Imbolc - The Awakening

Mama Gaia is pregnant with life. At Imbolc - 1-2 February - our Celtic ancestors celebrated this fertility of the lands and called for the support and protection of the Goddess Brigid for their flocks and fields to bring abundance. They made Brigid dolls and laid her with the magic wand, a symbol of Dagda, the good god of masculine fertility.

It’s symbolic of our inner creativity and potential too. Nurturing the seeds of our dreams. This is the time to reflect on what you are 'pregnant' with right now. It's still the time to rest and nourish, yet be aware of these seeds growing and getting ready to burst open with life.

Imbolc is the time for Spring cleaning too - your home, your body, your computer, your underwear drawer, your kitchen cupboards, your dusty pile of books in the corner. Whatever it is that needs a clear out and shake up to move any stagnant energy from the winter months and CREATE SPACE for the new fresh Spring energy to come your way full of good things, creative energy and abundance! ⁠⁠

How do you celebrate Imbolc?

Our Imbolc celebration package includes a beautiful 28 page ebook, pdf downloads on how to make the crafts, the food, the rituals and guided body and meditation practices too. Access the Imbolc Celebration Package here.

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