Yoga with Georgina

The practice of yoga is the art of living everyday and every moment in the here and now. It is both a practice and a state of being.

At its core, yoga teaches us to know and accept ourselves and to achieve our full potential. By learning to live at peace with ourselves, we learn to connect in new ways and to live at peace with the world around us. Through regular practice yoga becomes a way of life, bringing a sense of calm and well-being, enabling us to live the life we desire, and facilitating compassion, loving-kindness and community.

Yoga is accessible to all, no matter what physical capacity, gender, race or belief system. As it pushes us to know and accept every part of ourselves, the yoga journey should be joyful and practiced in a way that feels authentic for each individual, under the guidance of a chosen instructor.

I am an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT 200) with the International Yoga Alliance, and an Advanced Relax and Renew Trainer in Therapeutiv Restorative Yoga, with over 1000 hours of teaching.

I teach hatha flow yoga, restorative yoga and meditation, inspired by my experience and studies in Vinyasa, Iyengar, Tantra, Anusara and therapeutic-based yoga disciplines, as well as Shamanism, Heart IQ, massage and healing body arts.  Through conscious breathing, carefully sequenced movement, optimal alignment and deep rest, I encourage students to be curious, build awareness and develop a practice that is safe and joyful, contributing to a healthy body, a clear mind, and emotional balance.

My aim is to create the space and offer ideas and tools for each individual to have their own personal experience and receive what they need at any given time. Above all I aim to empower students to make conscious choices both on and off the mat, in every day life.

As part of my ongoing study and practice of yoga, I am enthusiastic to share its beauty and benefits with you. 

I offer the following options for practising yoga: