Women celebrating women

Sister, Have you experienced what it feels like to be celebrated by other women?

Have you felt the power of being seen, felt, heard and unconditionally loved by other women, no matter how messy, broken, successful or radiant you are?

Do you have a group of women who are there to hold you, support you and uplift you through the highs and lows of life? 

I know many of you here locally, and we've shared some pretty powerful and intimate moments. I know you are warriors and superheroes, driven by a core belief of love. 

You are fabulous and deserve to be celebrated! 

We Are Women Celebrating Women On 8 March

You are juggling careers, families, relationships and self-care on a daily basis.

You are caring for children, partners, friends, clients and ageing parents.

You are birthing and caring for new life, mothering the process of evolution, and championing your kids to spread their own wings to fly. 

You are sensitive to the moods, the needs, and the pains of those around you and this planet.

You are riding the constant waves of your menstrual tides and hormonal change, and feeling the intense shifts of the moon, the planets and the stars.

You are experiencing over and over initiations of the Sacred Feminine as She flows through your veins, while living in a society that does not support or honour the needs and wisdom of our female bodies.   

And all the while you are looking deep inside yourselves to know what it means to show up more in love, to share your gifts and to be the best version of you.

Oh Yes! You soooo deserve to be celebrated sister!  

8 March is International Women's Day! Join us! 

Together with a group of inspired women from the Living Sacred Womanhood collaborative, we invite you to a very lovely evening to relax, rejoice and create meaningful connections with like-hearted women in our community.

We will create together an uplifting experience to amplify your radiance and fill you up to the brim with good vibes.

Let's remember that when we do this for ourselves and each other, we are doing it for our daughters, our mothers and grandmothers, and for all the women of the world who do not yet have the freedom to celebrate their womanhood.

Georgina xxx

Listen deeply
Live courageously
Love fiercely

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