New Year Resolution Revolution: From planning to listening

Here we are in 2018! A new beginning invites curiosity, hope, inspiration, and dreaming….. and maybe some hidden anxiety ? 

I notice that if I am not careful, I fall into old patterns of over-planning and planning to do too much.

How about you?

When I stop to notice, I realise that this over-planning and setting resolutions that require more doing is driven by my head and the fear of ‘lack’ or not being enough already.

It’s also the desire to have everything under control and fear of the unknown outside the edges of my comfort zone.

However, this creates an underlying, often unconscious, low vibration anxiety that affects my nervous system, my digestive system, my sleep, and my organs, especially my liver, and therefore I start to get muscle tension.

Isn’t it fascinating?!!

What once seemed like positive thinking was actually keeping me locked in old patriarchal ways.

These old ways also include pushing more, focusing on some outside goal of success, and doing things alone! Enough of all that, I say!!

My response to this?  DO NOTHING!! 

Oh yes, my mind is freaking out… “I really don’t have time for that and I need to be DOING MORE!”

However, I am learning to dare to listen.

My body obliges.

I feel the inner tension. I notice the thoughts of fear and anxiety and how they start to overflow into how I am with others.

I have less and less tolerance for these sensations in my body and low vibration in my life…. thank goodness! This is when I realise how much I have grown in consciousness. Ah, that feels good!

I know that I am being called to drop in deeper, that there is another way.

It’s time to let go of my pushing and wanting to know and have it all under control. It’s time to listen and trust that I’m being guided.

And when I do, WOW, I am rewarded with deep peace, spaciousness, a sense of being tapped into a bigger intelligence, and that everything is OK.

Everything has it’s time. Nothing is worth losing my centre for.

I remember that manifestation happens in spirals, not in a linear way.

Aha, of course, I am being called home to remember the gifts of a more feminine way.

It takes courage to stop, to wait a little longer, to sit comfortably in the confusion and lack of clarity, and to listen.

And yet this is the only way for us to really transform from the old conditioned ways and patterns, and to create a new paradigm.

First we must STOP! when we catch our old ways that no longer serve us.

Then we must LISTEN and FEEL our inner wisdom.

Then we must TAKE COURAGEOUS ACTION drawn from this inner guidance and inspiration.

Courageous as it may not be in line with what your mind thinks or other think you should do!


My invitation to you…

…at the beginning of this New Year, and the time of this New Moon, is to be quiet and listen, with courage, curiosity and compassion.

Open yourself to HEAR with your heart (and your womb for women).

Sit as the Great Wise One that you are, listening to the wisdom of the Cosmos, as though you can channel the wisdom that is needed for this planet at this time, and that needs to come through you.

Sit or lie quietly and comfortably. Relax.

Be guided by your breath into the Great Void.

And listen. Listen with all your being.

  • What do you know in your cells, in your womb, in your heart?
  • What do you truly need to feel more alive and vibrant in yourself ? 
  • What is longing to be revealed through you, for you? 
  • How can you love more now? 


Offer yourself all the time and space and rest you need for this, and practice it regularly, especially around at the time of the New Moon (and/or your time of bleeding for menstruating women).


I hope this reflection and practice serve you well. Let me know as I love to hear from you.
Please do share with others who it may serve.


May 2018 be filled with many wonderful moments. May you follow what makes you feel fully alive.
May you thrive.

With love,


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