Oh my goddess, please love your body

sacred feminine Mar 20, 2019

Your body is a Temple. You are a sacred portal of Life. You hold the wisdom of the Universe within you.

You are an absolutely magnificent expression of the Divine. You are sooooooo sooooooo sooooooo worthy of Love. Oh my goddess, why on Earth wouldn't you be?! 

Please, please honour and allow to be honoured this incredible vessel of Love, your body Temple. 

I want every woman to turn-on her inner fire 
and be a blazing glory of feminine wisdom rising on this planet for the benefit of all.

It hurts me deeply to feel a girl or woman holding shame around her body and her womanhood.

It makes me very angry to see any disrespect toward a woman's body (girl, boy or man's too for that matter). 

The vulnerability and beauty of the body is something I hold sacred.

Why so? Because I know that the body is our portal to the Divine. It is through our bodies that we access incredible wisdom, connection, intimacy, power and love. Our bodies are perfect expressions of Life. 

I work with bodies every day and oh yes, they are incredible. I experience multi-dimensions and frequencies that are out of this world. I feel and see the uniqueness of each soul, the fragility, power and sacredness of their special gifts (and the challenges of existing in the society of today). 

How can I get this message out? I feel to stand at the top of the mountains and yodel 'til the cows come home because the whole world can be transformed if only we could experience what is possible through our bodies! 

And yet, we have so much fear. So much shame. So much pain. So much taking. So much struggle for ownership and power over. Is this not the root of all wars?

Yes of course, because this is the Holy Grail. 

A personal share
Growing up in Ireland I was born into a national culture of shame, conditioning, silence, ignorance and fear around sexuality (like pretty much all of us).

This disconnect was emphasised in me personally due to past lives, and being a sensitive empath and a soul that does not identify fully with being Earth-bound or human. (That might sound strange to some of you but I know from our conversations and experiences that many of you relate). 

For so long I just couldn't understand this relationship to the body, and especially my body as a woman, as it was being expressed and shared in our culture. Pleasure was wrong or dangerous!

So I denied it.

I was a tom-boy, rafting guide and mountain-biker. I didn't do handbags or make-up. I found my blood an inconvenience and embarrassment. I felt awkward in intimacy. I didn't want this 'womanhood'. I couldn't even pronounce the word woman, can you believe?!

Gradually I cut myself off from my sexual energy - my anger, my passion, my ecstatic joy, my free spirit, my creativity, my fire - also known as life force !!! 

Of course, I burnt out. 

I experienced waves of depression, self-doubt and judgement, and disappointment with life. 

This very painful place of discontent, and an instinct deep within me of another truth, drove me to begin a long journey to re-empower myself, to reclaim my health and life-force, to educate myself, to release conditioning and heal shame and trauma through new loving experiences, to awaken and explore my sacred sexuality and the wisdom therein, to find my voice and express my needs and boundaries, and to begin to create the reality that I know could be possible.

This is an ongoing journey to this day, and I feel it is my responsibility in order to do the work I do.

On this journey I have received an embodied download of at least some of what is possible through our bodies and between us as beings. It is very different to our current norms.

Let me be honest here - I still experience those waves of disconnect and depression when I cut myself off from my life force and neglect my sexual energy! And I do not consider myself sexually fully-liberated or 'advanced' (whatever that is). 

I find that living in a culture dominated by masculine energy, intellectual, linear, logical, separate (and very afraid of the sensual and wild feminine energy) makes it oh so easy to fall asleep and disconnect from my feminine essence.

It never feels good. I get anxious and stressed. 

For this reason, I have to consciously cultivate my sensuality and sexual energy for my health and wellness. I have to choose again and again to be in this body and bring consciousness deep into this vessel.

I have lots of great practices to share with you for this!! 

They ground me and help me access my inner wisdom, power, creativity, and innate joy. Only when I am connected to my root and womb can I feel safe enough to actively speak my truth, express my boundaries, and cultivate compassion and intimacy to share myself vulnerably with others. 

It is in realising the potential of what could be possible when we do, that keeps me committed to my personal healing and awakening, and to our collective healing and awakening.  

For this reason, and many more that I still need to share, I am opening up this very special space for us to "Honour the Body as a Temple" from 29 - 31 March.

This is a place for women of all ages and experiences to get together to share, and to learn together to love being in our bodies. Step by step. 

That's it and that's Huge!   

All the details are here. 

It can of course feel scary to meet with our vulnerability, shame or wounds, or just the unknown, I know, but this is our path to connection, freedom, joy and manifesting our greatest dreams. Rest assured that safety and sovereignty are TOP on the list in my Temple space!

Welcome sister, to the Temple of Sacred Womanhood.

Georgina xxx

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