Conscious Connecting

For beings of all genders

It's well and truly time to heal any gender divide, to lay down our arms of projection and blame, seduction and manipulation, push and pull.

It’s time to lovingly draw medicine from our wounds, and take responsibility for our own needs and desires.  

Conscious Connecting gatherings are for beings of all genders, singles and couples, of all sexual orientations, to practice bringing awareness, compassion and intimacy to how we relate.

Conscious Connecting is about choosing connection rather than separation, and interdependence rather than co-dependence. It’s about leaning in, even when it might feel uncomfortable to our wounded parts, to really feel, hear and see each other.

It’s about each of us meeting, loving and developing the masculine and feminine inside ourselves so as to feel whole within and bring maturity to our relating.

- How do you open your heart to someone in an empowered way, with clear boundaries?

- How do you show all parts of yourself without the fear of being too much or not enough?

- How do you take full ownership of your sexual energy?

- How do you hold compassion for yourself and someone else when your past wounds are triggered?

- How do you become the example of a conscious man or woman that you want to pass on to your kids?

- What would it feel like to meet each other with a sense of loving curiosity and authenticity, rather than projecting onto others our past experiences, desires and fears?

Masculine & Feminine

We all have masculine and feminine within and the way to wholeness is to consciously cultivate mature aspects of both.

We need to therefore heal the wounded masculine and wounded feminine within ourselves to be able to enter into healthy relationships with others, whether as lovers, parents, teachers, managers, leaders, children, or partners.

We need each other to do this!

Conscious Connecting Gatherings are safe, uplifting and fun spaces to discover what comes up and moves in you when you genuinely meet others, men and women, face to face, and heart to heart.

These are opportunities to explore without judgement what YOU need to feel safe to:

  • open and share from your heart,
  • communicate your needs and your boundaries,
  • stay present to another in their emotions and power,
  • authentically express more of you,
  • unravel confused ideas and limiting beliefs about relating, and
  • create new positive experiences based on conscious relating.


We all need to be seen and felt and heard. No-one needs fixing or advice.

When we come together, we create a strong and safe container of agreements to explore all it means to be a conscious human, with our own unique experiences of life.

What's involved ?

First, we create a strong agreement field, based on safety, respect, confidentiality, personal sovereignty and responsibility.

We do some fun things to connect to ourselves through our physical, energetic and emotional bodies. 

Each session focuses on a specific theme, advancing as we move as a group, supported by explanations, discussion, exercises, practical experiences, and sharing. The majority of the time is experiential and interactive, responding to what emerges from participants. 

You choose how you participate in every moment, explore and share your personal experience, and listen to others about their's. There is nothing you have to do, say, feel or believe in.

Your experience matters and sharing your truth is how we all learn and grow in more compassion. 


Just imagine if everyone were doing this inner work …….. what kind of world could we live in and pass on to our children?

"Thank you for this beautiful evening of sharing. I was so touched by the different exchanges and to meet men in their authenticity and vulnerability."


"I wanted to thank you, Georgina and Benjamin, for the safe space you created with so much care for this heart-blasting and heart-warming encounter where every being got to shine their light and witness everyone's radiance. I have thought and felt these moments in my body every day since, it was powerful and so forward moving, it felt like a shift in humanity in a small yet grand level."


"Je tiens à vous honorer et remercier pour toute l'énergie et le dévouement que vous mettez dans la promotion de votre vision de l'être-humain, dans la relation avec ses frères et soeurs, et plus globalement en lien avec une belle énergie de vie, constructive et évolutive. Je revis avec grand plaisir les soirées partagées à Rolle."


During these gatherings I use practices and techniques inspired from extensive professional trainings and experiences with:

- Heart iQ Circle Coaching
- Embodiment practices
- Non-violent Communication
- Women’s Circles and Sacred Feminine Wisdom
- Energetics and Emotional-Energetic dynamics 
- Yoga, Tantra, Tao, and Temple Arts
- Shamanism
- Tibetan Buddhism
- Sacred Sexuality
- Somatic ReSourcing

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