Release the grip, trust the flow and dance on.... summer connections!

connection Jul 15, 2019

Dear ones, Wow! More intense times! Solar and lunar eclipses, five planets in retrograde….. full moon today....  I have waves of tiredness, bursts of energy to let-go and transform everything, my mind moving from anxiety to confusion to blissful spaciousness, and a range of emotions washing through. Fun!

Whether you're getting downloads or upgrades, shifts in evolutionary consciousness, feeling like you know nothing at all, your life is stuck, your world is falling apart, you're on the brink of the change you've been dreaming of.... or you're just chilling on a beach somewhere.... my advice for awakened living right now is ....

'stay calm - keep cool'!

Act like a buddhist monk or wise old witch, with an all-knowing, compassionate and fearless sense of humour, giggling as you watch the crazy wisdom of the universe unfold and do her thing to wake us all up. 

Take a few breaths. Lie in the grass. Fall asleep. Meditate. Eat some water melon. Be grateful. Tell someone you love them. And dance on.

No drama. No panic. No holding on to what is falling away. No grasping to understand or put it all in Swiss order. Come on - who's fooling who if you think you could have life under control?!! 

Release the grip and expand. Maybe something wonderfully new is trying to come in to your life. 

Trust is the call. 

Trust that when you open your mind, there is no judgement of good or bad.
Trust that when you open to the unknown, you've got a warrior inside and a team of spirit guides supporting you all the way.
Trust that when you open your heart, unlimited unconditional love is available inside and out. 

Trust that if your world falls apart, your world is falling open.
Trust that if your heart breaks, your heart is breaking open.
Trust that if you open to life, life opens to you.

Trust there is a masterpiece unfolding - your very own Hero's / Heroine's Journey.

Will you listen and feel? 
Will you honour the sacred wisdom of Life and give back twofold? 

The thing with all this intensity is that when you are focused on yourself, your personal development, and what you like, want and need, it is all too easy to grasp and resist and want to control and, therefore, find it overwhelming.

When you turn to focus on how you are part of something bigger, how what is happening is happening FOR you (not to you), and you wonder how you can actually CONTRIBUTE or give thanks for that, then life will appear and feel radically different.

You'll begin to walk with more curiosity, humility and grace, attuned with Life herself, and how she is flowing through you.

My second advice for awakened living at this time is....

'reach out and be together' 

Reaching out and being together is a most essential part of healthy human being. Life can feel too much because we are not supposed to be carrying it alone. Life can feel dull and boring because we are not meant to suppress what we feel or be consumed in our own limited worlds.

Awakened living is not a one-week retreat and then 'back to reality'. It's an ongoing choice to create and co-create.

We all meet great challenges at different times of our lives. Sometimes we need to collapse into a safe and warm embrace. Sometimes we feel we've nothing to give and we want to hide away until we're better. Don't do that. Let us hold you.

Sometimes we need a space to dance like crazy, roar with love and howl to the moon! (hint for tomorrow evening!)

When we are connected to conscious community we can feel held and supported, no matter what is happening. Being together, supporting each other, uplifts all of us. 


So here I am after a couple of busy months with four fantastic week-long retreats in Holland, Poland and Ibiza x2, back in Switzerland until 6 August. 

I'm proposing some spontaneous summer gatherings and lots of space for connection and sacred bodywork. See below. For those interested, please say hello, stay close, reach out and I'll let you know what's happening. 

With love, 
Georgina xxx


Sacred Womanhood Full Moon Gathering
Wednesday 17th July, from 19h15, at Elaneha Rolle
To dance, share, cuddle and connect. CHF 30

What about the men? Are you interested in a gathering? Let me know please.

Sacred Bodywork, Massage Therapy & Mentoring
Every day in Rolle, including 1 August :)

Sensual Woman - Introduction to Yoni Eggs and Yoni Yoga
Contact me if interested as I'll have 1 or more small groups this summer.

Massage for intimate couples
Learn to connect and massage each other

Private, Semi-private Yoga at the beach
Personalised sessions, early morning at the beach in Rolle


For all bookings: +41 79 219 4407 / [email protected]

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