Autumn Equinox

Wednesday 22 September 2021, from 18h00 in the forest


A facilitated ceremony inspired by Nature and Community

We'll gather on the land near Coinsins, to harvest the gifts and wisdom of the season and step intentionally forward. 

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And so it is, the great Wheel of the Year is turning


Reminded of our inconstant nature
A new portal approaches
A threshold on our sacred path
An occasion to celebrate and pay respect
A calling to pause and pay attention
To the gifts - past, present and future


Autumn Equinox is nigh
Not more summer nor winter, night nor day
We balance where all is equal
A precious moment of expansion
To yield in our labours
Appreciate our satiety
And give thanks for a harvest of abundance


We are both light and dark


Each in-breath follows an out-breath
We give and receive, just as life follows death
The natural world reflects like a mirror
The innate intelligence of our sensitive bodies
The vulnerable courage of our loving hearts
May we gather, prepare and store


For the long winter months are ahead
And our baskets filled with goodness
To nourish bodies, hearts, and souls
Nature’s response to committed efforts
Co-creating in harmony, a future for all


Like the leaves on the trees, we too must let go


Sorting through what we keep
And what we throw
For when we fully integrate the abundance
It will carry us through
Whole-hearted in trusting, faith and grace
The cyclical wisdom of Life, me and you

Our Ceremony will include:


  • Time in Nature - slow down, feel, listen, see, hear, the wisdom of nature and the elements guiding you through the change of season.
  • Questions for reflecting on the Equinox themes in your Life - supported by key questions and suggested processes of reflection, you'll be honouring your personal journey this year around themes like celebration, satiety, completion, balance, letting go. 
  • Group Gratitude Mandala - in the shape of the sun and a basket of goodness, we'll create a mandala, to continue exploring and expressing our inner-outer journeys and our gratitude.
  • Welcoming the gifts of Light and Dark in you - we'll look at positive aspects of the light and dark and invite you to play with these by making masks and embodying these archetypes. Very fun!! 
  • Meeting and sharing - guided processes to help you meet yourself and each other in meaningful ways.
  • Fire Ceremony - we'll gather around the fire representing the sun and our light within, transforming and transmuting our prayers and intentions, and keeping us warm.
  • Crossing the Threshold  - at 21:21 we will pause for the passage of Equinox and consciously step over the threshold into Autumn.
  • Sharing Food - celebrating the harvest of abundance, the natural produce of the lands and waters, our gardens and kitchens, we'll share food and drinks.


La nature nous guide dans le changement. A l'Equinoxe nous célébrons la récolte, l'abondance, et la satiété. Nous sommes inviter à faire une pause pour équilibrer et passer le seuil de la nouvelle saison avec gratitude et conscience. La Nature nous montre comment avec aisance.

Même si tout ce site n'est pas bilingue, notre cérémonie le sera, dans le plus possible. En tout cas nous partagerons le langage de l'amitié et de l'amour. 


Inscription ➡

Equinox invites us to PAUSE to remember and feel balance. At 21:21 CEST on 22 September 2021 the Earth pivots over this equilibrium of equal night and day. And so we too cross the threshold to Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere, while our brothers and sisters in the South begin their Spring.

Nature shows us how to change and adapt with ease. 

supports the Indigenous Mayan women's collective (Ruk'u'x Ulew) in San Marcos, Guatemala.

The Spirit of Cacao is a soft, wild, loving power - an alchemy of all the elements of nature and gift of the Mayan people - that opens the hearts of those ready to surrender to dance the natural rhythms of Life.



Conscious Participation

CHF 10 minimum covers materials and contribution to conservation work in the forest. Above this contributes to our time for organising and hosting the gathering.



Wednesday, 22 September 2021
Arrival from 18h00 - 19h00
Equinox is at 21:21 so we'll complete our ritual about 22:00.

We'll greet you in the forest from 18h00 and start our joint journey at 19h00. Come early to enjoy more daylight hours, meeting each other and engaging with the forest and your personal Equinox threshold. We will be giving you some nice suggestions for doing this starting at 18h00.


Register to attend

Please register in advance and we'll send you guidance for how to prepare your Equinox Ritual, what to bring, how to get there and support for car-sharing.

In case of weather conditions that make it impossible or very uncomfortable for us to meet we will inform you of another date.


Co-facilitated by ... 

Georgina Peard

Georgina is a body-heart-soul whisperer, massage & yoga therapist, sacred bodyworker, and ceremonial guide, navigating between worlds to find ways of loving and integrating all that we are. She facilitates individual, couples and group experiences around embodiment and intimacy to support a sense of belonging and freedom in the body, in relationship, in community, and on the Earth.


& Ana García Bermúdez 

Ana is a passionate truth seeker, and eternal student of the school of life. Mama of Yael (3.5 years), world traveler and former physio. In tune with the feminine cycles of life, inspired by nature's wisdom, she brings her passionate and creative spirit to guide our hands and hearts to explore our own creative essence and to connect the inner and outer worlds with respect and curiosity this Solstice.


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