Afraid to go beyond your comfort zone? Don’t steal someone else’s shoes


As I woke from a dream this morning, I felt unsettled by the clarity of the message. 

“Don’t try to wear other people’s shoes that are too big for you.” 

In my dream I felt immense disappointment realizing the shoes were too big. I had imagined them fitting like a glove, embracing my feet for the onward journey.

I felt deep shame too, trying to fit into and even taking someone else’s shoes. I felt inadequate, dirty and worthless.

I sat up in bed, and immediately offered my fantasies, my illusions and any underlying feeling of ‘not-enoughness’ to the core of the Earth. I held my shame with love as I did so.

I saw myself lie in the mud at the bottom, naked and worthless.

I surrendered to the feeling of nothingness.

An energy gradually began to surge upwards. I called for a stream of life-force from the Earth to fill my empty core, to activate and inspire me from deep within.

I made myself available, with greater faith and commitment, to my own unique Dream (not the one about the shoes - the one that my soul is specifically here to experience and manifest).

I followed the next impulse that came. I jogged to the lake. 

I offered my naked body to the waters, recognizing myself as complete, worthy and enough as I am.

I swam out through silky waters toward the rising sun. The surface was like a perfect mirror, reflecting the surrounding alps, the clouds and birds.

A large gull started moving toward me on the surface of the water, a distinct silhouette in the sun. I felt her energetic presence. We made eye contact.

Just a few metres away, she turned, as if to guide me. I followed.

We moved silently through the waters. She would turn an eye occasionally as if to check I was still there.

Not a breath of wind stirred the surface, not a doubt in my mind. Occasional bubbles rose to the surface from below, like bubbles of inspiration.  

It was pure magic.

After a while I realized she had led me out into the lake, further than I had gone before. I had no fear, doubt or hesitation. Yet, here I was.

I had allowed Life, through this Spirit guide, to guide me beyond my comfort zone to experience more of me, more aliveness, more magic.

I am often fearful of becoming what I need to become to fulfil my dream.

I see role models and people who inspire me. I get confused and think I need to do it like them. Silly me. I misinterpreted the process. Of course I did. I get scared that I don’t know 'how' to go there, and in my mind, I need to know that.

The message I received from Spirit this morning, through my dream and the gull, was simple and clear.

It’s not necessary or possible to step into other’s shoes, nor is it helpful to do things the way others have done them before. 

When the fear arises about venturing beyond my comfort zone and when I don't know 'how', I can trust that life, and my own personal Spirit guides, are guiding me, gently and surely, through unknown territory.

They’re guiding me to pave a path that is true to my Dream, aligned with my essence and my vibration.

Only in this way can I truly honour my Being and contribute to the big web that we’re all here to weave together, each with our unique offerings.



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