Supporting the tender heart in 2020

My heartfelt wishes for you, and for all of us, as we enter this new decade. It feels like a new era is here, where our actions matter immensely.

May we rapidly find more sustainable, respectful and heart-centred ways of living together, people and planet.

May we prioritise healing, compassion and community spirit to support each other through the challenges we face.

May we direct our energy and resources for all of us to feel safe, to thrive and enjoy every moment of this sacred life.

I begin this year consciously welcoming in me the feelings of UNCERTAINTY and DESPAIR, VULNERABILITY and TRUST, RESPONSIBILITY and COMMITMENT. 

My heart feels raw and wide open, and I feel myself, this community and this world in so much need for LOVE and CONNECTION.

So how do we hold enough space in ourselves and around us for these feelings? 

I notice that when I can root deeply into my belly / womb and connect to the womb of the Earth, I can feel the vastness of my heart and the unlimited potential of love to heal and connect us. When I lose touch with this connection, I can easily feel overwhelmed. 

It's also clear to me that when I feel the strength of many hearts coming together to feel together, I know that we are going to be ok. 

I wonder if this is the same for you. 

What is preoccupying me more than anything is the question of how to care for the tender heart at this time.

What will it take for us to choose love and cultivate connection over fear and separation and amidst collapse?

It may sound strange considering world events, but I definitely feel the energy of the heart rising - the tender heart, the vulnerable heart, the wounded heart - rising closer to the surface, especially for men and women like you who are on a path of embodied consciousness for some time. I feel increased sensitivity spreading, having a voice and a crack opening in the collective heart.

Just like it is in the movies and the fairytales, it is the pure, innocent heart, that loves so fiercely, that can meet the darkness and heal the kingdom.

For the tender heart to share its wisdom, we each need strong inner masculine - pure loving presence, sense of core worthiness, clear boundaries, deep listening and the ability to express feelings, needs and desires.

We each have a huge opportunity and important choices to make now.

I ask myself (and perhaps you might ask the same) ...

... will I choose to open my heart and stay open in the face of collapse, fear, uncertainty, disagreement and change?

... will I keep choosing connection and togetherness?

... will I nurture the huge strength and power of the vulnerable and tender heart? 

You may say, "I don't know how to do that" and that's ok. We will be together working that out, living it, through each experience, moment by moment. 

For now we can hold the aspiration toward becoming what we believe in and the intention to take right action as the opportunities arise. We can begin with cultivating unconditional friendliness toward ourselves and our loved ones in all that we feel. 

My intention is to create spaces and opportunities for the tender heart to feel safe, for soft power to thrive, and loving kindness to flourish. 

Welcome to join me and co-create in 2020,

With love,
Georgina xxx

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