Deep within there is a place, as vast as the ocean, as infinite as the sky. It is still. It is safe. It is all-knowing. It is love. It is the entire universe. It is home. It is you.
You know this place.

Remember. Remember. Remember.

About Georgina Peard

Deep within, you have all the answers and resources you need. Deep within, you are at peace. From this most genuine place comes life-force, vitality, creativity and joy.


Possibly you’ve been where I’ve been, doing some deep soul-searching, feeling like there’s so much more of you and of life to experience, and yet struggling to access it and give it expression.


Maybe you’ve been on a path of personal and spiritual development for some time and are now experiencing the pain and discomfort of your inner knowing and outer reality not quite matching up.


I completely understand.  This same type of pain led me to burn-out, with chronic fatigue, anaemia and depression.  I followed all the rules, achieved well and fit in to society, but always felt trapped behind my own fears, doubts and limiting beliefs.


I put my heart into everything. I worked on myself. The harder I tried, though the louder my body cried out and the more my energy depleted and my power diminished. I sought the support of medical doctors but was unsatisfied with their advice and felt no relief. Their recommendations, in fact, felt like mere bandages covering an open wound. I felt ever more alone and constricted. I had to find my own way.

I began to understand my burnout as a longing coming from deep inside me, an aching cry for freedom.


Seriously, Mel Gibson’s cry for “Freedom” in Braveheart still goes right to my core! I realized that what I really wanted was freedom to relax and dance in my true nature. Freedom to live and love wholeheartedly. Freedom to express all of me.


While I didn’t know all of what this meant at the time, I started to recognize that my body was calling to me to trace out a new path for myself, to listen to my inner guidance, to courageously take action inspired from within myself and to live through love rather than fear.

Burnout was my greatest gift


This new perspective surged so strongly within me that I ended up leaving a comfortable career to make a 100% commitment to my Self, to take full responsibility for my health and happiness. I said “Yes” to following my body, my heart and my intuition.


I chose to look at myself, and even more scary, to show up to be seen, heard and felt by others. I became a passionate seeker of truth, committed to questioning my beliefs and conditioning that shaped them, to seeking truth beyond just my mind to feel it viscerally through my body.


Ironically, I came to realize that my greatest fears were not about being good enough or meeting expectations, they were of owning my own personal power, my light and my greatness.


I soon learned that vibrant health and happiness were available to me when I relaxed into being myself, listened to my body and connected to my inner truth. These steps allowed me to finally take inspired action, again and again, to become the fullest, most divine expression of myself.


As my health transformed, my life opened and I became much more serene, passionate and powerful than I ever thought possible. Everything shifted and I began to experience the ease of strong self-knowing. Today, as I continually learn and grow, I am choosing to live by this simple mantra:


« Listen deeply. Live courageously. Love fiercely »

I believe that the world needs you and me to be the greatest versions of ourselves.


It’s not about pretending to be happy all the time. It’s about being radically real. The stressed-out, exhausted versions, holding on to ideas that bind us and keep us small so that we might fit in, only serve to exhaust our bodies and diminish our power.


We are each utterly unique and magnificent expressions of life. We are gifts! How dare we deny others of our remarkable talents or limit our enjoyment of life!


I always say, « if your heart is beating and your body breathing, then you are here for good reason. »


When you are able to relax and expand into all that you are, and when you channel all that amazing life force through your heart, you bring an immense and very personal gift to the world.

What do my heart and soul really yearn for?
How can I have the courage to be all of me and truly live my dreams?
How can I experience more love, connection and intimacy?

These are some of the questions that have brought meaning to my journey. We all wish to be vibrantly, joyfully alive, don’t we?


Does your heart call to you with similar yearnings? Are you ready to engage the world with more embodied love, more vulnerable courage and more radical authenticity?

Your body and the dreams in your heart are guiding you toward your most healthy, joyful and meaningful ways of living.


We simply need to learn to listen. It’s not a luxury to follow our hearts. In fact, this is exactly what’s guiding us to fulfill our purpose, to evolve and awaken.

Along my path, I learnt that…

  • when you rest deeply you start to remember who you are.
  • burnout, depression, anxiety and stress are signals of being disconnected from your soul.
  • radical self-love and inspired action are the means to calling back your power.
  • it is in vulnerable truth that you find your greatest strength and deepest intimacy.
  • love heals everything.
  • when in doubt, trust what opens your heart with joy and follow that.
  • to be understood and accepted for who you are you have to dare to show up fully.
  • you must be 100% committed to your self-realization, freedom and joy.

Are you ready to listen deeply to your heart’s desires?

You deserve love.

You deserve to love being you.

You deserve to thrive.


I want all of this for you and I believe that part of my journey is about sharing the awareness, tools and practices I’ve discovered to help be all of you. It’s about being a channel of transformative energy. It’s about holding up a mirror that reflects, inspires and empowers you to be uniquely, greatly you. It’s about bringing like-hearted people together.


Choosing to reveal your truth is an awesome journey that will most certainly shake things up! Gradually, as you let go of what is not serving you, you start to remember. You start to make choices that feel right for you. You start to feel lighter, more alive in your body. Joy bubbles up. Fear and doubt are no longer in the driving seat. Suddenly, it’s like, “holy cow, freedom is possible and scarily big!!!” It feels that even the sky holds no limit.

As I have relaxed into my true being, I am learning to be present to, accept and own the potential in all my parts, both the light and the shadow, the human and the non-human. Working with archetypes to discover the many facets of the Sacred Feminine and Masculine within, I am learning that only by owning all aspects of ourselves can we truly be free.


It’s time to wake up and show up.


Now is the time for us to drop in deeper and walk the courageous path of meeting ourselves face-to-face and heart-to-heart. It’s time to own the power in both our shadow and our light, to be radically real and build the muscles of vulnerability, courage and compassion.


As you and I follow our hearts, we free ourselves of judgment, doubt and fear, we lift our vibrations and expand with love. This naturally liberates others and gives them permission and courage to be their greatest selves. This is not selfish. This is radical and revolutionary love.


If you are ready to journey deeper into your true self, I am honored to be your guide. Let us begin to walk together, to explore new perspectives and paradigms and to know the boundless energy that defines our freedom and aliveness.

A bit more about Georgina

  • I’m a certified instructor in hatha vinyasa yoga, restorative yoga and yoga nidra, teaching since 2009.
  • Certified massage therapist since 2004 and Heart IQ™ Circle Coach and practitioner since 2014.
  • Before all of this I worked for 15 years for National Parks and international nature conservation, holding degrees in Environment and International Development, and in Countryside Recreation Management. I also had a fun job for many seasons as a white-water raft guide in the Swiss Alps.
  • I’m always learning. Other training includes Shamanism, Heart IQ couples coaching, Tantra, Thai Yoga massage, Tula massage Basics, Reiki ….

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