Hey, who are you today?

Hello, who are you today? What is important to you? What makes you vibe and thrive? What do you long for? What are you struggling with? How would you like to engage with me? In what way are we the same?⁠⠀
After many weeks and months of separation, we will meet again. And, for sure, you have changed. I have changed. We have changed. The world has changed. ⁠⠀
Can we meet as if for the first time, rather than project onto each other the experiences, attachments and judgements of the past?⁠⠀
Who am I as I come to meet you? Are you also curious? How do we choose to engage and relate with each other, today? ⁠⠀
Like every sunrise, every Monday morning, every Spring, every New Year, every inhale, every new encounter, every moment, there is an opportunity full of potential. ⁠⠀
IF, and ONLY IF, I am fully present to this moment and I come with ...⁠⠀
>> a curious and open mind⁠⠀
>> a grateful heart and a generous⁠ heart⁠⠀
For it takes two to tango! ⁠⠀
I wonder if I can truly embrace this and meet you there. I will try to remember. I hope you will help me too.⁠⠀

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