched and empowered by this work. »


« Georgina focuses not just on the body but on the mind and spirit as well. She listens and attunes her method to how she finds you, meaning it never feels routine. With her holistic approach, I always leave not only more relaxed but also energised, with an inner glow. This is the reason that have kept coming back over the years. »


« Thanks to you for such an amazing experience! Today was the first morning since weeks where I drove quite relaxed to the office, without thinking about private problems, and fully energized to take on the challenges of the week. Thanks for that! »


« Georgina, you have been just amazing! Channeling and feeling intuitively what was right for each of us ; holding the space and clear limits ; and allowing yourself at the same time to be vulnerable and be seen. All this with true open clear heart. I have been impressed by your capacity to go beyond the reality of that transformational room in Rolle, connecting with a bigger source while feeling the struggles in the body. A real unification of the sky, earth and heart. »


« Je suis rentrée allégée, soulagée de certaines douleurs et pleine de joie & gratitude. Effet magique. Mon regard sur ma Vie et les personnes qui la partagent est plus doux…Après réflexion, je crois que l’effet bénéfique de ces retraites/stages tient dans ce subtil équilibre entre: mouvement du corps (yoga – écoute de soi), touché du corps (massage – prendre soin de soi), parole du cœur (cercle – échange entre nous). Cette combinaison parfaite me permet d’aller à l’essentiel et de faire bouger mes résistances tout en douceur et dans le rire. Un grand merci. »


« Quelle retraite incroyable! Le retour aux sources à pris tout son sens durant ces trois jours pour ma part. J’ai un sentiment d’apaisement et de sécurité qui est incroyable et qui ne s’estompe pas. Un immense merci à Georgina qui est une incroyable guide et guerrière du coeur. C’était vraiment unique cette expérience! »