Living Sacred Womanhood

Menopause Wisdom Circles

Women supporting women to harvest the gifts of this
powerful initiation

- A new programme will begin in September 2021 -
Dates still to be announced

Menopause, the most powerful initiation of the feminine, is mostly hidden, minimized, pushed through, and medicated. We all know about hot flushes, poor sleep and zero tolerance. But what about the healing magic of the medicine woman, the unconditional love of the wise womban, or the roaring liberty of the woman who knows exactly what she wants?


What about this wise woman, the Crone, that is revealing herself in you?


Perhaps you’re feeling it too. We’re desperately lacking meaningful conversations and language to acknowledge the profound rite of passage and to value the gifts that menopause brings. Older women have been disempowered, forgotten, and even feared in our culture (think fairytales!).

It’s time to change this. Here we are, ready to bring forth the fiercely loving power of the wise woman, and to re-form women’s wisdom sharing circles. That’s what this programme is all about, and more!

Women supporting other women, validating our experiences, allows for us to recognize and value our inner wisdom, and dive deeper together in our soul calling.

Where are you at with all this?
  • Do you feel apprehensive and unsure how to consciously and joyfully navigate menopause?
  • Are you feeling a sense of loss, overwhelm or loneliness?
  • Are you struggling with the symptoms and changes in your body?
  • Do you feel excited and empowered by the changes?

Would you love to exchange with other women around experiences and revelations?

Menopause is a fundamental part of every woman’s life, that can be imposed suddenly overnight, or can shape us over many years, burning through to the core.

How about going through this rite of passage together with consciousness, vulnerability and radical honesty?

How about hearing and learning from the wise women and Crones of our immediate community and beyond?

How about together learning to live, love and lead from this place of expanded consciousness?

What it is and what it’s not

The Menopause Wisdom Circles are a space for us women to:

  • Have meaningful conversations and explore the deeper meanings of menopause;
  • Support and uplift each other through this powerful initiation;
  • Gather the wisdom, claim the gifts and integrate the qualities of our wise woman; and 
  • Become role models, guides and champions, restoring the esteemed and vital place of the Crone, Wisdom Keeper and Elder in our lives and our society today.

These are regular spaces for a closed and intimate group of women to gather and share our experiences and feelings, our fears and celebrations, our confusion and wisdom, our loss and liberation, as the body changes, and our purpose in and perspectives of life transform.

This is not a “How To” or “10 steps to fix me” programme. It’s not a course in relieving symptoms or learning any specific perspective on or approach to menopause.

This is about listening and sharing and supporting each other to deepen our roots within the mystery, to tend to our personal gardens and clear out the weeds, to go hunting for and trust our inner source of wisdom, potency and fierce love, and to share from this place for the benefit of all.

At this stage in our lives, we’re not looking to be taught or told. We want to go deep inside our inner garden.

Who are the Circles for?

The Circles are open to all women, no matter age, whether you are at peri-menopause / in transition, menopause or postmenopause.

If you’re in pre- or peri-menopause, the Circles may be about exploring feelings, changes, learning from others and preparing yourself through menstruality consciousness.

If you’re in transition, this will be a wonderful space to exchange experiences, explore deeper meaning and feel supported, journeying together in the unfolding mystery.

For those who’ve already transitioned, for you it’ll be about sharing and recognizing the value of your journey and who you have become.

Why I’m doing this?

I’m 44 and will soon be meeting this initiation. I deeply respect and am inspired by elders and wise women who have consciously navigated menopause and now boldly embody the qualities of the Crone. I’m missing their voices and wisdom in our society. I’m longing for a new discourse around menopause.

I have nothing to teach you here. I hold the quality of space holder, enabler, catalyst and channel. My role is to create the conditions for a welcome, safe, and intimate space to explore vulnerably and powerfully together. My gift is to read and navigate the emotional-energetic body, to guide you through the realms of ego, soul and spirit, bridging light and dark, and to call forth your soul essence.

I hold the vision of an intergenerational community,  where young women are lovingly guided by their elders, and older women respected and heard. I see all women ecstatically alive, filled with love and embodied pleasure, living our sacred womanhood.

My personal journeys with the Crone and my dream time have guided me here. The Polar Bear has shown up as our Spirit animal.

What’s Included?

The series includes 12 online circles and 2 in-person meetings, plus a private group for exchange, support, celebration and inspiration.

  • 7 online circles facilitated by Georgina, including:

o   Meditation, journey or embodiment practice
o   Check-in
o   Theme introduced 
o   Break-out rooms 
o   Full group circle sharing
o   Medicine & Closure

  • 2 in-person meetings in Rolle, Switzerland, with a facilitated circle, selected speakers, and space to enjoy meeting, sharing and celebrating our journey
  • 5 online interviews, personal stories & practices, with women in our community
  • Private facebook group, to connect and share between meetings

Wise Women Voices - a new complementary not-for-profit project, including:

  1. A podcast series of online interviews with leading voices and inspiring women around the world.
  2. A collaborative online resource (digital book, interviews, videos, art, resources ….?) capturing the voices, stories, wisdom and creative expressions of women going through menopause and beyond. Women from this programme will be the first to contribute.

How might you benefit?

Meet new friends and share with heart-centred, caring and conscious women
in a welcoming, safe and intimate space

  • Explore the deeper meanings and potential gifts of menopause
  • Learn from other women’s challenges, experiences and revelations
  • Be seen, heard and acknowledged in your personal journey
  • Feel the support of sisterhood through challenging moments
  • Cultivate trust in yourself, your body and the great Mystery of your initiation
  • Claim your inner wisdom and who you are becoming / have become

Share your wisdom with younger women

The Dates: 2020-21

24 September 2020 – 7 February 2021. Inscription in the whole series is necessary.

7x Online Facilitated Sharing Circles

Thursdays, 19h15-21h00 (live)

  • 24 September
  • 8 October
  • 29 October
  • 19 November
  • 10 December
  • 7 January
  • 28 January

2x Live Gatherings

  • Saturday 7 November, 12h30 – 16h30 (canadian picnic & circle)
  • Sunday 7 February, 16h00 – 20h00 (sharing wisdom, celebration & closing circle)

Private Facebook Group

4x Online Conversations with women of the Community, plus Q&As

Tuesdays, 17h00-18h00 (live & recorded)

  • 29 September
  • 13 October
  • 1 December
  • 19 January

7x Online Facilitated Sharing Circles

19h15 - 21h00 

24 September
8 October
29 October
19 November
10 December
7 January
28 January

2x Live Gatherings

Saturday 7 November,
12h30 – 16h30
canadian picnic & circle

Sunday 7 February,
16h00 – 20h00
sharing wisdom, celebration & closing circle

5x Online Interviews, stories & practices

17h00 - 18h00 

29 September
13 October
27 October
1 December
19 January

PLUS Private Facebook Group

What’s the Price?

Menopause Wisdom Circles

CHF 333

Covers all 12 online circles & 2 in-person gatherings in Rolle & the private FB group.
Talk to me if you need a payment plan.

CHF 20 of each inscription goes toward the non-profit project Wise Women Voices.

How to Apply?

You can apply now here:

Apply Now

Applications close on 22 September 2020 at 15:30 (Swiss time) – Autumn Equinox - a perfect moment to pause, get clear and commit to what’s really important for you.

The number of participants will be limited in order to ensure intimacy.