Grieving and Loving

Welcome friends, to a Community Grieving and Loving space, supported by ceremonial Cacao on 1 September 2019 in Rolle, Switzerland. It will be a space for us to come together to open our hearts to FEEL all that it means to be alive on this planet today. Please see full details at the bottom of this article.

There is so much pain and suffering, personal and collective, near and far, and it can feel unbearable to feel it, and even moreso to feel it alone. 

I recently returned from the wild nature of Sweden and a deeply transformative experience of empowering the masculine within. One of the most important gifts of growth that I received during this retreat with Estera Saraswati and our team was to feel the pain of my heart opening.

My personal intention was to open the heart of my inner warrior, for my masculine to have the courage to really see and feel more, and take action from a place of love, to show how much he cares, standing up for the sacred and values of the heart.

It's by no means accomplished. It's a choice now I need to make to open my heart in each moment, in front of each challenge, with each word and action.

On return home, faced with images like the fires in the Amazon, and what felt like an aggressive, rushing and disconnected reality, I noticed myself gradually becoming numb. I have written a poem of sorts, a flow of consciousness, as I explored my personal journey of slipping into the very familiar 'zombie state'. Read my poem here

In the face of disconnect, loss, illness, environmental and humanitarian crises, it is normal to feel devastated, angry, helpless and hopeless. Grief is a natural human emotion that needs space to be felt and expressed, acknowledged and witnessed. Through grief we open our hearts to love and to life.

When we don't have space or want to feel these emotions, they can get stuck in our bodies. We begin to go numb, depressed, not feeling and not caring. We get tired, heady and stressed. Maybe we turn the anger and grief inward on ourselves or it comes out as passive aggression and resentment. We loose the ground of our being.

When we turn off grief, sadness, and anger, we turn off our ability to feel and express gratitude, happiness, generosity, love, and the simple joys of life. We also turn off our inner wisdom, sensuality and sexuality connected to our hearts.

Please watch this short video (13 minutes) where Francis Weller talks about the lost art of grief. It touched me so much.

Inspired by this process and by feeling the immensity of our unexpressed grief, I invite you to join me tomorrow to feel - alive - together. 

Perhaps then, from the deep heart within we will know how to be, together, how to speak and act, and care for each other and our planet. 

I wish for a community that cares deeply for each other and our home. I wish that no-one needs to suffer in silence or alone. May we come together to feel vibrantly alive and co-create the world we want. 

Thank you for caring. 
with love,

Georgina  xxx


Community Grieving and Loving Space

What will we do ? 

  • drink ceremonial cacao to invoke her heart-opening medicine (optional)

  • breathe, move our bodies and sound our voices to unlock and express stuck energy and emotions (be prepared to dance your spirit)

  • tune in to our hearts

  • find ways to share what is in our hearts

  • connect to each other

  • dedicate prayers, songs and intentions  



Cacao ceremony 
Drinking cacao is optional. CHF 10 per person. 
Please notify me by 12h on the day if you want cacao.

Any other contributions will cover the rental of the space. I am also looking for an appropriate organisation or cause that I will regularly contribute to from community gatherings (suggestions welcome).

Date & Time
Sunday 1 September, 16h - 18h
Please respect the sacred space by not arriving late or leaving early

Elaneha, 10 avenue de la Gare, 1180 Rolle

Let me know you are coming 
Georgina Peard, +41 79 219 4407
[email protected]

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