Celebrating Bealtaine - 1 May

Uncategorized May 01, 2020

Bealtaine Blessings to you all. ⠀
Today I celebrate our amazing ☀️ Sun ☀️ as we step fully into the light-filled half of the year, and I call for great fertility and abundance for the crops and harvests to come. ⁠⠀
May all people have a sustainable livelihood, food and water. May prosperity be shared. May we all learn to love and to thrive together on our wonderful planet. ⠀
I also celebrate the Sacred Masculine that the Sun God represents. I celebrate his full radiant, unwavering and unconditional presence, his perseverance, his warmth, his capacity to penetrate the dark, his focus and his strength. ⁠⠀
May the deeply wounded masculine of our society regain his core worthiness and activate his essential role through each one of us. As the Sacred Feminine rises to reclaim her natural throne, may she call forth and stand side-by-side with the Sacred Masculine. Sacred Union within and out.⠀
Traditionally we celebrate this festival together by lighting and gathering around fires. If you can't do that safely right now please do light a candle. ⁠⠀
Let us sing and dance and rejoice and create sacred union around the fires of fertility and passion and abundance. ⁠

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