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Menopause is a powerful initiation in every woman’s life.

can feel lonely, confusing, and destabilising,
like someone pulled the rug out from under you!

Many women have their experiences dismissed or trivialised.
You may be expected to push through or 'just' medicate the 'problem'.

Generally the power of this initiation, and its benefits
to each woman and society at large, are misunderstood.


What about the gifts of the menopause
and the woman who wholeheartedly navigates this rite of passage? What about ...

...the compassion of the wise woman initiated through the cycles of birth, death and rebirth? She lives deeply in her body. She knows unconditional love.

...the healing magic of the medicine woman who has met and
integrated her wounds, shadows and fears
? She's not afraid to feel. She is humble and real.

...the freedom and pleasure of the wild woman who knows exactly what she wants. She has clear boundaries and liberates everyone in her path.



Menopause calls each one of us on our own unique journey, as messy as that may be, toward becoming a new version of ourselves, preparing us for our Second Spring. Wherever you are on this journey, it's ok.


Do you have the circle of women you need?


You are actively weaving the wisdom of your life into something new and beautiful.

Women supporting Women

We women thrive when we are truly seen, heard, felt, and acknowledged. 

Feminine initiations are real and deeply challenging. They call us into connection with other women.

But we don't want more noise or advice, pressure, judgement or shaming. We don't need more rules to fit in.

The Menopause Wisdom Circles are about women supporting women, each on her own path, listening to understand, validating experiences, acknowledging efforts, embodying and celebrating inner wisdom, and having a laugh on the way.

In these Circles we value ...



Informing ourselves and sharing experiences to enable conscious choices.

Deep Listening.

Cultivating safety for inner inquiry, feeling and contemplation. We listen with compassion.


Seeing every woman as a Queen in her own right. Her journey and her choices are respected.


Slowing down to regulate our nervous systems and creating soft space to simply Be.


Prioritising this essential portal to feminine wisdom and support for body, mind and soul.


Upcoming Events

Thinking Outside the Menopause Box

ONLINE, 24 April 2024
19:30 - 21:30 CEST 

with guest Sinéad O'Loughlin

Surfing the Emotions through Perimenopause

ONLINE, 22 May 2024
19:30 - 21:15 CEST 

With Georgina Peard (details below)

Nourish Yourself through the Menopause

ONLINE, 12 June 2024
19:30 - 21:30 CEST 

with guest Amy Webster (details below)

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Surfing the emotions through perimenopause

Facilitated by Georgina Peard 

Meet women keen to expand their perspective, and feel less alone through the menopause transition and beyond.

Wednesday 22 May 2024
19h30-21h15 CEST (Central Europe)
Online - Register Now

Well if there’s one thing that we connect to hormone fluctuations it’s probably emotions!! I joke that it’s a bit like Irish weather (or spring in Switzerland this year too!) - all seasons in one day!

What if we admired our emotions as giving us depth and richness of character?

What if they were seen as a beautiful expression of an open heart, wisdom, deep sensitivity and care?

Are they bringing healing, release, passion, or course correction?

What‚Äôs ‚Äėnegative‚Äô about any emotion moving through us? Nothing at all - unless perhaps a thought or fear attaches to it that makes us act out, project on others, suppress or hold on to in ways hurt ourselves or others.

Isn’t it interesting how we judge our or a woman’s changing emotions when emotions are exactly what the world is trying to activate / manipulate to sell you something?!! It’s all about emotional currency.

We are a generation who gets to do a lot of emotional ‚Äėwork‚Äô. Lucky us!! It‚Äôs a tapestry of colours. It‚Äôs important. It just is. And I wonder if it doesn‚Äôt need to feel so much like heavy lifting or hold so much judgement??

So how do we fully embrace our emotional range, our variability, our vulnerability, our sensitivity during this time?

What would be a kind, supportive, empowering way to meet our emotions?

What have you learnt in your experience so far?

Join me for a conversation. Come to share and listen.

This is an interactive event online. There is no recording. 

Contribution: 25-35 CHF / Euro 

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Nourish yourself through menopause

Facilitated by Georgina Peard, with guest Amy Webster

A conversation amongst women about what supports us to feel nourished, healthy and strong in the second half of our lives.

Wednesday 12 June 2024
19h30-21h30 CEST (Central Europe)
Online - Register Now

Your body changes during¬†the menopause transition¬†‚Äď it‚Äôs natural. It's not something to fear, but it is a time to inform¬†yourself and take care of your body in ways¬†you may¬†not have paid too much attention before. It's time to set yourself up for thriving through your Second Spring.

As hormones fluctuate and decline, there are real impacts on gut, bone, muscle, joint, brain, and heart health. The body's temperature, nervous system and moods are affected.

We can have a wide variety of experiences. Stress and mental-emotional responses due to internalised social prejudices can amplify symptoms and starve you of nourishment.

Now you need to feed and nourish your body in every way possible.  

Food is fuel, medicine and a source of comfort and pleasure. 

What we eat and consume (including information, images, thoughts, emotions, energy etc.), as well as how we eat, rest and digest are all key to feeling nourished.

This is a space to reflect on your own habits and experiences with kindness, to hear about other's experiences and knowledge, and to go away feeling a little more informed, committed and empowered.

What really nourishes you? 

What are our different needs during early and late perimenopause and then post-menopause? 

How do you feel empowered rather than overwhelmed or defeated, and how do you meet the emotional component of your relationship to food (or other things you consume)? 

Why is it that bloating, intolerances, and gut issues become an issue in perimenopause, and what to do? 

What would be the few key things to add to your regular diet that make a big difference? 

How do your consumption patterns support you, or not, through this time? 

How to welcome body changes and a new body shape ?


Join us for the conversation. Come to learn, share, listen and enjoy connection.

This is an interactive event online - you will need your camera and microphone. There is no recording in order to ensure intimacy and confidentiality. 

Contribution: 22-35 CHF / Euro 


Amy passionately supports people find optimal health through conscious food and holistic lifestyle choices. She has immersed herself in the world of food, nutrition and healthy lifestyle since 2006. Deeply inspired by her own transformational experience through detox, she trained as a raw food coach and has been a guiding light in this field in Switzerland and France ever since through her business Amy runs in-person retreats and online detox programmes, teaches yoga and meditation, and works with private clients, alongside her beloved role as grandmother. I know her as a woman with a huge heart, humble, always curious, learning and testing in her own body. She is a well of wisdom, with endless creativity for recipes, who encourages everyone to find the truth for their own body.
(Note: this session is not focused on raw food)


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About the Circles ...

Every woman's journey with menopause is perfectly unique. Our focus here is inner inquiry and sharing experiences, supporting each woman to dive into her own journey, her own truth, and make her own choices. There is no judgement or pressure around personal choices, no definitive truths, and no advice.

Special guests are women who have the courage, humility and grace to share about their personal journey, as well as knowledge and experience that may support others, and stimulate reflection and conversation.


An online Circle generally includes:

  • An introduction and framing of our conversation
  • Introductions and agreements for our sharing circle
  • Personal stories, experience and current inquiries from¬†the faciliator or guest
  • Breakout sharing rooms with useful prompts
  • A gathering of our ‚Äėgifts‚Äô from the circle
  • An integration practice to wind down


Who's this for?

Those going through the menopause transition, or anticipating this, or integrating what they have recently experienced. Those in late reproductive stage, peri-menopause, menopause or post-menopause, whether naturally occurring or due to illness or medical intervention. The only requirement is a genuine sense of curiosity for yourself and others. No need for previous experience in Circle or to feel well-informed about menopause.


There are no recordings of the sharing circles available as these are intimate and confidential spaces.

Who am I?

Georgina Laiya Peard

I'm passionate about helping people access and relax into a deep embodied state of worthiness and belonging, and to recognise their natural genius - the genius they vibrate with no effort. Born in Ireland, I have roots in Celtic spirituality and cyclical wisdom, and a palette of experience in Bodywork, Yoga, Shamanism, Tantra, and Circling, from along the way. After 15 years in international nature conservation, I've spent 15 years now mainly in women's group facilitation, offering transformational programmes, bodywork and therapy. I'm a certified yoga teacher, massage therapist, Heart iQ circle coach and shamanic practitioner. I am a natural spaceholder for sensitive listening, especially emotional-energetic and group dynamics that I want to make available to support others. In 2017 I founded a women’s community in Switzerland to support women to gather and thrive, and to live our spirituality in a more connected, day to day way.

Why I'm doing this? 


At 47, I feel the changes touching all areas of my life, my body and my psyche. I'm deeply immersed in my own peri-menopause journey.

I sense the power and potential of this initiation in my life and the lives of women and men around me. I feel how it can shake us to our core and knock us to our knees, as well as bring us to wholeness and essential embodied wisdom.

I see how easy it is to withdraw inside our own struggles, to lose confidence and self-esteem, and that saddens me. 

I believe the voices of women who have integrated feminine wisdom are essential for our future. I’m longing for all women to feel honoured, supported and empowered in this journey. 

I ran the first Menopause Wisdom Circles as a 4 month group programme in 2020. It was a deeply touching and worthwhile experience.

I'm not here to teach you. I am training and informing myself, yes, and have things to share. Yet here, I hold the quality of space holder, enabler, catalyst, for you to be your own guide, and find your inner teacher, healer and lover. My role is to create the conditions for a welcome, safe, and intimate space to explore vulnerably and powerfully together. I am also a sister on this journey.

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