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18.00-19.15  Empower Flow Yoga (Elaneha, Rolle) 
19.30-21.00  Awaken and Restore Yoga (Elaneha, Rolle)


Occasional Empower Yoga workshops


Check full details at Elaneha. First trial class is CHF 20!


Description of classes:

Empower Flow 

A dynamic class incorporating breath, movement and sound to get you into your body, let go of tension and allow life-force energy to flow freely. Get inspired and empowered from within. We explore themes and sequences that gently invite the body to open at the right pace for you and reveal balance, strength, flexibility and a sense of freedom. This class is open to all levels.              

Awaken & Restore 

A sacred space to relax, breathe, open, restore and come home to yourself. We explore gentle yet effective postures to open up the body, which in turn creates space in the mind. We take time to go deeper into the sensations and awareness of the inner landscape. Deeply relaxing and therapeutic, this class incorporates hatha yoga, restorative yoga, breathwork, yoga nidra, meditation and sharing. Open to all levels.

Yoga Flow

By synchronizing breath and movement the mind is drawn into focus to reveal body awareness, strength, flexibility and easeful opening. Before incorporating them into careful sequencing, we break down postures and breathing techniques and learn how to adapt and go deeper in the practice. These diverse, theme-based classes emphasise exploration, optimal alignment, and personal reflection to facilitate a healthy body, clear mind, and balanced energy.

Yoga Flow & Restorative 

This class incorporates mantra, breath work, postures and dynamic sequences for strength, balance and flexibility, and supported restorative poses or meditation for an all round wellness practice to energise, relax and renew body, mind and spirit. Emphasising body awareness and optimal alignment it is suitable for all levels. Weekly themes support personal reflection both on and off the yoga mat. 

Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga is deeply relaxing and therapeutic. Using props, you let go all effort, encouraging deep release in the connective tissue, stimulating and balancing the internal organs, and calming the nervous system. Breathwork and meditation also help balance and refresh mind and body. Suitable for beginners and advanced practitioners, as well as seniors and students with pain or injury.


Meditation is an effortless process of becoming aware and allowing the mind to come to a natural place of rest. Everyone can learn to meditate. It helps you feel happier, sleep better and beat stress. All it requires is a willingness to be still and curious.