Imbolc - a time to rest with intention

connection practices Jan 27, 2019

Dear Ones, One month in to 2019, already a dark moon and partial solar eclipse, a full moon and lunar eclipse. Ouf! Many of us are charged and exhausted.

Some say that in 2018 we completed a 7 year cycle, and here we are at the dawning of a whole new cycle. Perhaps not quite knowing who we are becoming. Perhaps a little nervous, resistant or sad to let go of the old, even if it's no longer serving us, because we know it. We've created an intimate relationship for many years with the old versions of ourselves. 

I find it helps me to create a ritual or ceremony - an intimate moment where I focus my intention to consciously cross this new threshold. 

The Tibetan New Year starts on the 5 February, so if you feel like you've been paused in some transition chamber these last weeks and / or you just fancy starting again, this will be your chance to mark the new era opening with clear intention! 

The 2nd February also marks a time, celebrated by many ancient traditions. The Celts called in Imbolc, meaning ‘ewe’s milk’, the time when new lambs are born and there’s a sense of slowly emerging from the winter, moving toward the Spring when we will plant seeds. You can read an article about the history and symbolism from different traditions here.

Although we might feel the energy of spring coming, there’s still snow or frost on the ground and biting cold in the air. We must resist the urge to move too fast. It’s still time to be in quiet contemplation of the year ahead.

What seeds are you planting for this year?

What do you wish to cultivate in your life?

Now is the time for us to listen deeply to the wisdom that is wanting to emerge or reveal itself through us.

If we skip this step, we may find ourselves doing the same as before, that which we know, out of comfort or habit.

When we pause to create space, we give permission for new creativity to be born.

If you feel called to offer yourself quiet space to mark this time with intention please join me for the Rest to Rise Silent Retreat at Imbolc from 1-3 February 2019.

If you cannot join this time, I hope you can find your own meaningful way to pause and listen to your inner wisdom.

May we have the courage to let the old be released with gratitude and ease. May we trust the intelligence of life in order to allow the new unfold, reveal and birth through us, as us. May we embrace these new sensations like new born explorers. 

With love,
Georgina xxx

Listen deeply
Live courageously
Love fiercely

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