Do you need support through change, uncertainty, or a challenging time?

Would you like accompaniment through personal transformation and soul emergence?


Please don't stay alone with too much. Reach out. 

We all experience times in life when we feel overwhelmed. It can be surprising and scary.

I know burnout. I know dark nights of the soul. I know soul initiations. I know how much loving support I needed at those times. And I know that they were the most profound awakening moments of my life.

You may feel mentally and emotionally distressed, helpless, alone and lost. Perhaps you’re having difficulty accepting a situation or a change, navigating a relationship, or experiencing yourself changing. Perhaps you're feeling anxiety and excitement at the same time, and needing some grounding and balancing.

I support you to consult your body, heart, and soul, to feel safe, to nourish yourself, to access your power, and to see and feel yourself and your situation in new ways.


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Receiving support at the right time is an act of self-love 

I offer you ...

A Powerful Mirror

My innate gift is to read your emotional-energetic body and soul essence. I'm passionate about helping you to realise the gifts in protection, resistance, and shadows, and the loveable nature of all energies and being human. I offer reflections and transmissions where appropriate.

A Safe Container

I create a safe and loving container for you awareness, healing and awakening. I work with your nervous system, your unique heart and soul frequencies, and your conscious consent, to guide you according to what is available for you in the moment. There is never any push. All healing has its time.

Practical Tools

I offer a large palette of practical methods, tools and exercises to guide and empower you to be self-led in your daily life. With over 10 years training and experience in transformational healing, I confidently open myself to the Mystery to respond specifically to you and your needs.

For you to ...

Know Yourself

Through direct embodied experiences you'll be exploring your own feelings, emotions, energy, beliefs, needs, desires, attachments, resistance, and fears, as well as your own language, imagery, insights and understanding. This is the most important relationship of your life.

Nourish Yourself

With newfound self-awareness, you can make conscious choices that are aligned for you, sensitive to your needs, and support and nourish you. Each choice is an opportunity for self-care, to build the life and relationships you want, and to relax into being you.

Empower Yourself

When you reconnect and reSource in your body, heart and soul, these new embodied experiences will be a source of authentic power. In additional you'll have simple tools and practices to keep tuning in to your inner wisdom for more clarity, acceptance, freedom, trust, and love.


Body, Heart & Soul Talk

A safe and supportive space to talk things out, to navigate emotional or mental distress, confusion or overwhelm. With a variety of body tracking, deep listening, nervous system regulation, body talk and embodiment tools, we explore what's really going on for you, helping you to feel safe to feel more through your body. We get clear on any limiting beliefs, shadows and fears where your power may be locked. It helps you open space in your heart and mind, and re-connect to your well of compassion, clarity, and choice.

Online or in person (cabinet or in nature)

60 min - CHF 130
75 min - CHF 150
90 mins - CHF 180

Embodied Healing & Emotional Clarity Session 

These sessions include embodied practices for you to tap into and have a direct experience of your body, heart and soul wisdom. Together we explore what's wanting to be heard and felt, completed and released, activated and enjoyed, loved and integrated. 

Tools I use are breath, sound and movement, vocal expression, energy activation, emotional release tools, shadow work, transpersonal and archetypal therapy, gestalt, tantric and shamanic tools. I will be a powerful mirror and fiercely loving force for you. 

Recommended for: difficulty with life changes and initiations, relationship or family-related problems, emotional or mental distress, spiritual crisis, grief, trauma, self-awareness, personal growth and empowerment. 

120 min - CHF 250

Personal Mentoring  

A gift to yourself to be supported through transition and transformation. I offer you a loving container to help you stay true to yourself, your heart and soul. Personal Mentoring may be for general support or for a specific focus (e.g. feminine awakening, soft power, inner marriage of masculine & feminine, soul purpose).

I will hold a torch alight for you and keep calling you home to yourself, reminding you to rest and be gentle, offering you mirrors, challenging limiting beliefs, holding you accountable, cheerleading your inspired action, and supporting you to get clear, find ease and feel good about being you.

I will make my full palette of tools and practices available to you, as well as recommend readings, home practice, podcasts and rituals. Bodywork may be included, as well as in person and online sessions.

Tools I use are breath, sound and movement, vocal expression, womb wisdom, energy activation, emotional release tools, sacred bodywork and dearmouring, meditation and restorative yoga, shadow work, transpersonal and archetypal therapy, gestalt, tantric and shamanic tools. 

Recommended for: navigating a difficult period or a transition in your life, or working through personal transformation, expansion and empowerment where you're up against your old habits, beliefs, fears, and self-doubts.

3 month programme.

Limited availability. Please contact me to apply for a personal package. 


Tune in to your inner guide.

Tune in to the universe.
You are so loved.

 I will hold a torch alight for you
 and keep calling you home to yourself.





Please get in touch to discuss how I can support you and feel whether we're a good match. If I don't feel I'm the best person to support you I will let you know.

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Complementary insurance cover
I am a registered therapist with ASCA, recognised by certain insurance companies in Switzerland.

Cancellation Policy
Out of respect for my time and commitment to you, and for others who could benefit from a session, no shows or bookings cancelled less than 24 hours in advance will be charged in full. Please advise by phone or SMS if you have to cancel. A specific cancellation policy applies for longer programmes.

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