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Conscious Connecting


For conscious people leaning-in
to love, connnection and community.


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Social events that nourish heart and soul.


'Conscious Connecting' gatherings are about meeting each other authentically, respectfully, and playfully.


In these facilitated experiences, without alcohol or social masks, you'll get some big 'aha' moments about how you relate and how you can be more relaxed in being You with others.


Perhaps you want to explore a more free, confident and joyful version of you?
A more juicy, playful, sexy version of you?
A more loving, sensitive, and soulful version of you?


Or perhaps you are just suuuper happy to enjoy quality time with other beautiful beings?


Come along to meet a bunch of good people enjoying being human together, in all our messy, sexy and sacred ways.  


Conscious Connecting is for beings of all genders, singles and couples, of all sexual orientations.
A journey for body, mind, heart and soul.


You're doing your inner work, and your love is bigger than you.
But damn! these times are intense for open-hearted free-thinkers.

We need each other. Let's play!


Conscious Connecting is about choosing connection rather than separation, and leaning-in to our vulnerability, our interdependence and our aliveness.

It's time to live, love and lead like we know in our hearts and souls is possible.

Let's uplift and elevate each other through love-based choices.



Together we can...

meet each other with genuine curiosity and generous hearts;

create the meaningful relationships and community spirit we long for; 

live and love right now like we dream it can be;

and support each other to feel safe and welcome and loved,
so that the magic of all our passionate, creative, loving hearts can emerge.

Let's Experience This!

Imagine if...

  • you could feel safe and comfortable in yourself meeting others without all the unconscious hiding or adapting.
  • you can communicate your needs, desires and your boundaries clearly,
  • stay present to another in their emotions and power,
  • authentically express more of you,
  • unravel confused ideas and limiting beliefs about relating, and
  • create new positive experiences based on conscious relating.

We create new positive experiences in a playful and joyful way. 

Create meaningful experiences of connection


Meet yourself and others with genuine curiosity, sensitivity and respect.

Create meaningful experiences of connection

Meet yourself and others with genuine curiosity, sensitivity, and respect.



25 FEBRUARY 2023, 17h-22h
Nyon, Switzerland



The theme for the 25 February 2023 is about men and women honouring each other and seeing the goodness, the beauty, and the qualities in each other. 

We go beyond attraction, like and dislike here. 

In addition to creating a conscious connecting space to meet, we are inviting you to a Ceremony called a "Puja".

A Puja is a traditional Hindu and Buddhist Tantric ceremony that involves offerings, reflection, prayers and meditation in reverence and gratitude to deities.

Our Ceremony or Puja is a way to celebrate each other, to see the essence of the sacred feminine and masculine in us, and to honour our ordinary human selves too.

We'll also be having some fun with this. Ceremonies don't have to be serious! Not ours anyway.

This is a really heart opening and profound experience.



We'll start with some time to meet, relax a bit, make a group intention and agreements, and understand the flow of the evening.

We will explain to you about the essence of Puja, as well as Shiva-Shakti.

There'll be a guided experience for everyone to become conscious in the body, break the ice together, open the heart and relax into being together. Also to connect with a personal intention.

Half way through the evening we'll have a break to share some food and chat.

Then you'll be invited back into TEMPLE and guided through a beautiful, touching, playful and joyful sacred PUJA CEREMONY.

During the Puja Ceremony you will be using various items that we provide (representing the elements of life) to honour or bless others for their being, and vice versa, you will be honoured and blessed by them.

This will all be guided so no worries about knowing how to do this.

After the Puja Ceremony there will be free space to meet, dance, chat, relax and celebrate together.

This journey will take you out of the ordinary to touch a more subtle current of life.

Everyone feels a bit nervous when its 'unknown' territory. Our aim is to offer you a most beautiful, nourishing experience, and we will guide you with a lot of love and sensitivity.

Everything is by invitation. You are invited to become aware of what feels good for you, and to honour your needs and your boundaries.

REgister Now ➡

Taking part in this Conscious Connecting Party touched me in so many ways I did not even expect. And, I surprisingly felt "home", although I only knew a handful of people. Most importantly, I feel this life force running through me, almost on a daily basis, though I have so few places in my life right now, and in the world in general, to let it run freely. Celebrating like we did, connecting straight from that life felt so right, so natural, yet so new to me. I never danced with such joy and freedom. What a gift.



Every single event is an eye-opening, heart-warming, and soul-nourishing experience. Every single time we are blown away by the kindness, generosity, and openness of strangers. Every single time we laugh and cry and dance and free ourselves a little bit more! 

Seriously you have to try it to believe it!

If you feeling a calling in your heart for connection, for healing old fears, and leaning-in to love, please join.

WE Co-create the world we want to live in.

In this space you're invited to relax into being you and being part of something. There's nothing you need to be or know in advance.


And who is leading Conscious Connecting?

That's me! I'm Georgina Peard

Embodiment, connection and intimacy guide, cat LOVER, sacred bodyworker, creator of soulful experiences, wild celtic heart, and guardian of the sacred.

I'm shy, highly sensitive, deeply observant and empathic. Relationships and intimacy didn't always come easy to me. Then I realised I was attuned to a more respectful and heart-centred way of relating, where everyone's feelings, needs and desires matter. 

My own crisis of the soul started me on a journey to liberate myself from the conditioning of a culture of fear and separation, and create a life based on conscious relating and a culture of connection.

I know that we need safety to feel our hearts, to accept our humanness, and to realise that everyone is loveable. We need to dare to choose love together, to heal and trust.

Conscious Connecting is my  contribution to creating a safe, joyful and sacred space where we practice to meet ourselves and each other with love.


Marie Laure Lasry

Marie-Laure is a heart-centred, inspired and intuitive massage therapist, yoga, dance and meditation guide, and a life coach. She has been leading people toward their inner peace and freedom for 35 years. She offers retreats, sacred circles, yoga and massage in France, Switzerland and internationally.

CO-Facilitator & FRENCH VOCALS!


'see' beyond the veils of the ordinary

Shri Yantra

Shiva - Shakti

In Tantra there's an understanding that sacred masculine (Shiva) and feminine (Shakti) energies are intimately intertwined in everything that we see. The Divine, the Sacred, God and Goddess, are not something 'out there' but very much in our own being. In the same way, masculine and feminine are in all of us. The Shri Yantra represents this with four upward-pointing triangles (masculine) and five downward-pointing triangles (feminine).

It's way more simple than we realise. In fact, trying to keep ourselves 'safe' behind coping strategies and masks is what is complex and exhausting.

Your power is in your loving heart!

Our wounds have been created in relation to others. We need others therefore to heal. We can create new healthy and loving experiences in safe and joyful spaces where everyone holds this intention consciously. Together we can create a new culture of connection and community.

I wanted to thank you for the safe space you created with so much care for this heart-blasting and heart-warming encounter where every being got to shine their light and witness everyone's radiance. I have thought and felt these moments in my body every day since, it was powerful and so forward moving, it felt like a shift in humanity in a small yet grand level.


Je tiens à vous honorer et remercier pour toute l'énergie et le dévouement que vous mettez dans la promotion de votre vision de l'être-humain, dans la relation avec ses frères et soeurs, et plus globalement en lien avec une belle énergie de vie, constructive et évolutive. Je revis avec grand plaisir les soirées partagées.


Thank you for this beautiful evening of sharing. I was so touched by the different exchanges and to meet men in their authenticity and vulnerability.

If you are a little nervous

No worries. I get it. I guarantee almost everyone is nervous in the beginning. It's vulnerable being human. And we meet that together. ❤️

Focus on your intention and longing. What do you want? Perhaps you can change the 'label' of nervous to 'excited' and feel it differently. The programme is set up to help us all relax and feel safe. 

Registration / Inscription
25 February 2023

You can register for one person, or for two people (must be a woman and a man duo, though not necessarily a couple). When you register you'll receive an email with all the details and a short form to complete. 

Tu peux prendre un billet simple ou un billet pour deux (obligatoirement pour un homme et une femme, mais pas nécessairement en couple). Quand tu t'inscris tu recevras un email et un lien vers une formulaire à remplir.

Conscious Connecting, Nyon, 25.02.23


BILINGUE: English / Français

VENUE/LIEU: Yoga Moves Nyon

TIMES/HEURES: 17h00-22h00

1 person / personne

CHF 70

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Conscious Connecting, Nyon, 25.02.23


BILINGUE: English /Français

VENUE/LIEU: Yoga Moves Nyon

TIMES/HEURES: 17h00-22h00

2 people (woman + man) / 2 personnes (homme + femme)
CHF 120

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When our fears come up we tend to disconnect and isolate. What if you dared to choose connection instead? Leaning-in might just be the thing that changes everything.


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