Calling in a community of support of GREAT women

This is an invitation for a deeper reflection on how we function as sensitive, caring and independent women, and how I experience this personally. 

I am amazed, on a daily basis, about the kindness, generosity, and power of the women I meet. It is a privilege and an honour to know you, and even more exciting to bring you together to feel the vibrant field that we co-create; the love, respect and support we share; and what happens when we realise we no longer need to go it alone. 

I have always been a quite shy and introverted person. I have a deep emotional inner world, very quick to pick up on energy and emotions around me, and super sensitive in my heart. It takes a lot for me to go out in the world and to share myself. Yes, I do it, and I also need plenty of rest and time to process, care for my heart, and clear my energetic-emotional field. 

I have always functioned in quite an independent and solitary way. In a positive sense I follow my inner guidance. However, its often meant that I felt misunderstood, I would protect my heart, and I would keep myself out and 'safe' in my comfort zone. It also had me feeling stuck in my own limiting beliefs and patterns, and struggling to perfect myself!! What a waste of loving energy!!

I've had public experiences of freezing in terror when people are waiting for me to lead. When speaking in public and groups I've felt my legs shaking uncontrollably, my face red like a beetroot, and my heart pumping like its going to jump out of my chest. 

There is a deep sensitive part of me that is longing for feeling safe and at home in a loving and respectful world. And there are the wildly creative, passionate and ambitious parts of me that drive me forward with fire in my belly and heart to create this world I long for.

To help me engage all parts of me, I need ...

  • COMMUNITY OF SISTERLY SUPPORT a rock star team of heart-centred women who want to live from their hearts and wombs and make a difference by who they are, as mothers, as daughters, as leaders, as lovers, as earth-dwellers, as medicine women..... and more.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY BUDDIES who have got my back and stand by my side when I'm in doubt or fear or laziness.
  • SISTER HEROES who catch me when I fall and hold me with love when I need to cry or complain or express my grief or rage.
  • CREATIVITY POD, a group of inspired beings around me so that together we go for manifesting our dreams and say HELL YES! to life! 

Today, I realise that so much inner world experience (sensitivity and ego) was keeping me from seeing the magnificence and goodness of other people. It was holding me back from the power of co-creating together. I lacked the support of other people's skills that put together could amplify all of our gifts. 

How about you? Does some of this resonate?

Do you have access and a strong connection to your heart's longings, your inner wisdom and creative fire?

Do you have accountability buddies, sister heroes and / or creative pod to support you on your unique soul path? 

For some reason the universe has placed me in a position to meet so many GREAT women, and to feel and hear how much you are each longing to connect and share your love in the world. 

It seems that it is my purpose in part to bring you / us together. This is the birth place of the LIVING SACRED WOMANHOOD community. Welcome. 

We have many ways to continue to connect and meet, live and online. Here is a preliminary agenda below for the early months of 2020.  

I look forward to meeting you along the path. I am so grateful that you are here. May we all be blessed with a strong and loving community of support. 

With love
Georgina xxx

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