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live courageously
love fiercely

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Hi and Welcome! 

I wish for you, and every living being, to deeply relax and fully expand into Being. I wish to co-create with you a more compassionate world, where every being feels safe, welcome, loved and honored. We are all responsible for this.

I’m here to support you, both women and men, reveal your wild, wise and loving nature, and reclaim the power of your inner fire, that’s in your dreams and your wounds, your light and your dark.

I’m here to bring us together, so that we can remember, through embodied experiences, what it is to love and be loved, to listen and be heard, to respect and be respected.

For Women

Empowering women
to reclaim and restore
the sacredness of life.

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For Men and Women

Conscious connecting
to heal
the gender divide.

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Private Sessions

Holistic bodywork
to help restore balance
and access inner wisdom.

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Ceremonies to honor
the cycles of Life.

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Rest to Rise

Deep healing rest
and stillness to reveal
your authentic essence.

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Online Resources

Practices to support
your journey from home.
Coming soon.

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"My feelings are fully awake. My voice is loud and I feel more self-confident than ever before. I can feel the energy and positive thinking... my dynamic is changing... I am so proud of me!"


"It was an extraordinary experience. I moved so many blockages, and awakened such a powerful energy. It amazed me how the other participant’s personal journeys impacted me profoundly. We are all connected. This is how we move towards a better version of ourselves."


"This helped me to reconnect with myself, like starting a journey of self-discovery and birth… Thanks for helping open my heart and soul for new opportunities to come."


"It was great to experience and witness each other’s struggle and power. We are all together on this journey, with similarities and differences, and yet together in the courage to follow our hearts. Thank you!"


"Georgina created spaces for me to embrace my wild woman. I can now let her shine. This is the most safety I’ve ever known. And from here I can take care of all the parts of me that need care, that have been hurt, abused, abandoned."


"Thank you Georgina for the safe space you created with so much care for this heart-blasting and heart-warming encounter where every being got to shine their light and witness everyone's radiance."


Free Yoga Nidra and Meditation audio practices.

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Experience the radical and revolutionary art of deep rest and easeful presence

Free Yoga Nidra and Meditation audio practices

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