Workshops are a great way to deepen your understanding and experience of yoga or to learn something new. Please also check out the calendar for upcoming Retreats.

Schedule of Workshops


Saturday morning workshops
3 & 24 September, 5 November, 3 December 2016
09h00-11h00, Elaneha, Rolle

To be empowered is to take full responsibility for your life, your health and your happiness. It calls for the radical practice of self-love which, far from being selfish, gives others permission to be themselves. Empowerment is something you feel in your body. By working through the body, therefore, and building self-awareness, you start to take back your power with each choice you make, whether in thought, word or action. 

These workshops offer space to reflect and learn everyday tools and practices that build awareness, inner strength, confidence, grace, humility, adaptability, lightheartedness and more. They seek to empower you to relax into being the greatest version of you. 

Workshops will include dynamic yoga postures, breathing, sounding, subtle energy work, meditation and relaxation.

Limited space. Sign up at:
For more information contact Georgina: 079 219 4407