Workshops are a great way to deepen your understanding and experience of yoga or to learn something new. Please also check out the calendar for upcoming Retreats.

Schedule of Workshops





  • Whispers of the Heart - Mandala Meditation 
    Sunday, 9 June 2013, 15h00 -17h30 at O2 Yoga, Vich.
    This workshop will provide an introduction to skills that allow you to hear the ‘whispers’ of the heart. It is a unique combination of gentle yoga and mandala meditation for healing and awakening.


  • Introduction to Yoga
    11, 18 & 25 November 2012
    A series of workshops for beginners on Sunday afternoons. At the O2 Yoga in Vich (near Gland)


Yoga Retreats

I organize a number of yoga and meditation retreats each year. Please consult the Retreats section for information on upcoming retreats.


Corporate Workshops

Enhance your business

Group classes are great for companies, business workshops, team retreats and other working groups, introducing people to the multiple benefits of body awareness, relaxation, meditation, and self-observation.

Due to my own experience working for more than a decade in busy and often stressful international organisations, and subsequently teaching regular yoga classes in this environment since 2009, I am comfortable in adapting my teaching to the needs of busy professionals and business leaders. 

Yoga sessions can be easily incorporated into any business meeting, without requiring participants to change their clothes, and in some cases without any additional equipment or change of room set-up!

Accessible to all, including people with no prior experience of yoga, these sessions can have immediate effect on participants’ enjoyment, engagement and effectiveness during a business meeting.

I also offer purpose-built workshops providing practical ways for maintaining a healthy mind and body or for managing stress. These offer simple and accessible techniques, supported by written resources, so that participants also have useful advice and easy practices to take home.

Sessions last 1h30 - 3 hours. 

Please get in touch to discuss your specific needs.