Imagine a world where you felt intrinsically safe and welcome

Uncategorized Oct 27, 2018

Imagine for a moment...

Imagine a world where you feel intrinsically safe and welcome.
What would that feel like in your body? 

Imagine that because you feel safe and welcome, you relax deeply in being you.

You focus all of your energy on enjoying, experiencing and sharing the potency of Life and Love in your Being.

You are not trying to prove anything or defend yourself from anything. You do not live in fear of being rejected, abandoned, humiliated, abused or betrayed.

You feel seen, felt and heard by others, so you know you are not alone meeting the challenges of life.

You can open your system to the natural intelligence or energy of the universe, making yourself available to health, wisdom, creativity and ecstatic states of aliveness.  

You put yourself wholeheartedly into exploring and sharing your unique gifts in ways that serve others and this planet. 

Imagine this world. Imagine the potential...


I'm referring to a RELATIONAL CULTURE. 

I believe this is available to us. I want this to be available to everyone.

I want to live in a world where babies are born and kids grow up feeling deeply safe and welcome. I want adults to experience deep love and real freedom.

Are you sceptical? Thinking that 'out there' is not such a paradise?

What if you take your couple, family or a group of friends as a microcosm to explore this potential? 

What if you create those conditions for your loved ones and your colleagues to feel that safe, welcome and supported?

From my personal experience, testing this out in relationships, in women's circles and our Living Sacred Womanhood community, in mixed groups of men and women, and in collaborative work, I know this is possible. I feel it in my body and I am choosing to make this my practice (because it is a life-long moment-by-moment practice!)

From what many of you share with me, this is your knowing and longing too. In fact it's your true nature.

How do you make your knowing a reality?

  1. Take full responsibility and commit to personal healing and awakening.
  2. Do the personal work to challenge your conditioning, beliefs and fears. 
  3. Seek out safe spaces to have new, embodied experiences of safety, trust and love.
  4. Seek out the people who are on this path with you.
  5. Meet everything with ceaseless compassion and vulnerable power.
  6. Practice, Practice, Practice.

I'm calling for us to do what is necessary to heal ourselves, challenge the old ways of creating separation and difference, and awaken together to make this possible.

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