I was embarrassed to be a woman

Feeling immensely grateful today for the magnificent women in my life. Do you have GREAT women in your life?⁠⁠
I am literally surrounded by a community of women that show me, day after day, through many tiny little things, that I BELONG, that I am WELCOME, that I MATTER, that I am LOVED, even when I'm not perfect! ⁠⁠
Only 6 years ago I didn't even like to say the word 'woman'! I was pretty embarrassed to be a woman. I didn't carry a handbag and I hated 'girls nights out'. Yep!⁠⁠
I spent 6 years of school in a Catholic Convent for girls. My friends had sisters. I had a sister, and her friends had sisters. I didn't even know any boys! ⁠⁠
As soon as I left school, I went out of my way to find the MASCULINE. I became a white water rafting guide, I climbed mountains, I raced mountain-bikes, I jumped off bridges, and got excited about gear with other, mostly male, outdoor enthusiasts. I looked up to men who were skilled and courageous. ⁠⁠
I had learnt to feel uncomfortable with and disown my INNER WILD NATURE, so I tried to ride and conquer that wild nature outside of me. A very patriarchal approach to the feminine.⁠⁠
Today, I've come a long way. I love the masculine and I love the feminine, in me and outside of me. In beings of all genders. And I love being a WOMAN. ⁠⁠
I'm grateful for all the beings around me who make me feel loved. And today I am particularly grateful for the sisterhood that nourishes me and challenges me and uplifts me every day.⁠⁠


Would you like to know this community of awesome women? Join us in the Living Sacred Womanhood Community.

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