The responsibility of being loved

freedom love Aug 11, 2020


He has loved me since he was 15 years old and he loves me more today than ever before.” At 86, she sits tenderly on the edge of the massage table, holding back the tears.

I’ve heard the story many times before. There’s hardly a week that goes by without her mentioning how much they love each other. And I see it.

This morning her heart pours out again,...

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Building intimacy in how we meet (post-confinement)

In what way are we the same - you and me? How do I mirror you? What do you see in me, that reflects a part of you? I'm genuinely curious.

You see, you are me, cleverly disguised as you. And I am you, cleverly disguised as me.

I need you, so, to see and know myself. 

What if we constantly replaced the questions, "In what way am I different to you?" or "In what way are you different to...

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Meeting each new day with hope

freedom May 17, 2020

Sunrise is my favourite time of day. It’s so filled with hope and opportunity. It feels like the best time of year to join the 5am club as the sun rises so early and dawn is pure magic, even if the sun is behind a thick bed of clouds like today. I'm finding myself longing for these moments of stillness and intimacy. Its a time for me to connect to my inner callings and wisdom.

Each night...

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Them Emotions

authenticity freedom May 16, 2020

Arrrr! to those gnarly emotions that sneak under the radar and slowly diminish my life force, joy and vitality.

Arrr! to those clever strategies that have me bypass feeling all those moments when something hurt or scared me.

And suddenly I'm feeling flat, tired, bloated, self-doubting, uninterested, uncaring and I don't know why! Arrrrrr, I say!

I see it. My energy got stuck again by smoothing...

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The change starts with me

authenticity May 16, 2020

This long period of home confinement has helped me to see even more clearly my habits, patterns and addictions that don't serve me or anyone else. I know them well but I always find many excuses to let myself off the hook. Bleh!

So I want the world to change, eh? Well it starts right here lady!

No more excuses. I have the chance to meet these patterns in the eye, love them a little bit, forgive...

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How is your heart ?

connection love practices May 10, 2020

Your hands are a direct expression of your heart. 

Have you noticed that what you do with your hands has such a big impact on your own energy and on how you relate to others?

Think about when you place your hands together to bow with respect; when you point a finger, or when you raise a fist in anger or celebration. Think about when your hands are gardening or painting or cooking.


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Peeking out from confinement (part 4)

In my last post I said there is so much to play for and so much potential. There is equally so much at risk.

What I choose now matters. How I live matters. What I think and say and do matters.

As I peek out to the uncertainty beyond, lovingly holding the parts of me that have been feeling so safe and comforted during confinement (see parts 1 and 2), it can be all too easy to fear what is...

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Peeking out from the comfort of confinement (part 3)

connection freedom May 07, 2020

As we begin to peek out from weeks of home confinement, there is a part of me that is curious, excited, and hopeful.

I'm curious to experience this new world and way of being.

I'm curious to know who you are after your inner journey and transformation.

I'm curious to know how we relate, the new you and the new me, for deepening friendship and intimacy.

I'm excited to see and explore the world...

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Peeking out from the comfort of confinement (part 2)

There is a part of me that has felt comforted by obligatory confinement, and fears coming out.

This part of me is deeply sensitive and is often not seen or heard in a world that rushes by so loudly, even aggressively. This part has often needed to create armour and masks to hide behind, to feel strong enough to go out.

This part fears being judged, rejected, betrayed, humiliated, and abandoned,...

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Peeking out from the comfort of confinement (part 1)

There is a part of me that has been deeply comforted by this obligatory confinement.

A part of me longing for my attention, when all the unnecessary distractions and multitude of demands and choices in the outside world have been removed, and finally we can sit together for some deep quality inner time.

A wonderfully sensual part that is often not valued or cared for when I am busying myself.


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