Here we are, midway between
Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox. 

Winter can sometimes feel long and hard. The weather may be biting cold right now, but there’s a whisper of magic in the air and Spring is on the horizon.

Imbolc brings a shimmer of hope and a reason to celebrate! 

Can you feel it, too? 

The days are already starting to get longer.
Have you noticed early buds on the trees, full of potential,
and the odd courageous crocus coming up under the snow? - JOY!


In early February we celebrate Imbolc. 

It's all about welcoming and preparing for change; the transition of the seasons. 

Once again the wheel of the year is turning. Oh thank Goddess for that!

A good dose of hope is needed right now. 

For our Celtic ancestors, the Goddess Brigid represented fertility and creativity. They honoured her at Imbolc to ask for her protection and a prosperous and plentiful year to come. 

We're still dependent on these seasons. 

Imbolc, which means “in the belly”, represents this great “Awakening” and time of birthing. Deep in the womb of the Earth, life is beginning to stir. Lambs are being born and ewe’s milk flowing. 

Nature is showing us that we must tend to the seeds of our dreams, take care of our bodies and prepare the terrain for our projects to flourish in the year ahead.

In 2021, many of us experiencing some level of confinement, it feels really important to reach out and connect, and realise too that there's plenty to celebrate. 

Celebrating is good for the soul and the immune system right now!

The Imbolc Celebration Package

To help you embrace the celebration to its fullest and make it your own

A practical digital guide

  • full of 'how to' downloads, journaling reflections and guided practices
  • to support you to connect to the changes, themes and significance of the season
  • through history, Celtic culture and myth, significance, crafts, rituals, body practices, guided meditations, food and more.  

We've immersed ourselves fully in the essence of the season for weeks now, studied the origins, history and traditions, sought out the most relevant and interesting crafts, rituals, and practices, and made the food so that you can quickly jump in and experience the magic. 

We've put our hearts into this to help you connect to yourself, the land, your family and community, the themes and symbolic meaning of this time, so that you can be inspired to find your own ways of celebrating. 

You can enjoy this whether alone, with loved ones and / or community.


Buy the Package Now for Euro 28


Inspired by Georgina, who was quickly joined by Ana and then Renata, we've combined our creative heArts to deliver this package. Most of us have been experiencing some level of restrictions and confinement for almost a year now, and there's a lot of uncertainty, sadness and fear circulating. We've created this project in order to help us all:

Connect with nature
and the wisdom of nature's cycles. This at least seems to be sure, that the seasons will change. And in every season there's true magic and a lot to be grateful for. 

Connect with the wisdom of our inner nature,
reflected by the seasonal changes. And there is soooo much wisdom to be found (far away from screens and media!) 

Connect to each other 
through the celebration of the shared resources that sustain us, remembering our common humanness, strengths, vulnerabilities and interconnectedness.

Get immediate access
to all the content 


This is how it looks inside. 

Contribution to the full package is just EURO 28, for the online guide, all the videos, audios and downloads, as well as the live gatherings, if you choose.


Access the Imbolc Pack

The Imbolc Celebration Package includes:


  • Imbolc Digital Guide – a beautiful 28-page ebook
  • Imbolc Journaling Questions
  • Imbolc Crafts – 8 detailed “How to” downloads by Ana
  • Imbolc Altar – How to prepare your own
  • Imbolc Rituals – Inspirational video from Georgina
  • Imbolc Body Rituals – 4 videos from Georgina
  • Imbolc Meditations – 3 Guided audios from Georgina
  • Imbolc Yoga Nidra - deep rest with Georgina
  • Imbolc Recipes – 8 recipes tested by us
  • Imbolc Playlist 


Two Community Gatherings on Zoom


Imbolc Preparations
Sunday 31 January, 2021, 3-5pm CET 

A creative hang out with a bunch of lovely people. A space to explore traditional crafts and vision boarding, preparing for your own Imbolc rituals and celebrations. Guided by Georgina and Ana, interspersed with Imbolc story, poetry and music.  

Imbolc Community Celebration
Tuesday 2 February, 2021, 8-9.30pm CET  

A virtual circle, facilitated by Georgina, to connect and share around the themes of Imbolc and significance in our lives right now.

* Every part is optional. Pick and choose from the 'menu'.



“Born and raised in Ireland, the essence of the Celtic traditions is close to my heart and vibrates in my cells. When I connect with the intelligence of the Earth and take time to honour the seasons, I see the reflection in my inner nature so clearly. This helps me adapt, find inner wisdom and move forward with joy and meaning.” Georgina 


It's about letting what is
sacred and magic
inspire our everyday.