Unprecedented times - home confinement

authenticity connection Mar 17, 2020

Hello friends,

I truly hope you and your loved ones are well. 

These are indeed unprecedented times of change. May we all find the place of ease and trust within, in humanity and in life.

I am noticing many reactions and responses to our situation right now, and these may even fluctuate within us from day to day, hour to hour.  

They include feeling frozen in shock, grasping for something to feel safe, being directive and controlling of self or others, denial and detachment, feeling anger, blame, grief, exhaustion, excitement or euphoria. 

There is a lot to feel, and you may be feeling the waves of the collective emotions moving through.  

We are naturally being put face to face with our shadows and fears (both personal and collective). These will continue to be amplified as our regular habits and patterns are no longer available, things we were avoiding can no longer be avoided, and things that we imagined created safety are falling away. 

We are getting a big shake up and challenged to raise our consciousness. 

For this I feel we need to cultivate:

  1. strong, grounded PRESENCE to meet what arises with compassion and curiosity. 
  2. moving ENERGY and clearing EMOTIONS responsibly so as not to project onto others.  
  3. inner SPACE and moving SLOW to choose carefully how to proceed and create new ways that serve all of us and life best.
  4. much REST to allow our bodies recalibrate and re-source.

As we sit and meet ourselves, and our demons, we have the opportunity to access our powerful inner resources that will guide our transformation. 



One of my beloved guides, Lama Tsultrim Allione, led the powerful practice "Feeding Your Demons®" live on facebook this week, to help us work with fear and anxiety arising around the Coronavirus. It's free and available here.

I highly recommend this practice to better understand and have compassion for fear, as well as access its gifts. If we all do this we will transform our collective vibration too.

The guided practice is from about minute 15 to minute 55 on this recording, so create space and get comfortable.


I've take some time to feel into what is happening in the field. I feel clear that we need to just show up, together, vulnerable, trusting and curious, to realise the potential of our time.

I'm happy to offer Online gatherings this week and next, and continuing thereafter as long as we need to. 

These are spaces for us to come together in community to cultivate deep, heart-felt, embodied presence for personal and collective processes. Have a look below for dates and times.

We already have what we need to allow this transformation to land, its just a question of living it, and for this we need each other. 


As always, please reach out if I can support you. I look forward to sharing with you online and making this journey together. 


Big love, 
Georgina  xxx

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