Showing up with our hearts open

Today I will participate in the Anti-5G demonstration in Geneva and happening internationally. As we experience more and more grass-root marches, demonstrations and protests, with people everywhere calling for more respect and care for life, I ask myself how to take action and show up for what feels right, hold clear boundaries and keep my heart open.

It is very easy to do nothing, just as it is easy to contract in fear or anger. 

It feels essential to me to not project anger or mistrust on others, and not spread more fear and disconnect (us and them) in our world.

The world outside is a direct reflection of the world inside.

So any blame or fear is inviting us to do our inner transformational work, to expand to meet all energies and consciously direct our powerful life-force through our hearts to our voices and actions.

As we grow spiritually, sometimes we feel unsafe in the world. Our challenge is to unite spirit and matter in our...

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Calling in a community of support of GREAT women

This is an invitation for a deeper reflection on how we function as sensitive, caring and independent women, and how I experience this personally. 

I am amazed, on a daily basis, about the kindness, generosity, and power of the women I meet. It is a privilege and an honour to know you, and even more exciting to bring you together to feel the vibrant field that we co-create; the love, respect and support we share; and what happens when we realise we no longer need to go it alone. 

I have always been a quite shy and introverted person. I have a deep emotional inner world, very quick to pick up on energy and emotions around me, and super sensitive in my heart. It takes a lot for me to go out in the world and to share myself. Yes, I do it, and I also need plenty of rest and time to process, care for my heart, and clear my energetic-emotional field. 

I have always functioned in quite an independent and solitary way. In a positive sense I...

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Supporting the tender heart in 2020

My heartfelt wishes for you, and for all of us, as we enter this new decade. It feels like a new era is here, where our actions matter immensely.

May we rapidly find more sustainable, respectful and heart-centred ways of living together, people and planet.

May we prioritise healing, compassion and community spirit to support each other through the challenges we face.

May we direct our energy and resources for all of us to feel safe, to thrive and enjoy every moment of this sacred life.

I begin this year consciously welcoming in me the feelings of UNCERTAINTY and DESPAIR, VULNERABILITY and TRUST, RESPONSIBILITY and COMMITMENT. 

My heart feels raw and wide open, and I feel myself, this community and this world in so much need for LOVE and CONNECTION.

So how do we hold enough space in ourselves and around us for these feelings? 

I notice that when I can root deeply into my belly / womb and connect to the womb of the Earth, I can feel the...

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When women talk about sexuality & How my sexual healing journey began

Have you heard about the "Pussy Dialogues"? Its a space I opened, I guess a year or so ago, for women to talk consciously about our bodies, our cycles, our relationships and our sexuality, without any judgement or advice.

Within the Temple of Sacred Womanhood it's also a space for learning from each other and exploring practices that enhance our radiance, confidence and love of life. 

Each time I open the Pussy Dialogues it's super lively and fun. I get the feedback that it brings so much relief to finally have these conversations. 

It seems to take some emotional charge out of where we might otherwise be feeling frustrated, confused, sad, ashamed or lonely. 

Through sharing and connection we realise we are not alone, there is nothing to be ashamed of, we are all so similar and we are definitely very loveable. Oh my goddess, we realise how absolutely incredible we are as women, in these amazing bodies.


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Grieving and Loving

Welcome friends, to a Community Grieving and Loving space, supported by ceremonial Cacao on 1 September 2019 in Rolle, Switzerland. It will be a space for us to come together to open our hearts to FEEL all that it means to be alive on this planet today. Please see full details at the bottom of this article.

There is so much pain and suffering, personal and collective, near and far, and it can feel unbearable to feel it, and even moreso to feel it alone. 

I recently returned from the wild nature of Sweden and a deeply transformative experience of empowering the masculine within. One of the most important gifts of growth that I received during this retreat with Estera Saraswati and our team was to feel the pain of my heart opening.

My personal intention was to open the heart of my inner warrior, for my masculine to have the courage to really see and feel more, and take action from a place of love, to show how much he cares, standing up for...

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The gift of pain hiding in depression - a poem

authenticity Aug 29, 2019


It has a strong pull on me, the zombie state
It’s so easy to belong
Such a generous welcome into accepted norms
Succumbing to distractions I got tricked
By my own mind
I thought it was my own choice
Betrayed, manipulated by an invisible force
At first it didn’t feel good, discomfort in my body
The weight of a heavy cloak
Aggressions of a modern kind
I contracted, angry, fighting, flames burning within
Ah, but the bliss of numbness called
It lured me in, slowly, like an incoming fog
I hardly noticed myself falling asleep
The part of me that was so willing to give up
Release all responsibility, not answer to any call
It’s all too much, the world is a mess, why bother
Hopeless, helpless
Ah it’s oh so welcoming this sleepiness
Watching the world pass by, corrupt, destruct
Nothing can touch me here
I see and I hear but I do not feel
I play the game
Cement has hardened around my heart
Like the cement that suffocates life all around me
Disgust and despair

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Release the grip, trust the flow and dance on.... summer connections!

connection Jul 15, 2019

Dear ones, Wow! More intense times! Solar and lunar eclipses, five planets in retrograde….. full moon today....  I have waves of tiredness, bursts of energy to let-go and transform everything, my mind moving from anxiety to confusion to blissful spaciousness, and a range of emotions washing through. Fun!

Whether you're getting downloads or upgrades, shifts in evolutionary consciousness, feeling like you know nothing at all, your life is stuck, your world is falling apart, you're on the brink of the change you've been dreaming of.... or you're just chilling on a beach somewhere.... my advice for awakened living right now is ....

'stay calm - keep cool'!

Act like a buddhist monk or wise old witch, with an all-knowing, compassionate and fearless sense of humour, giggling as you watch the crazy wisdom of the universe unfold and do her thing to wake us all up. 

Take a few breaths. Lie in the grass. Fall asleep. Meditate. Eat some water melon. Be...

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How to flow with the season - Spring chaos

freedom Apr 17, 2019

With the ecstatic force of life bursting open all around us, Spring can have you exploding with energy, overwhelmed with anxiety, swimming in emotions, or wiped out with exhaustion.

Isn't that interesting?! It all comes from the same source of  energy and natural cycle of life. However, your experience at any moment depends on how you receive, direct and manage energy in the container of your body, and whether your energy channels are open for the flow of life through you.

Respecting and surrendering to the cycles of nature and laws of energy (outside and inside of you), and learning to navigate the emotional-energetic 'language' or intelligence of your body, will allow you to surf the waves of life, and flow with more joy, ease and vitality. 

Emotion = Energy in Motion (or not if you don't allow it!)

Unfortunately our societal norms tend to be built on conquering, suppressing, managing and denying the natural...

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Oh my goddess, please love your body

sacred feminine Mar 19, 2019

Your body is a Temple. You are a sacred portal of Life. You hold the wisdom of the Universe within you.

You are an absolutely magnificent expression of the Divine. You are sooooooo sooooooo sooooooo worthy of Love. Oh my goddess, why on Earth wouldn't you be?! 

Please, please honour and allow to be honoured this incredible vessel of Love, your body Temple. 

I want every woman to turn-on her inner fire 
and be a blazing glory of feminine wisdom rising on this planet for the benefit of all.

It hurts me deeply to feel a girl or woman holding shame around her body and her womanhood.

It makes me very angry to see any disrespect toward a woman's body (girl, boy or man's too for that matter). 

The vulnerability and beauty of the body is something I hold sacred.

Why so? Because I know that the body is our portal to the Divine. It is through our bodies that we access incredible wisdom, connection, intimacy, power and love. Our bodies are perfect expressions...

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Women celebrating women

Sister, Have you experienced what it feels like to be celebrated by other women?

Have you felt the power of being seen, felt, heard and unconditionally loved by other women, no matter how messy, broken, successful or radiant you are?

Do you have a group of women who are there to hold you, support you and uplift you through the highs and lows of life? 

I know many of you here locally, and we've shared some pretty powerful and intimate moments. I know you are warriors and superheroes, driven by a core belief of love. 

You are fabulous and deserve to be celebrated! 

We Are Women Celebrating Women On 8 March

You are juggling careers, families, relationships and self-care on a daily basis.

You are caring for children, partners, friends, clients and ageing parents.

You are birthing and caring for new life, mothering the process of evolution, and championing your kids to spread their own wings to fly. 

You are sensitive to the moods,...

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