Meeting each new day with hope

freedom May 17, 2020

Sunrise is my favourite time of day. It’s so filled with hope and opportunity. It feels like the best time of year to join the 5am club as the sun rises so early and dawn is pure magic, even if the sun is behind a thick bed of clouds like today. I'm finding myself longing for these moments of stillness and intimacy. Its a time for me to connect to my inner callings and wisdom. ⁠⠀
Each night I feel deep relief as I melt into sleep and journey into other worlds. Relief that the effort of day is done. I feel like my battery pack reduces during the day, my capacity to stay connected to my best self diminishes, and impacts of the day accumulate in my body, heart and mind. I try to finish the day celebrating and seeking out the greatness of the day, and what I could be and do, letting go of mistakes or disappointment, grateful for life. ⁠⠀
By dawn, everything is up for grabs again. Fresh of potential ! 



Photo by Alain Bourgeois.

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