Them gloomy, miserable, dark days

Uncategorized Dec 04, 2018

In Ireland we use words like ‘gloomy’ and ‘miserable’ for these rainy, grey, late Autumn days.

There are plenty of ‘them days’ in Ireland, which support the Irish romance with melancholy, as well as the green grass, so lush I want to eat it.
You’ll also hear a lot of “ah sure it’s GRAND isn’t it?”
“Grand” is a matter-of-fact way the Irish get on with life, with acceptance and resilience. 
Let’s face it, there’s no point waiting for the weather to improve, to transform your mood. You might be waiting a while!! 
There’s no point waiting for the sun to shine to let your face brighten with a smile and share the warmth in your heart.

This time of year can feel difficult if we are dependent on something outside of ourselves being responsible for our happiness and how we feel.

It can be uncomfortable if we resist the natural cycles of life and our bodies, and push on through as if we're meant to have the same energy as during long summer days.

This time of year can be challenging if we are not willing to spend time to create a loving and intimate relationship with our inner landscape, to sit by the fire with our own darkness, to come face-to-face with our own shadows, and to welcome with humility and grace the process of letting go and dying.

The wisdom of this season is immense, for here lie the keys to true freedom. Here, in the darkness, lies our greatest potential and the power of transformation.

To see in the dark is to see through illusion. To be wise and intuitive. To be a seeker of truth. 

With practice we can meet our fear of the dark with the humility and grace of a light-warrior. 

Before this, we might resist 'tooth and nail' until crisis and collapse. No problem!

When things fall apart. When we feel our lives in a mess. When we are collapsing with exhaustion. When we finally give up. At last, here, in surrender, there is a crack for the light to penetrate.

Right here, there is opportunity for transformation. There is potential of rebirth. 

The Dark Goddess holds many gifts, indeed. 

Please do reach out if you need a little support and love at this time. 

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