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Conscious Connecting


For conscious people leaning-in
to love, intimacy and community.


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Authentic Relating experiences that nourish body, heart and soul.


'Conscious Connecting' is a series of social and experiential learning events to meet yourself as you meet others, explore how you relate, how you want to relate, and how to be more authentically you with others.

These are playful and heartwarming moments in community. Some big 'aha' moments are guaranteed, perhaps some nervous jitters and probably some long sighs of relief, as you literally 'rewire' your nervous system, expand and relax through new positive experiences of connection. Take these practices and awareness straight into your daily life and watch how your life and relationships transform.


Do you want to be a more relaxed, confident and joyful version of you?
A more juicy, playful, sexy version of you?
A more loving, sensitive, and soulful version of you?


Do you know that relationships are where you grow and evolve most?


Come along to meet a bunch of good people enjoying being human together, in all our messy, sexy and sacred ways.  


Conscious Connecting is for beings of all genders,
singles and couples, of all sexual orientations.
A journey for body, mind, heart and soul.


You're on a journey to know yourself better, experience more love and intimacy, and feel more depth, joy and freedom in your relationships.

We need each other. We evolve together. Let's practice. Let's play!


Conscious Connecting is about choosing connection rather than separation, cultivating safety and understanding, remembering how intimacy feels in your body, and realising our interdependence.

For sure it's vulnerable when you start to open your heart. What to do with sexual energy and attractions? Relationships can get messy and dramatic. Old hurts and fears can surface. The body can contract and the mind find ways to protect us. All these parts just want to be loved and accepted.

These are supportive and uplifting spaces where we gently meet what arises, reflect each other's goodness, and build trust through connection and love-based choices. 



Together we can...

meet each other with genuine curiosity and generous hearts;

support each other to feel included, welcome and loved; 

learn what it is that allows bodies to relax and hearts to feel safe to open;

nurture meaningful relationships and community spirit;

let the magic of all our unique, passionate, creative, loving hearts emerge; 

have ecstatic experiences of grace, bliss and divine love.

Let's Experience This!

Imagine if you could...

  • feel safe and comfortable in yourself meeting others without all the unconscious hiding, pleasing or adapting.
  • communicate your needs, desires and your boundaries clearly,
  • stay present to another¬†expressing their emotions, uncomfortable truths and power,
  • authentically express more of you,
  • unravel confused ideas, limiting beliefs, and hurt parts, about relating, intimacy and love,¬†
  • feel safe with your own and other's sexual energy,
  • know what you need¬†for your body to relax¬†and your heart to open,
  • let love in and experience unlimited pleasure that nourishes you.

We create new positive experiences in a respectful, playful and joyful ways. 

WHAT IF YOU COULD BE SEEN, FELT AND HEARD. For this you need to show up.
Create meaningful experiences of connection


Meet yourself and others with genuine curiosity, sensitivity and respect.

Create meaningful experiences of connection

Meet yourself and others with genuine curiosity, sensitivity, and respect.


Conscious Connecting Experiences are proposed as a series of themed modules, or combined over a weekend retreat. 


Note: some modules are foundational for everything else (these are marked 'fundamentals') and are a pre-requisite for later modules and experiences. This is to help you feel comfortable and relax into the experiences, as well as for more experienced groups to actively co-create connection and safety together. You are welcome to repeat any module.

New to Conscious Connecting? Start Here! 



You're going to




What creates solid foundations for meaningful and fulfilling relationships? None of us learnt this stuff in school. We're all beginners, learning over and over again. Every encounter every day is a new opportunity. Here we dive into a laboratory to explore the fundamentals together. We need to feel this for real in our bodies and our interactions. Then we have a springboard for deeper and more daring explorations.

Feeling Me Feeling You

I'm connected with myself, my body, mind, and heart. I'm aware of fears and projections and I'm listening to how my body responds in the now. I share how I feel and let you feel me in order to create connection. I listen to understand you and allow myself be moved by our connection.

Boundaries & Consent

I create safety in relationships by sharing clearly what I enjoy / need / desire and what I don't. I take responsibility for my experience, and I'm genuinely curious about what allows you to relax and open your heart. I have conversations to get clear on the type of connection we want.

Leaning In To Love

We are all worthy of love and loveable. I stay present to emotions, uncomfortable feelings and vulnerability, my own and yours. I'm aware of my emotional energy and have tools to regulate my nervous system while staying in connection. I can relax into supporting you and receiving your support.

Conscious Connecting Fundamentals Series starts: 

30 September 2023, in Nyon, Switzerland.


Module 1: Fundamentals

Feeling Me Feeling You

30 September 2023, 2-7 pm, Nyon

Intimacy starts with connecting to yourself and creating the conditions you need to feel more and relax open. Being able to share what you're feeling is key to all meaningful and fulfilling relating.

And yet it's not so easy to feel yourself or have words to describe it. We often don't create enough space, stillness and safety to feel each other. So let's break it down a bit and help each other out.

We'll play with movement, sounding, music and stillness to explore feeling more in the body. 

Conscious Connecting fundamental tools will include: agreements that create safety, the five ways of being, relational meditation, tracking, authentic listening.

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Module 2: Fundamentals

Boundaries & Consent

28 October 2023, 2-7 pm, Nyon

Everyone is a unique, sovereign being. Conscious Connecting starts with genuine curiosity to meet another, and bringing sensitivity and respect to honour their being.

Boundaries and Consent are pretty common terms now but they require you to know what you want and to name it clearly. And this is not just in the bedroom! This is in all aspects of relating.

Most of us never learnt any of this. Are you aware of your energetic boundaries? Do you ask for what you desire? Are you good at saying No? Do you know how to ask for consent from someone? Let's practice.

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Leaning In To Love

11 November 2023, 2-6 pm, Nyon 

Do you ever find yourself moving away from what you need or want the most? Leaning-in to love is about letting love in when and where you need it. It's about realising how worthy you are of love. It's about having the courage to stay present to emotions, attraction, and vulnerability, yours and someone else's. This is compassion. This is intimacy.

You'll be practicing developing presence to feel what is, in yourself and other, and exploring what you need to stay 'in', real, and committed to connection and love.

Conscious Connecting Fundamental tools will include:  holding space, emotional processing, somatic resourcing, self and co-regulation of the nervous system, holding and being held. 

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Taking part in Conscious Connecting touched me in so many ways I did not even expect. And, I surprisingly felt "home", although I only knew a handful of people. Most importantly, I feel this life force running through me, almost on a daily basis, though I have so few places in my life right now, and in the world in general, to let it run freely. Celebrating like we did, connecting straight from that life felt so right, so natural, yet so new to me. I never danced with such joy and freedom. What a gift.



Every single event is an eye-opening, heart-warming, and soul-nourishing experience. Every single time we are blown away by the kindness, generosity, and openness of strangers. Every single time we laugh and cry and dance and free ourselves a little bit more! 

Seriously you have to try it to believe it!

If you feeling a calling in your heart for connection, for healing old fears, and leaning-in to love, please join.

WE Co-create the world we want to live in.

In this space you're invited to relax into being you and being part of something. There's nothing you need to be or know in advance.


And who is leading Conscious Connecting?

That's me! I'm Georgina Laiya Peard

Embodiment, connection and intimacy guide, cat LOVER, healing bodyworker, creator of soulful experiences, wild celtic heart, and guardian of the sacred.

I'm quite introverted, highly sensitive, deeply observant and empathic. Human relating and intimacy haven't always come easy to me. Then I realised I was attuned to a more respectful and heart-centred way of relating, where everyone's feelings, needs and desires matter. 

My own 'crisis of the soul' let's say started me on a journey to better understand myself and create new experiences to free myself from the conditioning that is so normalised in our culture : we relate from a place of fear and separation, entitlement and unworthiness, survival and pain, rather than realising how much we are connected.

Since 2012 I have dedicated myself to the art of authentic relating through many modalities. It's a deep calling in my heart to create spaces where we feel our hearts, accept our humanness together, and realise how much love we have to share and how loveable everyone is. We need to dare to choose love together, to heal and trust.

Conscious Connecting began in 2018 as a joyful and sacred community experience where we practice to meet ourselves and each other with love.


see beyond the veils of the ordinary.

Meet the sacred and create intimacy in every moment.

It's way more simple than we realise. In fact, trying to keep ourselves 'safe' behind coping strategies and masks is what is complex and exhausting.

Your power is in your loving heart!

Our wounds have been created in relation to others. We need others therefore to heal. We can create new healthy and loving experiences in safe and joyful spaces where everyone holds this intention consciously. Together we can create a new culture of connection and community.

I wanted to thank you for the safe space you created with so much care for this heart-blasting and heart-warming encounter where every being got to shine their light and witness everyone's radiance. I have thought and felt these moments in my body every day since, it was powerful and so forward moving, it felt like a shift in humanity in a small yet grand level.


Je tiens à vous honorer et remercier pour toute l'énergie et le dévouement que vous mettez dans la promotion de votre vision de l'être-humain, dans la relation avec ses frères et soeurs, et plus globalement en lien avec une belle énergie de vie, constructive et évolutive. Je revis avec grand plaisir les soirées partagées.


Thank you for this beautiful evening of sharing. I was so touched by the different exchanges and to meet men in their authenticity and vulnerability.

FEELING nervous?

No worries. I get it. I guarantee almost everyone is nervous in the beginning. It's vulnerable being human. And we meet that together. ‚̧ԳŹ

Focus on your intention and longing. What do you want? Perhaps you can change the 'label' of nervous to 'excited' and feel it differently. The programme is set up to help us all relax and create safety together. 



Important: If you are registering for a couple please adjust the amount you pay. It is automatically set for 1 person and you'll need to manually increase the amount for two. For a reduced price or payment plan (low income / youth) please contact me directly.

Feeling Me Feeling You, 30.09.23


Yoga Moves Nyon

 CHF 100/180 

CHF 80 (individual)
CHF 150 (couple)


Boundaries & Consent, 28.10.23 


Yoga Moves Nyon

 CHF 100/180 

CHF 80 (individual)
CHF 150 (couple)


Leaning In To Love, 11.11.23


Yoga Moves Nyon

 CHF 100/180 

CHF 80 (individual)
CHF 150 (couple)

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When our fears come up we tend to disconnect and isolate. What if you dared to choose connection instead? Leaning-in might just be the thing that changes everything.


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