To the men. What does it take?

Dear brothers, 

Yep, you will see quite a few posts and programmes here for women. This one is only for you because you are important. At the core of all I do, the deepest longing in my heart, is that we come together, consciously, compassionately and support each other as human beings, beyond gender, to bring out the most potent, vibrant, healthy versions of ourselves. 

This was text I included in my recent message to the women in the Living Sacred Womanhood project:


What about the Men ?

We acknowledge the real challenges and honour the greatness of men, our brothers. We, as women, come together to do our work to heal and cultivate that which is uniquely female, in order to be better prepared to initiate our brothers, bow at their feet, receive their gifts, meet heart to heart, and stand side by side, in equal measure.

We respect and are grateful to the men that do their own work together to heal and cultivate that which is uniquely male. We emphasise and prioritise the importance of ultimately coming together to heal, transform and love together, and to nurture balance across all that we are. We need each other.


"Conscious Connecting between men and women" is the format that we propose for us to come together.

Will you show up? 

So here we are, at a time of the infamous #metoo campaign and when so many spiritual leaders, 'gurus' and teachers are being revealed for sexual misconduct and abuse.

Men and women are involved. 

OUCH! This is extremely uncomfortable for all of us. 

If we are not doing the inner work ourselves, we may find ourselves overly defensive, taking sides, deflecting responsibility, feeling shame and guilt, or perhaps worse still, ignoring the whole thing.

It's easy to think, "it's not relevant to me".

In truth, whatever the reaction, this is extremely painful to feel.

We are each responsible for being an example to boys and girls, young men and young women trying navigate our confused culture of mixed messages.

My question is simple, to all of us, men and women:

What does it take for us to open our hearts to listen to each other?

The question is simple to ask. The answer is more complex and unique to you and me, to each one of us, in each moment. It requires us knowing ourselves and being willing to courageously show up - TOGETHER. 

Have a look at my Calendar of Events to see when the next Conscious Connecting gathering is happening.

Welcome brothers.

I look forward to seeing you and hearing about how I can serve you better through this work.

Georgina xxx


Listen Deeply
Live Courageously
Love Fiercely

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