Peeking out from the comfort of confinement (part 3)

connection freedom May 07, 2020

As we begin to peek out from weeks of home confinement, there is a part of me that is curious, excited, and hopeful. ⁠

I'm curious to experience this new world and way of being. ⁠

I'm curious to know who you are after your inner journey and transformation.⁠

I'm curious to know how we relate, the new you and the new me, for deepening friendship and intimacy. ⁠

I'm excited to see and explore the world with a fresh regard, like a flower opening new petals with her roots extending deep into the earth.⁠

I'm excited to contribute to the community, investigating our resources, our needs and our desires, cultivating communication and compassion.⁠

I'm excited to birth the seeds of creativity that have been growing deep within during this period of germination waiting for right timing and right conditions. ⁠

I'm hopeful for bringing everything closer to home, locally sourcing, exchanging and supporting each other in real time, as well as caring for the heart and soul. ⁠

I'm hopeful for developing new ways of living, loving, and leading that are respectful, equitable and sustainable, having learnt the lessons of the past. ⁠

I'm hopeful for our core human goodness, good will and good sense to prevail so that Life can truly flourish. ⁠

There is so much potential and there is so much to play for. I choose to nourish this by letting my mind and heart be open with curiosity, excitement and hope, and to be part of creating the world I love and long for. ⁠

How about you? ⁠

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