Showing up with our hearts open

Today I will participate in the Anti-5G demonstration in Geneva and happening internationally. As we experience more and more grass-root marches, demonstrations and protests, with people everywhere calling for more respect and care for life, I ask myself how to take action and show up for what feels right, hold clear boundaries and keep my heart open.

It is very easy to do nothing, just as it is easy to contract in fear or anger. 

It feels essential to me to not project anger or mistrust on others, and not spread more fear and disconnect (us and them) in our world.

The world outside is a direct reflection of the world inside.

So any blame or fear is inviting us to do our inner transformational work, to expand to meet all energies and consciously direct our powerful life-force through our hearts to our voices and actions.

As we grow spiritually, sometimes we feel unsafe in the world. Our challenge is to unite spirit and matter in our bodies, and BEcome what we feel is our true nature. 

Many of us are asking what to do. There are more questions than answers. 

My 5-step approach to being here now 

1. Get comfortable and HUMBLE with my VULNERABILITY in the NOT KNOWING.

2. ACCEPT being human, including the mess WE are in, all the POTENTIAL that exists, and enjoy all that I FEEL in my body and heart. 

3. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY - I am part of creating what exists and I am responsible for what comes. No blame or complain without SUGGESTION and ACTION. 

4. SMALL STEPS MATTER - it can be morning meditation or being fully present to someone's grief or anger; it can be buying dry shampoo instead of a plastic bottle, adding my presence to a movement for change, or activating pleasure in my body. Its good to CELEBRATE every small step.

5. Actively CREATE CONNECTION and offer opportunities for all of us to experience SAFETY, LOVE and CONNECTION.


Creating safety and connection to heal ourselves and our world

Dr. Gabor Maté explains how all addictions are linked to lack of connection. Through all my personal experiences and training in this field, I have understood that when we experience deep emotional-energetic safety in our bodies and our nervous systems, we begin to relate to ourselves, each other and the world differently. Deep healing happens.

We may need to repeat many times before it becomes fully embodied, but once we've had one experience we can consciously seek it out again. 

I believe that heart-based connection and emotional-energetic safety are a big part of the responses we need right now to heal ourselves and our world.

 Conscious Connecting
31 January, 19h00-22h00, Rolle

Our next Conscious Connecting gathering is on Friday 31 January. What we do in these gatherings is focus on what we need to feel safe in ourselves, in our own bodies, and in relation to others. It relaxed, its super interactive and fun! 

Our safety comes from knowing what we feel and what we need, by communicating and holding our boundaries, so that we trust ourselves first. 

Only from this place of safety can we truly MEET ourselves, each other, share our hearts, and enjoy being together.

This transforms ALL our relationships. 

On Friday 31 January 2020 we will be exploring this through a tool called the Wheel of Consent, created by Betty Martin. 

Conscious Connecting is open to men and women, of all ages. It has nothing to do with being single or in a couple. It is about consciously connecting to yourself and others. 

Read More About The Event Here

I look forward to connecting. Wishing you all many heart-warming connections, hugs and gentleness this weekend.

With love, 
Georgina xxx

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