The He-ART
of Connection


Spiral 1
6 weeks / Online


Learn essential skills for building meaningful
and authentic connection in any relationship
through the art of Circle



Relax into Being You, heart open,  with others 


In this 6-week group experience we’ll explore the fundamentals of heart-centered connection and conscious relating through Circle.

We’ll practice leaning-in to cultivate more self-awareness, authentic joy, intimacy, and freedom in relationships, and learn the key elements of Circle so that you feel confident to make it a regular part of your life.

Our aim is simple - to open our hearts together.

Through a 1h30 group call each week we'll meet each other right where we're at. Magic happens when everyone feels seen, heard and loved as they are.


"Leaving the old paradigm of separation, struggle, and survival and entering into a new paradigm of unity, cooperation, and flow requires two things : ways of being that allow us to awaken our hearts, and strong social groups that support us in awakening."
- Tej Steiner, Founder of Heart Circle


Living with an open heart in a culture of distraction, disconnect, and competition is a hard task. It can feel exhausting for a sensitive, loving being like you.  


The thing is you're not here to do that alone.


You have immense capacity in your heart to consciously create the world you want to live in and that heart power will only grow when you're surrounded by people who are ready to open their hearts with you.



The HeArt of Connection is for you if you want to ...

  • Know yourself better so you can relax in your open heart, be clear, confident, resilient, joyful and on purpose.

  • Create meaningful connections that nourish your heart and soul.

  • Feel and express more of the love and life inside you.

  • Cultivate community spirit with other vibrantly alive, courageous, loving, and free people.

  • Learn the Art of Circle to bring into your life.


The HeArt of Connection is a step toward nourishing a very deep longing within the human heart and soul for community, belonging, and love.

Georgina Peard


What's it About?

The HeArt of Connection Experience is about relaxing into being you in connection with others. It’s about staying present to know and feel your heart, and theirs, and loving what is. 

The Experience teaches you essential skills for building meaningful and authentic connection in any relationship, through the art of Circle.

The cool thing is that when we all drop into our hearts together, each person gets an accelerated self-awareness and awakening. You will see how you function, what holds you back, what you need, and what makes you come vibrantly alive.

By witnessing and loving others in their authenticity, you will realise how truly loveable you are too. Yes! All of you. Even the messy bits.


Love is what unites us all, even when love seems absent, and opinions are radically different, and we fall apart. We all act from the needs of connection, belonging, deeper meaning, and …. love.

We’re going through intense times of change and uncertainty, individually and collectively. We need each other.

Knowing how to lean into heart-centered connection is perhaps the greatest skill we can develop for building resilience, supporting transformation, maintaining optimal health, and contributing to a future in which we thrive.

Let’s dare to wake up in our hearts and become fully alive together, to feel and express more love, and actively co-create the relationships and the community we want to live in.



 What will you learn?




The fundamental skills of heart-led connection and communication.


Present, clear, heart-centered and true to yourself as you relate with others.


Aware of yourself, your feelings, desires, and needs for connection and joy.


Yourself in ways that let others into your world, feel and understand you.


Attention, genuine presence, listening, compassion and love from others.


Of your impact on others, and to be aware of relational dynamics.


In yourself and to know how to cultivate trust, intimacy, and uplifting connection.


To express appreciation and love, and to validate others authentically.


The HeArt of Circle in everyday life ..

  • How to set up a Circle of Connection with friends and family.
  • The core stages of Circle.
  • The approach, attitude, and embodied presence in Circle.
  • How to sustain a healthy Circle.

* note: this is not a training programme in Circle facilitation, but a practical experience in the art of being in Circle.

Be part of creating a new culture of connection!




  • A group of people committed to the 8-week journey together.

  • Weekly meetings live online, each 1h30.

  • Meetings include a short introduction to the weekly theme and topic of learning (in the form of teaching and transmission), and immersion, for most of the time, in practical exploration and authentic experience of those skills and ways of being together.

  • Facilitation, teaching, transmissions, and mentoring by Georgina.

  • Suggested explorations for home practice.


How could this benefit your life?


  • Increase your self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-compassion.
  • Help you relax into Being you, and enjoy being you, as you are.
  • Feel a sense of safety, acceptance and belonging with others.
  • Realise that you matter, what you feel matters, and what you need matters.
  • Feel more ease, freedom, pleasure, and joy in living, loving, expressing, and relating.
  • Create meaningful connections, loving, uplifting and supportive relationships, and increase your capacity for intimacy.
  • Let love in.
  • Have practical ways to move through challenging times.
  • Enhance your ability to stay present to experiences and emotions.
  • Enhance your capacity to hold safe and loving space for others.
  • Feel more freedom and enjoy what you’re here to be / experience.
  • Be part of co-creating the world / the society / the community you want to live in.

“I learnt to speak what I am feeling. Normally I’m a person who prefers listening more than speaking about myself. This helped me to express and just be as I am, without any judgement, and realise that what I feel has value. We feel closer when someone expresses herself. The barriers and masks fall, and we are connected like dear friends. I was so deeply touched by the sincerity and kindness.”



Please register and pay by choosing one of the following: Swiss Francs (CHF) or EURO. 
If you need a payment plan or wish to pay by direct e-banking please contact me.

Circle of Connection Experience 


6 weeks / Online
17 April - 22 May 2023
Mondays, 19h30-21h00 CEST


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Circle of Connection Experience 


6 weeks / Online
17 April - 22 May 2023
Mondays, 19h30-21h00 CEST


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Our aim is simple and profound:
to open our hearts together.


What others say

"I was touched by everyone being open and honest and vulnerable – bringing themselves as they are. People often hide it. But here we are like more real human beings. Not a sanitised version. Not a social media version. It's really inspiring when people are just real with their joy and their pain, their strength and their vulnerabilities. I really appreciate the others doing that and allowing me to part of that sharing. It’s so beautiful and simple. At least now I know it can be when you create the right conditions."



"Allowing ourselves to speak and be heard is very moving. We felt safe to do that as the boundaries were clear. Behind the façades of everyday life there’s an incredible richness. 

You get what you put in. You get back what you give."


"Georgina, you have an incredible ability to read people's energy and intuitively know what will help us to help ourselves, heal or grow. You share immense gentleness and acceptance, without judgement. I love your fun and laughter, always creative, spontaneous, intuitive and inspirational. You make me feel taken care of so I can relax and focus on restoring my body and mind."


"Circle changed my life and continues to be essential for my wellness, growth and happiness. I consider it the number 1 human 'technology' that we need to create a loving and sustainable future together. I am so grateful to my teachers of Circle, Christian and Tej, and to the hundreds, maybe thousands, of people I've sat in Circle with. Through them I have grown in love and compassion. This is why I am committed to sharing the He-Art of Circle with as many people as possible." Georgina


Your Guide ... 

Georgina Peard

Georgina is a certified Heart IQ™ Group Coach, trained by Christian Pankhurst, and has been leading circles and deep dive transformational retreats since 2014. She is currently in the peer-based Heart Circle Facilitator Experience with Tej Steiner, the founder of Heart Circle. She has spent thousands of hours in circle and intensive group processes internationally, both as coach, apprentice, and participant, learning with some of the world’s most talented facilitators of group dynamics, personal and collective transformation. It’s through circle that she experienced an accelerated healing and awakening of self-awareness and self-acceptance.

She has been a professional massage therapist, bodyworker, and yoga teacher since 2010, supporting people in body-heart-soul connection. Since 2015 she’s been a committed practitioner of Shamanic Tantra and Temple Arts, which has supported her deepening capacity for embodied intimacy.

Georgina has a highly attuned natural ability in emotional – energetic intelligence, reading soul codes and navigating transpersonal energies, as well as a deep sensitivity to group dynamics. Her ongoing professional trainings and years of experience with the body and nervous system support her ability to support people to come more into their embodied aliveness and loving nature.



When we come together like this, in sacred geometry, magic happens!

We hook into the natural intelligence and vibration of the universe and begin to co-create a new reality and way of being that ripples out to serve life.


Together we're stronger .... and it's more fun too.