Introduction to Yoga

A 2-part workshop series

Sundays, 22 September & 6 October 2013

at O2 Yoga in Vich

New to Yoga? Curious to know if it might suit you?  

These fun and informal workshops are suitable for complete beginners and for anyone looking to learn about yoga fundamentals. 

The 2-part series introduces you to the basic breathing practices (pranayama), yoga postures (asanas) and sequences, including sun salutations. We will focus on how to practice in a safe way for your body, highlighting the potential benefits. 

On completion of the two workshops (6 hours) you will have the knowledge and experience to attend regular Basic group classes.

Session 1: Basic Principles of Yoga

22 September 2013, 15h00 - 18h00 

In part 1 we will cover the basic philosophy behind yoga, as well as the different styles that exist, so you can choose what is right for you. We will explore key postures, yogic breathing and relaxation, to familiarise ourselves with the core elements of most yoga classes.

Session 2: Yoga for Living Better

06 October 2013, 15h00 - 18h00

In part 2 we will focus on practising with ease and steadiness and develop sequences of movement in coordination with the breath to help focus the mind, build awareness and balance our energy for the ups and downs of everyday life. We will highlight the effects of different techniques and postures. There will be plenty of time to ask questions and learn to adapt poses for your body. 

Participants are encouraged to attend at least one Beginners/Basic yoga class between the two sessions. A trial class at O2 Yoga (Vich) or Elaneha (Rolle), as well as many other studios is free of charge.


Both sessions paid in advance = CHF 130

Single session = CHF 75

Note: This is a two-part series with a logical continuation between part 1 and part 2. You may attend just one workshop but since spaces are limited, preference will be given to people attending both sessions.