21 Days of

25 March - 15 April 2023

Supporting each other
to cultivate connection
one day at a time

with Georgina Peard 



Begin each day connected to your heart


Want to start a regular morning practice? get back on track or feel uplifted in your practice?

Set yourself up to feel balanced and focused, to cultivate creativity, and to open your heart with compassion each day.

Join a 21-day group challenge to help you create and anchor positive and healthy habits.

The theme of this challenge that will take us up to Spring Equinox is "AWAKENING THE HEART OF COMPASSION".



"Own your mornings and you'll master your life."
- Robin Sharma



With practice, self-compassion will gradually replace self-judgement with peaceful, connected acceptance, and allow the beauty of your soul to shine through and guide your life.




Our Course runs from Saturday 25 March - Saturday 15 April 2023.

All times are Central European Time (CET and CEST).

  • Wednesdays, 07:00 - 07:30 am
  • Saturdays, 08:30 - 09:45 am


How it will work 

Live sessions take place on Zoom each morning.

It is encouraged to have your camera on to feel the sense of being together, but it is not obligatory.

You can show up in your pyjamas, wrapped in your duvet and with a cup of tea. It's all good. We are here to be vulnerably human together. 

Recordings of each live session will be made available during the day, so you can catch up at a later time.

If the time of live sessions doesn't suit each day, just follow the recordings at your own time.

You can join the live sessions each day, do some days live and some days with the recordings, or do the whole challenge via the recordings when it suits you. This is your challenge based on self-compassion so find the best way for you.

Each session will include inspiration for reflection and guidance, as well as silence.

Sessions include mainly meditation, as well as supportive breathwork, gentle movement, and journaling.

A space for group connection, sharing and support outside the Zoom call is provided.  

I will be available to answer questions and offer support after each call, and to facilitate longer sharing sessions once a week.

What some people said

It was magical indeed. Thoroughly enjoyed the last 21 days of meditation and connection with beautiful souls. Starting the day from a place of self compassion and loving awareness has made a big difference. Feeling grateful towards you Georgina and those of you who participated.

Yes it was a magical daily enchantment. Thank you Georgina for your presence, professional and inspired guidance and giving us daily access to your wisdom, helping us unravel our own wise hearts 😇❤️ you rock and shine your light ✨ so we can shine our own 💫⭐️🌈☀️


It was beautiful ❤️😍

It was great. REALLY!


"Georgina, you have an incredible ability to read people's energy and intuitively know what will help us to help ourselves, heal or grow. You share immense gentleness and acceptance, without judgement. I love your fun and laughter, always creative, spontaneous, intuitive and inspirational. You make me feel taken care of so I can relax and focus on restoring my body and mind." Eva

It's time to live, love, parent and lead
from a place of ease, kindness and connected wisdom.



Please consider how much this is worth to you. 

21 Day Challenge

1 - 21 March 2023

It's worth CHF 4 a day to me


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21 Day Challenge

1 - 21 March 2023

It's worth CHF 5 a day to me


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21 Day Challenge

1 - 21 March 2023

It's worth EURO 4 a day to me


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21 Day Challenge

1 - 21 March 2023

It's worth EURO 5 a day to me


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Your Guide ... 

Georgina Peard

Georgina is a skilled and heart-centred guide, with deep sensitivity and natural connection to the sacred fabric of life. She is, amongst other things, an advanced Restorative Yoga Teacher, and has been leading yoga, rest temples and retreats since 2010, including her well-loved Rest to Rise programmes. Georgina runs a programme called the HeArt of Connection, including Circles of Connection and Conscious Connecting gatherings. She is a holistic massage therapist, sacred bodyworker and body therapist, receiving private clients in Morges, Switzerland.