New Year. A Big Unknown. What really matters?

Uncategorized Jan 06, 2019

Dear friends, 

It's 2019. At this time of year we're bombarded with predictions for the months ahead, techniques and tools to plan your life and manifest your dreams, and practices, mindsets and products to make a better, happier and healthier you! 

In all honesty, no-one knows what's gonna happen. 2019 is a mystery. 

I absolutely love dreaming up the future and focusing my creative energy. How about you? We must do this, yes! 

I believe we are responsible for creating our reality. AND. I believe we're in control of nothing. There's a way bigger 'brain' at work than the little one in my head! 

Both are true for me. 

So what about the mystery? What about the big unknown? Is it way too scary to accept that we just don't know?

Yep, it's pretty scary. It's means we are VULNERABLE. 

Every single one of us. Rich and poor, old and young, gluten and gluten-free, house owners and nomads, politicians and yellow vests, men and women, nationals and refugees. There's no difference at the purely fundamental level of being human. 

I see a world that's desperately trying to grapple with this vulnerability by:

  • distracting ourselves,
  • controlling and manipulating,
  • deflecting, projecting and blaming,
  • fitting in and pleasing others,
  • hiding away and giving up.

Here we are in 2019 and there's a lot of suffering - way too much - in our world, at every level from your inner world to the planet herself. If you've got a human heart, this is devastating and overwhelming to witness and feel.

Yes, how human of us to adopt these strategies to cope. How normal it is for depression or anxiety, addictions or madness to set in. 

And. We have a choice. We can:

  1. continue refining the above strategies, 
  2. face our vulnerability, together.

What has become 'normal' is the result of not having other tools, experiences and mindsets to meet our vulnerability. It's the result of not having a compassionate community and a safe container to help us feel all there is to feel being human. 

Our vulnerability is our humanity. It's what connects us. It's also the source of our power and resilience. 

Read anything by Brené Brown on the topic and you'll get this.

My point here is ...

As I land in 2019, a simple human citizen on this planet, with all the baggage and gifts accumulated personally and as a collective, I'm asking myself ...

... What really matters?

My resolution is .... to "SHOW UP". 


What really matters to me is that

I'm willing

to show up, 

for me and for us,

again and again,

for as long as I'm gifted this opportunity of life.


Showing up requires me to own everything that I am and am not. It requires me to acknowledge that I'm powerful and vulnerable, that I'm independent and I need you. It takes warrior spirit to stay present in the discomfort of my shame and guilt, my fears and my not knowing, and to access my truth and my voice. And. I am enough. It's enough to be me, showing up. What I feel matters. When I show up, Life shows up. 

We cannot and we are not made to meet our vulnerability alone.

Given all that I know and feel and witness in this world now, I believe that when we come together, vulnerably, we not only relieve suffering and make life so much more enjoyable, we also create a movement of unlimited potential. 

I want to be part of that movement, co-creating a more conscious and compassionate world. That is what I believe really matters. 

How about you? Given all the givens, what really matters to you? 

The 2019 Programme

On this new moon and partial solar eclipse, I am consciously seeding this resolution by sharing with you my offering for early 2019 (on a brand new website!).

This is a bold and beautiful programme that is rising out of our collective field and I'd love to share this path with those of you who feel called.


Click Here To View The 2019 Programme


Beloved friends, in 2019 I wish for us to meet the mystery unfolding before us and through us with courage, curiosity and compassion. May we show up gladly and generously to meet life and all it means to be alive right now.  


Georgina xxx

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