At Beltane

the union of the sun god and earth goddess birth the summer!

It's the time to ...

Enjoy the sensual pleasures of life and let your wild nature out to play

Activate your inner fire, passion and sexual energy

Celebrate love and romance, masculine and feminine polarities, and sacred union


The Beltane Celebration Package gives you all you need to understand the significance of Beltane and celebrate it in meaningful ways.



Celebrating Wild Love - 1 May


Beltane is the ancient Celtic festival of fire, full of joy and wild revelry as nature expresses its fertility and full splendor.

Halfway between Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice, it's all about the birds and the bees! The morning chorus that delights our ears. The animals reproducing. The flowers blooming. Our garden crops growing. The sun rising higher day by day. 

We too are ready to come out to play and fulfil our desires under the warming rays of sun.

Beltane celebrates our physicality and vitality, sovereignty and wildness, the attraction of opposites and lush abundance.

Once again the Wheel of the Year is turning and a new portal opens - in nature as well as our bodies, hearts and psyches.

Will you step forward with clear intent?

Nature is reflecting the qualities that are inside you.

It's an opportunity to honour and take care of what matters most for you now.

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What's the Beltane Celebration Package?

> The ultimate guide to Beltane and May Day celebrations!

> A practical online pack of resources (videos, audios, and pdf downloads) to help you celebrate in meaningful ways and explore the themes of the season.

> An online gathering of like-hearted beings honouring the gift of being alive.

> In-person ceremonies and gatherings, in nature, in Switzerland, to celebrate together in community.


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Celebrating is good for your heart, soul and immune system!

What people said about the previous Seasonal Celebrations


"Such high quality. An absolutely beautiful offering. It came just at the right time for me and was so aligned with my life. It helped me really step into the next phase of my life." - Ninni


"I like that it makes me stop and think, feel and receive more in so many different ways. It made me connect with the Earth and its changes and elements" - Anonymous 

Ready to play Horned Gods and Flower Maidens?  


How well do you know your masculine and feminine poles?
How easily can you access these energies in yourself ?
How do they play out in your relationships?

Whether you identify as man, woman or non-binary, you have masculine and feminine, yin and yang energies within. The more you can cultivate awareness, maturity and polarity in yourself, the more balance and charisma you'll have.

The relationship you have within yourself also reflects the relationships outside.

The package includes a live online call and guided practices on video and audio to explore and cultivate this embodied awareness. 

Plus we'll be having some wild fun playing with our polarities during the Ceremonies in the forest!!!

I'm ready to bring out my inner wild!

What's Included


A 20-page Beltane ebook, beautifully designed and illustrated. Plus a Correspondences Card as a summary to download and print out.


Summaries of seasonal themes and journaling prompts to reflect on the deeper meanings and intentions in your own life.


'How To' guidance sheet for making seasonal crafts.


A downloadable checklist for creating your own Beltane altar.


Inspiration and guidance to create your own rituals to honour the sacred and align with nature, and give meaning and direction in your life.


Guided practices (6-12 minute videos) to awaken your inner fire, cultivate masculine and feminine energies. How to create a yoni and lingam puja.


A 45-minute guided audio journey to explore your inner man and inner woman, and consider the impact on your relationships.


Seasonal dishes to share with loved ones and delight your senses. 


A seasonal playlist to accompany your journey.


An online community event. Beltane ceremonies and gatherings in nature (Suisse Romande). And a facebook group to connect and share.

Two Community Gatherings



Cultivating healthy masculine and feminine within

Community Connection Call Online
Wednesday 5 May, 2021, 19h30 CEST

A community gathering to explore the themes of Beltane with a bunch of like-hearted people. A space to connect and share around our Beltane rituals and celebrations. Facilitated by Georgina, supported by Ana and Renata. Recording will be available.



Beltane Community Ceremonies 

In-person, in nature, in Suisse Romande
*Fire Ceremony - Friday 30 April 2021, from 19h00 CEST

*Wild Love Ceremony - Saturday 1 May, 2021, 09h00-12h00

We'll meet in nature, for fire ceremony, to offer our prayers and co-create with intention, as well as exploring our polarities, and playing with the archetypes of horned gods and flower maidens!! The ceremonies are facilitated by Georgina with the support of Ana, Renata, and Benjamin, to connect to the land, the energies of the season, and each other. We'll share food and good times! 

*weather depending - alternative options will be provided if needed - cash payment

CHF 20 per ceremony, CHF 30 for both



"I was totally amazed. I didn't expect to have access to so much content, videos and meditations. I was like 'wow'!  The quality is incredible - both of the content and the online layout. I really enjoyed it. It's beautiful - really simple to follow too. The low price was surprising in comparison to the high quality. And there's a super energy between you three." - Elisabeth

Extracts from the Guidebook

The package includes a detailed and beautifully illustrated 20-page guidebook made with love. Text by Georgina. Research and crafts by Ana. Illustrations and design by Renata.


Inspired and led by Georgina Peard, who was quickly joined by Ana García Bermúdez for research and crafts, and Renata González for design and illustration, we've combined our creative heArts and love of Life to deliver this package. We began at Imbolc and there will be a new package for all 8 seasonal celebrations of the year. The past year has been extremely challenging, and there's a lot of uncertainty, sadness and fear circulating. We've created this project in order to help us all ...

Connect with Nature

To the wisdom of nature's cycles and the medicine of the Earth. This is an opportunity to acknowledge the gifts and magic of each season, and be grateful.

Connect with Inner Nature

We are reflections of nature. This is about deepening the relationship with our inner landscape and trusting our inner wildness and wisdom.

Connect to Each Other
Through the celebration of the shared resources that sustain us, remembering our common humanness, strengths, vulnerabilities and interconnectedness.

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You get immediate access to all the content - the online Guidebook, videos, audios and downloads.

Accessible on all devices, including a smartphone App.

Connect and share with community through the private Facebook group.

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Beltane Celebration Package


  • Complete Online Celebration Package - immediate access
  • Live Online Community Event (5 May) & recording
  • Facebook Community group



Beltane Celebration Ceremonies


Once you've purchased the online package you'll receive information and updates for the in-person ceremonies. 

  • Fire Ceremony - 30 April from 19h
  • Wild Love Ceremony - 1 May from 09h-12h30 plus potluck picnic

Since these are weather depending participants will pay cash directly. Please purchase the online package to register. 

Beltane and May Day Rituals

“Born and raised in Ireland, at the sacred Hill of Tara, the essence of the ancient Celtic traditions is close to my heart. And I also belong on the land wherever I am. When I connect with the intelligence of the Earth and take time to honour the seasons, I see the reflection in my inner nature. I come home. This helps me adapt, find inner wisdom and move forward with joy, respect and meaning.

With this year-long project of 'Seasonal Celebrations' I hope for everyone to find their sense of home and belonging, their inner wild nature, connection and community.” Georgina 


It's about letting what is
sacred and magic
inspire our everyday.