for couples

 Conscious Touch for quality moments together


Would you like to feel more connected as a couple?

To share relaxed and sensual moments?

To help each other get out of your heads and into your bodies, release tension, and take a pause from being busy? 

To find a common language of connection?

Perhaps schedule in some date nights?


Let your hands
express your heart

Learn to massage each other in the comfort of your own home. 


This self-paced course will guide you to create quality time together through exchanging massage.

Your loving touch is like nothing you can buy or say in words. It's a language of love, and it brings out the best in everyone.

I'm Georgina, and as a professional massage therapist, bodyworker, embodiment and intimacy guide, with 20 years experience, I'd love to show you how to know yourself and your partner better through massage.


Build trust, connection and intimacy.


This is so much more than a massage course.

It’s easy to feel disconnected in the busyness and intensity of daily living. Conscious and loving touch has the power to reconnect you to your body, your sensual nature, and the feeling that you belong in your own skin again. 

It brings you back to caring for you and for each other.

The gift of loving presence is priceless.

This Course is about you coming closer, building trust and authentic connection in your relationship.


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By the end of this course you're going to:

  • Feel super confident to give 8 really great massages.

  • Know a lot more about your own needs, desires and feelings.

  • Have a clear process to share them with your partner.

  • Have greater sensitivity in your hands and for your partner's body.

  • Have a shared understanding for exploring more sensuality and intimacy together.

  • Feel pretty blissed out probably!





from 10 to 25 minutes each
Share loving touch and connection in everyday life

90 minutes

Deep sensual relaxation for special occasions.



How to drop in together, create safety and connection, ask for what you need, listen to your partner's needs, explore what you enjoy, give feedback, navigate disconnect, and more, much more!

Clarify your intentions & agreements

Learn how to get crystal clear on your roles, ask for what you want, voice your needs, and give loving feedback.

Create your home sanctuary

Receive complete guidance and an easy checklist for what you need and how to set up your space.

Prepare yourself to give a great massage

Follow simple practices to clear your energy, free your mind, and open your generous heart. 

A massage for
every day

Learn simple techniques to fit into your daily lives little moments of caring for each other.

Enhance your sensitivity

Reawaken your sensual nature and the sensitivity of your hands through play and curiosity.

The ultimate full body experience

Offer your beloved a space of deep sensual surrender and a whole body experience to remember.

Who's this course for?

Pairs, couples, partners, lovers - two people who want to exchange massage and conscious touch together. It takes two to tango, right? It’s a shared learning experience.

People who care for each other. There’s no focus on age, gender or sexual preference. Touch is touch, and love is love.

Coping parents longing for some ‘us time’

Committed couples stuck in routine

Passionate pairs working long hours
It’s for you who need a little bit of encouragement to create the space for quality time, to keep the spark alive between you, to let go and be guided through the process.

Creative couples wanting to learn something new together.

Caring lovers who want to support each other through the trials and tribulations, aches and pains of everyday life.

It’s for you to exchange, giving and receiving. Because when you receive you learn a lot about how to give!

P.S. Of course you’ll be able to massage anyone once you get the hang of this. Probably your kids, your friends, your pets, and half the neighbourhood will be waiting in line!

Is This Right For Me?

Give yourself, your partner and your loved ones the ultimate gift of relaxation.

“This is truly an exceptional massage course, highlighting so many elements that I wouldn't have thought of, and making it easy to follow. The pleasure of giving my partner a good massage is immense, and then there's the joy of receiving a massage at home too. Bonus!”

Jennie, Ireland

“I love giving massage but I never did a good job. I always felt so awkward. This was easy to follow, clear and simple. l feel more confident and it’s so much more satisfying for both of us.”

Cory, Ireland

“This introduction to conscious connecting has been really nice to explore.  Without having to carve out large chunks of time, we've enjoyed these moments of learning and connection as a couple, especially welcome this year!”

Deirdre, France


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EURO 169

for two people 

Get immediate access to the full content of this course and share the experience with your beloved 

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The Programme

You’ll have immediate access to the whole experience which flows naturally through six phases
each with videos and aide-memoire downloads.

Go at your own rhythm, do what you love, and revisit the material as often as you need. Remember practice makes you even better.

1. Beginning

You’ll learn:

  • How to get the most from the course
  • What you need to get started
  • About the power of your touch
  • How to use touch for deepening intimacy
  • Practices to prepare your mind, body and heart to give massage
  • How to increase the sensitivity of your hands
  • How to respond if you don’t like the touch!

PLUS: 7 ready-made Spotify playlists to support your massage experience.

2. Connecting

You’ll learn:

  • How to create safety, ease and get clear together
  • How the Receiver can make a clear request
  • What's matters most when you Give massage
  • A beautiful process for meeting and connecting
  • How to give feedback to build trust and understanding

The Massages:

  • No Oil Chair Massage 
  • Sitting Shoulder Massage
  • Sitting Neck & Head Massage

3. Letting Go

You'll learn:

  • Letting go, relaxing and expanding into more aliveness
  • How to have more ease and confidence as the Giver
  • To trust your hands and the wisdom of the body
  • To practice being Lover and Beloved
  • The art of receiving – letting go and letting in
  • How to set up your home spa 

The Massages:

  • Face and Head Massage
  • Foot Massage

4. Going Deeper

You'll learn:

  • How to reconnect when disconnected
  • How to feel and deal with knots and tension
  • How to get the right pace and pressure
  • How you can enhance your pleasure as Receiver

  • Gentle after-care to integrate the benefits of your massage
  • Intimacy and desire, and the question “Does it always finish with sex?"

The Massages:

  • Back Massage
  • Belly Massage

5. Full Body Massage

You'll learn:

  • A guided journey around the landscape of the whole body, incorporating everything you’ve learned so far, and more.
  • How to pace your full body massage over 90 minutes.
  • To take care of your partner for the ultimate full body sensual experience.
  • Explore new moves and combinations and bring in your own intuitive touch.

And of course this is just the beginning.  

PLUS: Downloadable aide-memoires for the whole process from beginning to end. 

Playful Touch

My invitation to you:

To explore your sensual and ecstatic nature through innocence, curiosity, and play

  • A game of sensual delights
  • Clear rules to build trust and confidence
  • Exploring all types of touch
  • Surrender into pleasure
  • And discover the secret to more playful adventure!

On the Inside

The programme is beautifully laid out and easy to follow through the 6 phases. 

You'll have 40 short and bite-size videos so you can jump in and out when you've got time, and follow at your own pace, plus I’ve created 16 downloadable pdfs to guide you through every process in detail and remind you each time. Let's not forget access to 7 pre-made music playlists waiting for you to press play.

Go at your own pace. Go as deep as you want and enjoy a whole library of videos straight away.

journey to this 

When I was born apparently my hands were very big! They're not anymore but it was an indication perhaps of my purpose - to love with my hands.

Today I know that my body is my guide. My heart is my inner lover. Relating, love and intimacy are my big school! 

I'm Georgina Peard, from Ireland and living by Lake Geneva in Switzerland for 20 years. I hope to support you to feel safe, vibrantly alive, completely loved and at home in your own body, so that you can enjoy sharing more of you with your beloved.

I haven't always been able to access and freely express my intimate nature. 10 years ago I had a calling from my body, heart and Soul (burnout), aching for more deep connection and aliveness.
I listened. 

Since then I explore wisdom teachings and healing modalities around the world, and dedicate my time to yoga and embodiment, massage and sacred bodywork, and facilitating personal and group transformational experiences. 

Now I can share with you simple yet powerful practices, incorporating my extensive experience in many massage techniques, emotional-energetic healing, Tantric bodywork, intimacy and communication. This is your journey home to your intimate nature. 

I'm cheering you on. I know that with these approaches you can reveal the loving power of your touch, guided by your body’s innate intelligence, and the gift of your presence.


Imagine that moment..... 
where words melt into sensations, and sensations translate to pleasure

"I found this course amazing: the quality of recording, the time of the videos, different videos to massage different parts when we don’t have a lot of time. Georgina's way to explain is clear and full of love and tenderness. 

It’s not only a massage course for couples, it's a guide to explore and develop our intimacy, awareness, sensitivity, pleasure, boundaries, communication, respect, patterns, freedom, explore the role of giver (lover) and receiver (beloved)… with ourselves and with our partner.

Firstly, it helps me realize where I am in the relationship with my body, intimacy, sexual energy, and love. And secondly, to explore new ways of being intimate with my partner. And to enjoy the moment without a goal, taking pleasure from deep sharing."

Maria, France
Psycho-corporal therapist

What Other People are Saying

“I noticed that once I got started, I got more into my body and wanted to continue. Giving this kind of conscious touch, exploring and caring for her body, skin and hair, brings me so much pleasure too and opened us up for more dialogue and connection.”

Benjamin, Switzerland

“Georgina’s ability to create a powerful container built on trust enables immersion into three realms at once: body, mind and spirit. The level of safety which she creates allows me to deepen my own experience of knowing my truth on all these levels.”

Marija, Switzerland

"It gave us a time to connect beyond words and this was magical. I realise how much I need touch to help me get out of my head and into my body. Then I’m so much more present and loving to my partner.”

Jean-Michel, France

“Massage is a way for me to show how much I care about my wife. It allows me to reconnect to myself and transmit her all my love. Learning to massage is a way to take care of her and feel how she deeply relaxes and enjoys the moment.”

Yves, Switzerland

"Thank you Georgina for giving us these very necessary tools at this time, when I feel deprived of contact with friends and loved ones. It helps bring confidence, enjoyment, pleasure and more motivation for every day, to enjoy sharing moments of love."

Ana, Switzerland


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