The Temple of Sacred Womanhood

A safe and sacred space where women enjoy 
their bodies and the full range of their emotions,
light and dark, masculine and feminine,
innocence and sensitivity, wildness and wisdom,
life and death, sensuality and sexuality.

Awakening the Warrior Heart
Embodying Feminine Wisdom
Cultivating Sacred Intimacy

We gather to nurture sacred and radiant womanhood, sisterhood, and community spirit,
to heal, transform and support each other,
to bring forth a better future for all of us and our planet.

Welcome sister!

"This evening was rich in emotions, realizations and sharing. Georgina guided us gently and kindly to our feelings and emotions, allowing our minds to let go. Thanks to all those beautiful women for sharing this very intimate moment with me and thank you to Georgina for being our guide on our way to ourselves."


"Thank you for creating this special space for Women yesterday and sharing your wisdom in such an enlightened and warm way! It got straaaaaight to my heart (I suspect that what I learn through this "tool"/organ might be retained deeper and more durably than through "brain" ;-) ) I also had the impression that we spent yesterday not 3 hours, but 3 days - it was a very rich experience for me. You definitely have the capacity of "expanding" time"


"Hier soir j’ai participé à ma première soirée « Cercle de Femmes» et j’ai adoré. Des femmes qui se réunissent et qui, guidés par une fée des temps modernes, explorent leur féminité au niveau des 3 corps, physique, mental et spirituel. La fée s’appelle Georgina Peard. Une femme belle, une femme féminine, une femme libre, une femme qui vibre, une femme qui rit, une femme qui brille. Rien que d’être à ces côtés est une inspiration."


"Many thanks for yesterday. It is amazing how much you gave us in 3 hours. I had some very powerful Wahou moments and will not approach current, past and future relationships the same way anymore. I am looking forward to continue the journey."


Welcome to the Yoniverse!

A space for dropping deeply within to feel 
the wisdom of the womb and creative cycles of life, 
the hunger for fulfilment and the ache of a loving heart, 
the ocean of sadness and the fire of sacred rage,
embodied love and the ripples of ecstatic pleasure.


Yoni is a Sanskrit word meaning "sacred space". 
It refers to the vagina, vulva, womb and source of creation. It also means home or place of rest. 


Calling forth sacred sexuality, wild love and outrageous creativity to birth a New Earth

No more victim, blaming, manipulating or hiding. We take responsibility for our needs and desires, opening our hearts and feeling juicy at all ages.

What can you expect to get from this?

A beautiful, gentle yet powerful journey to fall in love with your female body and love her back to feeling ecstatically alive.

It’s first and foremost an inner journey to have an intimate encounter with the deep wisdom within you. And it’s an outer journey to experience the joy of sharing with other women and opening to more intimacy.

You will not only experience a profound shift in how you relate to yourself and your body, but also how you relate to others, the planet and life.

The journey helps you to

  • Acknowledge shame and self-judgement and cultivate new loving ways of relating with your body - LOVE being you and being a woman!
  • Create a sense of sacredness and renewed innocence around your body and your sexuality. 
  • Awaken your sensual, feminine, creative energy and juiciness, to bring that into every aspect of your life.
  • Learn about consent and expressing healthy boundaries.
  • Learn heaps from sharing with other women in a safe and sacred environment - the best part!
  • Give yourself permission for more self-care and pleasure.
  • Learn practices to enhance your health and radiance.
  • Deepen your experience and expression of love.

In short..... to live a life turned-on! 

A little of my story:
from burn-out to turn-on!

In 2010 I burnt out. It was like my inner fire was going out. I felt exhausted, overwhelmed, disconnected, and depressed. I didn't want medication. I knew intuitively I had to look deep inside my own body for solutions. I needed to reignite my sexual fire.

Sexual energy is not just about sex - it's Life force. Being turned-on does not require a partner. It's an internal switch that let's the force of life flow through your being. It's a natural state of health and ease.

Burn-out was my greatest gift - my body inviting me home to reclaim the wisdom, love and power within. A deep, aching call for me to awaken heart and sexuality together. And oh my goodness, is this exploration taking me for the ride of my life!!

I want every woman to turn-on her inner fire
and be a blazing glory of feminine wisdom rising on this planet
for the benefit of all. 

Contact me to find out about next Temple

"When you step into the temple, you return to the woman you were meant to be, the woman you have always been, your birth right, your ancestral heritage. The body in its purest most beautiful form, with its circles and curves, an invitation to drop deeper and re-connect with your pelvis, your intuition, your Yoni, the source of your being. Surrounded by this feminine energy, and connecting collectively and individually makes the whole experience so immensely powerful, words are hard to describe it…. Georgina embodies Grace and Powerful Feminine Energy that inspire and give you a sense of protection. She makes it so easy for all of us to feel comfortable and welcome, there is no awkwardness, no un-ease, no pressure, no need to perform or take a shape which is not your own. You can drop the veil if you so wish and be held by your sisters surrounding you. "


What will we be doing and exploring?

Themes & rituals can include:  

  • Unlocking life-force - exploring and expanding emotional-energetic ranges and welcoming all aspects of being woman.
  • Healing mother, father & sisterhood wounds - developing a mature and nurturing inner relationship with masculine and feminine.
  • Feminine awakening - exploring the qualities of feminine energy in the body and our lives.
  • Masculine awakening - exploring the qualities of masculine energy in the body and our lives.
  • Desires & Boundaries - creating clear communication & safety for healthy relating and awakening pleasure. 
  • Body Love - A practice to let go of shame around your body and reaffirm love and gratitude for your body.
  • Moon Cycles Honouring the wisdom of your monthly cycles and the gift of your blood.
  • Yoni Egg - A sacred ritual of deep respect and feminine awakening, including breast massage, yoni mapping and deep listening.
  • Yoni Puja  An ancient ritual to honour the Yoni as expression of the Sacred Feminine on this planet and in you as woman. 
  • Shiva-Shakti Sacred union of masculine and feminine within us, embodying both poles and exploring polarity.
  • and more ...


"Inner peace and clarity. Awareness of what is the purpose of the things I do, and where are my limits of consent. "


"I'm feeling free to love myself. I can approach a new relationship without fear. I'm reconnecting with my senses and feelings."


"An amazing healing experience. It allowed me to feel love and respect in a deep way. I had totally forgotten how it felt when the heart is that much open and how relieving and good it feels. It also put me in contact with the innocence, the joy, the curiosity and the playfulness of my inner child."


Please stay tuned for future Temple Gatherings.

How do we interact and work together ?

Together we create a sacred space, a Temple, and a strong container for our journey, clear agreements based on confidentiality, honest and vulnerable communication, loving-kindness and personal responsibility. 

Tools and practices that we will use: 

  • Pussy Dialogues - There is always time for sharing experiences and feelings, around all themes relating to our female bodies.
  • Emotional Release Tools Exploring full range of emotions, moving energy & creating space for inner balance. 
  • Yoga & dance Conscious embodiment and moving energy through breath, sound, movement and touch
  • Restorative Yoga - practices for deep surrender and rest, dreaming and integration.
  • Shamanic Theatre & aspecting - exploring emotional-energetic ranges, archetypes, relationships, shadow and light qualities.
  • Wheel of Consent - an essential tool for healthy relating, creating safety and awakening pleasure.
  • Yoni Egg Supports creating a respectful and sacred relationship with your yoni and pleasure. 
  • Shamanic, Tantric & Temple Arts - drawing from ancient teachings and practices highly relevant for modern times.
  • and more

Frequently Asked Questions

Only you can know the answer to that. Usually you'll know when you have some butterflies in your tummy! You feel drawn to it, an intuitive sense that this could be good for you, and yet it feels a little scary. This is normal. Trust your body, your heart and especially your Yoni, as your mind can't make sense of the unknown future. This will have a profound impact on your life and you will be held with a lot of love, respect and safety. 

The Temple is for 

  • Women from 16 to 106. 
  • Women wanting to reconnect to their bodies, love their bodies and tune-in to their powerful feminine wisdom.
  • Women wanting to take ownership of their sexuality, health and pleasure.
  • Women taking responsibility for healing old wounds of shame and low self-worth as a woman.
  • Women seeking genuine sisterhood as we ride the highs and lows of life.
  • Caring women, who wish for all women to thrive and to contribute to change.
  • Artists, business women, housewives, managers, teachers, leaders and healers.
  • Warriors, witches and wise women.
  • Tom-boys, sluts and nice girls.
  • Women of any sexual orientation.

If you are still unsure, give me a call to chat: +41 79 219 4407

If you have been living in a female body for a while you have all the experience you need to join! The only qualification is to be a woman.

Facilitation will be generally in English and French is also spoken as needed.


  • Your beautiful self, just as you are!
  • Wear comfortable clothes to move, dance, relax and sit on the floor - a long wide skirt or sarong is ideal for the rituals - and perhaps a shawl or blanket for comfort.
  • A closed bottle of water or tea
  • A sacred object / offering from nature for the altar or an object that is symbolic for you
  • Some natural food if you like to share together. 

For Yoni Egg Ritual:

  • A sarong / pareo or two
  • A big towel
  • A small amount of coconut oil
  • An essential oil you like to nurture your feminine, such as Geranium, Patchouli, Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood, Clary Sage
  • Your Yoni Egg and neutral dental floss

What a blessing that will be for you and for all of us if you come to a meeting during your blood. You can absolutely participate and it can feel so supportive and healing to be in sacred women's temple dedicating so much love and care to your feminine cycle. You can even make a symbolic offering of your blood if you choose. 

Please inform me if you are wearing an IUD (intrauterine contraceptive device) and we will have a conversation. There is debate around this and there are precautions to be taken. 

Learning to know, love and trust yourself, and to express your needs and boundaries, are the most important aspects of this weekend. There is nothing that you have to do and there will be no peer pressure. Your 'No' will be celebrated. We will create a strong and loving agreement field together. You will be responsible for your experience, expressing your needs and boundaries, and choosing exactly how you participate in each part. You will also be supported to get clear on this. A "Maybe" or a "I'm not sure" is considered as a "No, not now". Every woman will have a unique and perfect journey for her in that moment.

Normally, yes!  Please check with me in advance on what we will be doing. It is such a special time to take care of yourself and your baby. It can also be a blessing for everyone else participating, for us all to deeply honour and care for you and the next generation. You will be guided, like everyone, to tune in to your deepest inner feminine wisdom, in order to know how to best support yourself and ask for support you need. 


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