10 tips to support you through the winter

Uncategorized Dec 04, 2018

1. Spend time in nature.

We adapt naturally like nature. Observe how animals and plants are adapting. In the forest soak in the smells and colours, take deep breaths of fresh air, lean against a tree for support. Charge up on the energy in the wind and waves across the lake. Watch in awe and wonder the changing skies as the mystery of the season unfolds.

2. Get lots of sleep, every night.

Set up an evening routine to support deep restorative sleep. Write your schedule for the next day, finish work and turn off all screens by 8pm. Eat lightly and finish eating by 8pm. Wind down with a good book or a cuddle with a loved one or pets to raise feel-good hormones. Dim the lights. Meditate or do a restorative pose by candlelight. Remember 3 things you are grateful for this day, announce with satisfaction that it is complete, and envision how you want to wake up tomorrow. Make it a habit.

3. Sit.

Daily. Every morning. With yourself. Don’t do anything. Just sit. Start with 10 minutes. Notice the nature of your mind, always changing. Notice the nature of your body, always changing. Look for what is never changing.

4. Write.

1-3 pages every day. A stream of unorganized thought. Write whatever is flowing through you. It can be “I’m so fed up” x 100. Ok, so by the 100th time you may be more relaxed and accepting of that feeling. Perhaps its poetic one day. Perhaps its trash another. Just write and let it flow. Notice how you start to get to know your inner world.

5. Embody and express what you are feeling.

Embody fully what you are feeling for 5-15 minutes. Set a timer. Notice that ‘you’ are made up of many parts. Maybe part of you feels like the “Grinch”. Ok, so go full out. Complain about everything. Growl. Be moody. Make the sounds. Thump a pillow. Perhaps another part of you is feeling very small and sad. Follow your body into the position that this part is expressing. Exaggerate it for a fixed amount of time. Don’t try to change or fix this part. Give it full permission to be expressed. Listen, feel and love it fully. Ask what this part really needs. Once the time is up let that feeling go completely. Take action on the need expressed if appropriate.

6. Meet your darkness with consciousness and love.

Whatever is ready to be healed, integrated, loved and transformed will show up as you move toward your joy. Rather than avoiding, suppressing or denying something inside that feels uncomfortable, scary, wrong or unloveable (it will feel like contraction in the body), meet it all with love and tenderness. Reach out for support for this kind of work. Learn about the huge potential that lies in your shadow and fears. You need the right attitude and tools to meet your wounds, fears and shadows.

7. Take full responsibility for your wellness this season.

You are not a victim of winter weather, Christmas shopping chaos, your social life, over-eating, family stories, or other people’s judgements and expectations (unless of course you chose to be). It tends to be an emotionally and energetically charged time of year, despite our body’s needs to rest and be quiet. Ok. So, reflect on your needs. Take responsibility for creating space for and expressing what you need.

8. Support your body with:

    • deep breathing, exercise, dancing, walking, yoga
    • dry brushing your skin
    • hot – cold – hot - cold showers
    • massage & emotional-energetic bodywork
    • lots of greens & root vegetables
    • good fats (coconut oil, almonds, avocados)
    • spices (turmeric, cinnamon, ginger, pepper)
    • intermittent fasting (give your body a break)
    • essential oils like ravintsara, tea tree, black spruce, balsam fir, thyme, and lavender
    • epsom salt and dul-x medicinal baths
    • pleasurable touch, hugs, cuddles and intimacy 

9. Do things that make you light up like a Christmas tree and melt like a chocolate in front of the fire.

Take a hot salt bath by candlelight and then dance naked to your best music list. Jump in the lake after a steaming hot sauna. Drink coffee for hours in your favourite café, just you and a great book. Invite friends for an all-day pyjama & slippers Sunday brunch. Eat your home-made outrageously chocolaty guilt-free brownies while watching your all-time favourite cheesy movie. Book an intimate date with your partner, create the perfect love haven and take turns in offering massage.

10. Come have a session with me

A little sharing and a lot of love goes a long way! especially when you haven't done tips 1-9 above!!!! hihi :)) 


I wish you a cosy warm and self-loving winter season.

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