Rest To Rise

Experience the radical and revolutionary art of deep healing rest.

“Radical” because stepping off the treadmill of DOING, to pause and BE, challenges Western society’s value of needing to DO more and HAVE more, to be worthy of attention, respect, and love.

“Revolutionary” because this practice will change the trajectory and invite you to experience yourself and life differently, as you connect to what you really feel, need and want.


Welcome to the Rest Revolution.


I’m pretty sure you’re not here on this planet to spend your time feeling exhausted and overwhelmed, or to be struggling with anxiety, insomnia or depression. You’re not here either to work hard on making yourself better or to fit the expectations of others.

I believe you’re here for good reason. And that reason reveals itself naturally when you can relax deeply into being you.  

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* Rest is an essential part of your cyclical nature

* Rest helps restore natural balance and health

* Rest helps you step back and take perspective

* Rest increases compassion and understanding

* Rest connects you to your deep inner knowing

* Rest reignites your inner fire of passion and creativity

* Rest lets you hear the whispers of your heart and soul

When you serve yourself, you serve all others.

I invite you to take back your power.

I invite you to come home to yourself.

I invite you to rest, deeply, into your being.


It’s time for us to live, love, parent and lead from a place of EASE and WISDOM, and to THRIVE rather than survive.

It’s time to stop running after health, happiness and freedom, and allow ourselves to experience them.

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Rest to Rise Retreat at Imbolc

A quiet weekend retreat for deep listening
1 - 3 February 2019, in the French Jura


A quiet retreat to listen deeply
1 – 3 February 2019 in the French Jura

The 2nd February marks a time, celebrated by many ancient traditions. The Celts called in Imbolc, meaning ‘ewe’s milk’, the time when new lambs are born and there’s a sense of slowly emerging from the winter, moving toward the Spring when we will plant seeds. Find out more about the history and symbolism of Imbolc here

There may still be snow or frost on the ground and cold in the air, so it’s time to be in quiet contemplation of the year ahead.

What seeds will you plant this year? What do you wish to cultivate in your life?

It’s a time for us to listen deeply to the wisdom that is wanting to emerge or reveal itself through us. If we skip this step, we may find ourselves doing the same as before, that which we know, out of comfort or habit. When we pause to create space, we give permission for new creativity to be born.

The Rest to Rise at Imbolc retreat will be a weekend of quiet contemplation, a time to rest, to feel and to listen inwardly.

There’ll be space for:

  • silent meditation,
  • gentle movement meditation,
  • deep breathing,
  • yoga nidra,
  • restorative yoga,
  • walking in nature,
  • reflecting and journaling, and
  • sleep. 

You’ll be guided to create space for alchemy inside your body through simple techniques of breath, movement, sound, focusing and directing your attention.

You’ll be supported to let go into deep rest, and receive suggestions for listening, reflecting and journaling. 

This will be your own solo, mostly silent, journey, supported by the group journeying together. 

The land, the place and the people that welcome us in Les Serans, offer us home, relief and nourishment, for body, heart, mind and soul.


Arrival: Friday 1 February 2019, between 17h and 19h

Departure: Sunday 3 February 2019, about 16h

Venue:  Les Serans is about 1h45 drive from Nyon, Geneva and Rolle, near Cressia and Lons-le-Saunier.

Language: The main language will be english, with french translation as needed, although a lot of time will be silent.


  • CHF 430 shared room & shared bathroom
  • CHF 490 single room & shared bathroom
  • CHF 530 single room & ensuite bathroom

*limited numbers of rooms available. Request your preference on registration.


Prices include:

- 2 nights accommodation
- All meals (from supper on Friday to lunch on Sunday)
- All guidance from Georgina
- Restorative Yoga props

Not included:

- Transport to the venue. Car-pooling will be arranged.


Inscription form:


CHF 400 is required to confirm your booking and is non-refundable 7 days before the retreat unless we can find another person to take your place. The final amount will be requested once your room allocation is confirmed.

Once I've received your registration I will send you details for payment. 

Questions: [email protected] / +41 79 219 4407



What people say

"Thanks for helping me to open my heart again and to put me back on the right track. Having participated at the retreat, I feel reconnected to who I am again."

Georgina H

"Georgina, you have an incredible ability to read people's energy and intuitively know what will help us to help ourselves, heal or grow. You share immense gentleness and acceptance, without judgement. I love your fun and laughter, always creative, spontaneous, intuitive and inspirational. You make me feel taken care of so I can relax and focus on restoring my body and mind."


"I feel nurtured, restored and energized after this weekend. I had so much energy after your wonderful restorative yoga that it really got me through what is always an all-consuming, exhausting time. Even my colleagues noticed it!"


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