Peeking out from confinement (part 4)

In my last post I said there is so much to play for and so much potential. There is equally so much at risk.

What I choose now matters. How I live matters. What I think and say and do matters.

As I peek out to the uncertainty beyond, lovingly holding the parts of me that have been feeling so safe and comforted during confinement (see parts 1 and 2), it can be all too easy to fear what is coming.

I could imagine that someone or something 'out there' has control over my world and my future. I could imagine that the 'out there' force wants to crush these sensual and sensitive, creative and loving parts within me.

Then I would most certainly recoil back into my comfort zone, feeling sad, cut off and afraid.

Either that or I would go out fighting, fists in the air, angry and aggressive.

On the other hand, I could continue to comfort and reassure the sensual and sensitive, creative and loving me, and nurture the part that is full of curiosity, excitement and hope, and consider ..... What do I want to create?

What do I want to express? What do I want share in this world?

What do I stand for and value? What can I offer to this world that is so desperately seeking a new identity?

How can I contribute?

The answers can only come from deep within. They are not outside. They will come from connecting to my body, womb, lungs, heart and voice; by letting my soul sing and my spirit dance.

They will come by showing up, fully present, available, listening to understand, willing to work, lovingly offering what I can.

It is time to come out from hiding in confinement.

It's time to take the sensitive and innocent part by the hand, and give her all the support and protection she needs from my mature adult self.

We will then realise that she never needed such protection because her wild nature is the strongest thing that exists - it gives her WINGS. She will be more free than ever before.

Now it's time to show up, meet and move forward TOGETHER.

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