How to flow with the season - Spring chaos

freedom Apr 17, 2019

With the ecstatic force of life bursting open all around us, Spring can have you exploding with energy, overwhelmed with anxiety, swimming in emotions, or wiped out with exhaustion.

Isn't that interesting?! It all comes from the same source of  energy and natural cycle of life. However, your experience at any moment depends on how you receive, direct and manage energy in the container of your body, and whether your energy channels are open for the flow of life through you.

Respecting and surrendering to the cycles of nature and laws of energy (outside and inside of you), and learning to navigate the emotional-energetic 'language' or intelligence of your body, will allow you to surf the waves of life, and flow with more joy, ease and vitality. 

Emotion = Energy in Motion (or not if you don't allow it!)

Unfortunately our societal norms tend to be built on conquering, suppressing, managing and denying the natural cycles, laws and intelligence of our bodies, in the name of control, efficiency, power, success, consistency, and fitting in. We shut down our natural impulses and drive from our heads. We are living in a linear not a cyclical way.

This makes it painful and unsafe to be in our bodies!

This is why we burn-out, get lost in emotional drama, anxiety and depression, can't sleep, struggle to be in relationships, get auto-immune diseases, and get sick.

Meditation, yoga or tai chi or qi gong, bodywork, breathing, healthy eating, love-making, cuddling, dancing, laughing, spending time in nature, doing what you love, respecting nature's cycles, expressing and sharing your feelings, and so on.....

These are all ways to actively open and tune your body and mind, so that it becomes the highly intelligent conductor and expression of creative life-force energy that it is naturally designed to be. 

Then the energy of Spring can flow through you, birthing unique and magical creative expressions of life, nourishing and replenishing you, just like it does in nature.

People often ask what I do - what kind of massage, bodywork and mentoring I offer.

Well, this is what I do. I accompany you to reconnect with the emotional-energetic intelligence and life-force of your body, to open up the energy channels, to allow you to feel more natural balance, ease, vitality and joy. 

I speak the language of the body and the soul (like a soul whisperer!) and accompany you and your entire energetic and spirit being, to feel deeply safe to be in your physical body.

I help you become aware of, unlock and release emotional-energetic blockages, tension and limiting beliefs, so as to relax and expand the container of your body, to open up the energetic highways to receive and channel the creative, healing and awakening potential of life-force.

Hallelujah! This opens up unlimited potential.

It changes your experience of yourself and life! We can go very very far with this work. It all depends on what is your intention and what you are ready to unlock. 

Of course, you can just call it a massage if your prefer!! And if you just want a massage, then that's fine too! :)) 

So this said, I have availability these next days before Easter and in the coming weeks for private sessions. Below are my dates and some upcoming opportunities to connect. Plus still some spaces to join us in Ibiza next month. 

May you and your creative projects blossom this Spring.

May we all be blessed by the abundant nourishing energy of Life. And may we remember to give back to Earth just as generously as She gives to us. 

Georgina xxx 

Listen Deeply
Live Courageously
Love Fiercely


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